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Litton Loan Servicing LP Complaints & Reviews

Litton Loan Servicing LP - Texas, Houston / Modificacion de Prestamo

05/26/2010, 05/31/10, 06/03/10 LITTON LOAN SERVICING LP Attention: Loss Mitigation Department 4828 LOOP CENTRAL DRIVE HOUSTON, TX 77081-2226 FAX: (713) 218-3767 PO BOX 4387 HOUSTON TX 77210-4387 RE: LOAN #: 0015630486 SOLICITUD de MODIFICACION DE PRESTAMO RESPETABLES SRS. El motivo de la presente es para darle brevemente respuesta… A la carta de fecha: 05/14/2010… La cual ustedes nos enviaron. Correspondencia que nosotros recibimos el: 05/22/10, al respecto consideramos importante señalar que esta carta fue depositada en correos el: 05/18/10 ó bien el...

Litton Loan Servicing LP - Colorado / What a Scam Company


Where to start. This company is just evil. They do everything they can to weasel a buck and provide no service whatsoever! They lie so well they can do it without even sounding guilty. They have no local offices, so you can't actually talk to anyone in person. They are polished enough to stay within the law and still screw you over the best they can. **** DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY **** OK Now that I have vented Ill tell you my exciting story. I was with another Mortgage company, and when my Father in Law died I asked if there was anything I could do since the funeral cost...

Litton Loan Servicing LP / No customer service


Litton Loan Servicing is HORRIBLE!!! I was a customer of Fremont Investment and Loan until they claimed bankruptcy and was sold to Litton. It has been a MISERABLE few months with this company. They continually let you know as you wait on hold that they are a collection company and any information obtained will be used to collect a debt. However, I do not owe any debt; in fact, I have never made a late payment, nor missed a payment in the 3 years I have owned the home. They treat you like you are in foreclosure every time you call. They don't return calls, lose information and talk rudely...

Litton Loan Servicing LP - Texas, Houston / Poor Escrow Mortgage Management

Ever since Litton Loan Servicing has taken over on what AMC did, has become a disaster in determining my monthly mortgage payments. Every year, I received a check in the amount of $634.34, of which they have been claiming that this amount is over $50.00 in the "Escrow Account." And within 45 days, I am notified that my monthly payments will be increase, based upon their calculations of shortage of funds for the coming year. Litton Loan Servicing LP, then increases this monthly payments up to $45.00 each month, because of the negative within the system. My only question when I asked them why? I...

Litton Loan Servicing LP / Beware


Long before I had to do business with them I had several of their customers telling me about their battles with this company. SunTrust recently sold my mortgage to them and I feel that I have been fed to the wolves. I was already having problems keeping up with my mortgage and as soon as I was transferred it went up another 400 dollars. I tried to speak about my payments going up too high and I was kindly informed that they could help me by letting it up go by 350 dollars. I am just devastated because I will have to quit my teaching job to keep my home.

Litton Loan Servicing LP / Dealing with Litton is a nightmare!


Litton loan has used mental terrorism on my wife and me I'm losing my home after 23 years when they bought the loan from option 1 its been a nightmare thy give you the runaround tell its to late to do any thing knowing we can not fight them I'm struggling to find a place to live close to work. Need to keep going for my family. Its sad that Litton loan needs not answer to nobody. They seemed to have more power then the government. When you work hard an honestly trying to stay on top of all expensive's which is not easy these days. Litton says get out now you haven't moved...