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Krystal Cancun Complaints & Reviews

Krystal Cancun / Vacation timeshare

Dec 25, 2016

We were stopped at the airport while looking for a taxi. As we were coming out from the terminal at the airport, a lady, named Elena showed us prices and options and had a conversation with us about where we were from and what brought us to Cancun. She asked if we had any excursions booked and immediately showed us flyers of different places to visit. She told us the prices and said she could give us tickets for a lower price. We were tired from traveling all day and she asked us for $100 cash for two tickets. She ordered our taxi and said that she invited us to Krystal Resort in Cancun to...

Krystal Cancun / I got scammed and have nothing in return.

Dec 20, 2015

I was deceived: On November 6th, 2012, my girlfriend and I (Stacey Brigham and Ted H. Franse) attended a sales presentation at the NH Krystal resort in Cancun Mexico, The first sales representative that we were introduced to gave a brief tour of the resort. (although no rooms were available to show due to remodeling, so they say) we found it kind of odd why he wanted to know not [1] once but [2] twice how long we were staying in Cancun? [The probe] we told him that we were leaving in a few days and as the tour continued and Roy began to explain to us what RCI was about and also talked about...

Krystal Cancun / Wrongful maintenance fee charges

Sep 16, 2011

We started receiving aggressive collection calls from Concord Servicing Corp. po box 150 Scottsdale, AR. 85252. They had been retained by Hotelera Chicome, S.A. De C.v. to assit in collection of this debt. The debt was supposedly past due maintenance fees w/ penalty and intrest. The timeshare we purchased back in 2001 w/ a revolving 13 week two bedroom over 25 years. Maintenance fee was due when rooms where booked, end of story. The Krystal Cancun claims this was never in writting and that maintenance fees are due every year wether rooms are booked are not. This is the first time they have...

Krystal Cancun / bad business

Jul 12, 2011

My friend and I arrived in Cancun July 9, 2011. At the airport we were approached by a salesman offering us free excursions if we visit their hotel and listen to the sales pitch on vacation timeshares. We signed up and attended on July 11. We were treated horribly the moment we entered the hotel. 1. The sales person from the airport did not pick us up like planned, met us at the hotel and refused to honor the deals he promised us at the airport. 2. The woman showing us the hotel was not friendly, and seemed put out that we were there. 3. When my friend and I told the manager that we were not...

Krystal Cancun / Fraud


Krystal Cancun is practicing fraud over and over again. My husband, and I was fraud ed over $35000 Jun 2009. I don't know why no law going after this resort. Hate them so much. They took our money we work so hard for many many years. I don't know how We can get back our money and forget Kristal Cancun forever. Please avoid this place choose another place if you go to Cancun