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IC Systems - Utah, Salt Lake City / Ex-husband

angiehorton on May 25, 2012
I received a phone call today from an anonymous number. The woman who called left a message and a call back number for me. She said it was an "Important business matter." As it turns out, she was a representative for a company called IC Systems.and she was looking for my ex-husband, whom I've been divorced from for 24 years. Are you kidding me? I haven't seen my ex-husband or used his name in 24 years, but IC Systems is calling my cell phone (I've only had my cell phone number for a year) to track someone I knew almost a quarter of a century ago? Where the hell do these people...

IC Systems - Minnesota / Unprofessional

jackie0als on Feb 28, 2012
This company has been calling my cell phone for about a year now, from several different numbers. They often call 3 times in a row. If I answer my phone, it is just silence. If I let it go to voicemail, they leave no message. If I call them back I either can't get through or they demand personal information other than my name and phone number to "confirm" my account before telling me what they are calling for. They refuse to mail anything to my p.o. box about my "account" with them. SOOOOOOO how am I suppose to pay a "debt" if I can't even find out what or whom they are calling for??...

IC Systems - Tennessee / Harrassing me at work

Welchga on Oct 3, 2011
IC Systems has been harassing me at work. They call several times a day. I informed them that the debt they were trying to collect was not mine, and could not be mine as I've never had AT&T service. I informed them that this was my work number and not to call me any more. 20 minutes later I got another call from them, I told them they had called me in violation of the do not call notification I had informed them about last week and again this morning. The caller continued her conversation and told me I had until the following afternoon to pay the bill. Why do these companies get away with...

IC Systems / Rude & Unbending

JenZee1 on Jul 18, 2011
On July 5th, I had emergency surgery. That same day, while coming out of anesthesia, I made the mistake of making my house payment, but unfortunately to the wrong account. I used my banks bill pay option, and the account I erroneously selected was an account of my husbands, to which my name is not attached. When I contacted my bank, I asked if there was anything I could do. I was referred to the credit card company, and it referred me to a collection agency - IC Systems. I have tried to explain my situation - I was drowsy from medications and only wanted part of my payment back so I could make...

IC Systems / LETTERS

Julez on Mar 23, 2011
I called Ic systems debt collection agency and paid off a medical bill for my youngest daughter and when i asked the lady i was speaking to on the phone if i had anything else in there system for me or my children she had told me that i have another bill for $50.00 and when I asked her if she could send me a letter so I could mail back a payment or call in the payment she told me that i would have to request a letter because they sent out a letter to me back in 2008 and I remember when i got the letter they put the letter to my daugher and when the called they called for her my daughter is now...

IC Systems - California / never use them if you are a company

We used IC Systems to help us collect outstanding dept. and the people were rude and obnoxious to our customers. We were told one thing and they delivered another or did not deliver at all. Their systems are antiquated and they lied to our customers. In dealing with customers who don't pay their bills you are beter off working with them then turning them over to a collection agency. It is a short term gain that has long term ramifications. I would never use them again and would suggest to other companies to steer clear.

IC Systems / Rude, belitting

In the numerous dealings I have had with IC Systems Collections I have been belittled, told to do what I was told, told that if I paid my bills then I wouldn't be having these problems, been hung up on when trying to give information. I have asked for a statement and was told they don't mail any out and I recieved the first letter so should have been smart enough to keep it for the address and that for me to get a pen and paper and they would give it to me again and not to lose it this time. I tryed to make payment on their website and called the next two days to verify that they got...

IC Systems - Minnesota, St. Paul / possible ID theft scam

Sometime in March I received a phone call from Bay Area Credit Service, LLC, located in Antioch CA, 94509. I was told that I owed AT&T $158, and asked if I still lived at( some address) in Overland Park, Kansas. Now I know where Overland Park is, but I have never lived there. I explained all this but the only response I got was that I owed this money and that in order to contest it I would have to provide a lot of identifying information. I requested something in writing, and the man kept asking for more identification data. At this point I told him to send me something in writing. Several week...

IC Systems / Class action lawsuit

Let's get together and sue IC Systems into oblivion. I'll be posting an email address dedicated to this cause soon. Also, I encourage those of you wrongfully harrassed by this demonic, evil company to notify the SEC, the Securities and Exchange Commission. They are the branch of the government responsible for enforcing the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Google the FDCPA and you should be able to find an online copy of it pretty easily. Remember you have rights. You did not sign a financial contract with a debt collection agency. Empower yourself with knowledge and don't let these ### bully you. You are a human being and deserve to be treated with respect.

IC Systems / Harassment, lack of info

Harassing phone calls, rude and threatening attitudes, these people refuse to give me any information. i have never received a single piece of mail from these people in reference to any collections. they do however call constantly, and when asked for info they refuse to tell me anything concerning the "collection" . Now they are calling asking to speak to my 3 year old son.. Needless to say i refuse to give any information over the phone to people who wont even tell me why they are calling, especially when i have been threatened by the same people seeking the info. The most recent incident...

IC Systems - New Jersey / Late/early phone calls, harassing phone calls, being called 15 times in a day!

I get atleast 10 phone calls a day from IC systems anywhere from 7:30 AM all the way till 10 PM, not only are they rude, but when they call you it's not even the main person it's an operator who sometimes apoligizes because the line of the person who wishes to talk to is not available, so they ask me to call them back. They have even got my 5 year old who answered the phone and was very nasty with him! In any case i told them repeatedly that i have NO knowledge of the service that they are looking to collect. They are hitting me with this debt 2 years after the supposed service...

IC Systems / Beware of this company

AT&T sold debt to IC Services... In Error! I had taken care of it through AT&T Wireless and as assured by their customer service that the account debt was pulled and reference #'s given, I called back IC Systems and they would not conference me in with At&T, nor would they take down and investigate reference #'s that posted to my account. Or even check on account activity, When stating that I had received phone clls left and right, (3 calls in 5 days is too many in my mind)I was told that that wasn't by their operator Miss Goodman. Next step is to get a Lawyer to clear your...

IC Systems / Fraud

During college I lived in 3 different apartments. I left in good standing, getting a deposit refund from each apartment at the end of my lease. In June 2007, after moving to Las Vegas from Michigan, I began getting collection phone calls from IC Systems. I was genuinely concerned to begin with, and I decided to contact my previous residences. All complexes informed me i owed nothing. Well, the calls kept coming, and to my surprise they were for each complex i lived at and a different amount was requested each time! Now 4 years after i moved out of my first apartment, i have a claim for $116 on...

IC Systems - Texas / Rude, Dogmatic and Unhelpful!

IC Systems sent me a letter stating I owed Verizon $114.04 in fees. I had canceled my service with Verizon almost 6 months ago and was unaware of any outstanding balances with Verizon. I called IC Systems and after waiting on hold for 15 minutes dealt with an operator that was unhelpful and just wanted me to: 1. pay or 2. decline to pay. She would not give me any information as to what the outstanding balance was for... she was rude and constantly talked over me as I was trying to ask her questions. She said calling Verizon would not help and that Verizon would not give me any information...

IC Systems / Resfused to answer simple question

I returned a call from this company after they left a message saying that they had received a "fork" (slurred speech) and wanted me to be aware of it. I returned the call and all they would say is that they were IC Systems. I said what do you you sell and they said they do not sell anything. i then asked what they do and they insisted that they needed my phone number first. I told them I am not giving them my number until they can state what they are. The gentlemen insisted that he had to have my number -I guess he does not know what his compant does (mus be nice to get a check for not knowing what you do). I then asked if he was a retailer or a steel company or what and again he did not know.

IC Systems - North Carolina / Harassing phone calls, rude representatives

I''ll admit, I forgot to pay a bill. Times are rough and lots of people are juggling bills. I am one of them. This bill slipped by me. It was sent to collections and the phone calls started. The representative I spoke to was rude .As I was telling her that I would pay the bill in full in one week, she was on the other end of the line pretending that I wasn't prepared to take care of it. She was making statements like - So are you ever planning to pay this bill?- do you have a husband- why can't you get a loan to pay it- I was so upset that I told her that I was not going to...


I had recently sent a check for the amount of 186.62 for an overdue bill that was due to Petsmart. This collection agency cashed my check yet it still remains unpaid on my credit report.I sent the check on Sept 11th 2009 . As of Oct. 4th 2009 it was listed as unpaid. Collection agencies do nothing but try to bleed you dry. This is extortion to say the least . If you don't pay them there money they report you to the credit bureau. I can not believe the credit bureau believe these low lifes

IC Systems - Minnesota, Detroit Lakes / ic systems

when the debt collector called he was really mean and wouldn't let me say a word... then he said he had my checking account number in front of him and he was going to take the whole payment out the next day.. when i was trying to set up payments because i couldn't afford to pay it all at once. he was a real JERK

IC Systems / Rude and unprofessional

This agency has been calling my voicemail and leaving messages to the point of interrupting me at work, a new job, and being downright rude when I explained I am already working with a debt reduction agency and that they will be making arrangements for my settlement as soon as I am able to begin receiving checks from my new employer. I recommend they be reported to the better business bureau for harrassment practices that are illegal. I shall now send them a Cease and desist letter, and if they do not honor this I will have a lawyer contact them for their violations of my privacy. The manor in which they spoke to me is rude and irresponsible.

IC Systems - California / Horrific Customer Service

IC Systems was hired by Chase to collect a debt from myself. I spoke with several customer service reps and I was assured that all communication was being documented in my file. In the day and age of electronic identity theft, it's normal for skepticism from customers in giving personal information like social security and checking account numbers over the phone. I was also told on several occasions that once the debt was paid brought to current I would stop receiving constant calls. (I'm talking 2 to 3 times in an hour) I gave my payment information to a C.S. rep and was told that I...
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