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Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Complaints & Reviews

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries / monk and psych

Apr 30, 2019

do you really think monk all day saturday can take the place of your movies and series of mystery shows. psych is another non starter. now you have switched the schedule of perry mason and columbo after we got use to perry at 3pm psych is an insult to the perry mason show. this channel is so messed up th scheduling people need therapy.make a schedule that works for the viewers not one that is speculative.I am so disappointed with the confusion created by switching everythin around.

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries / aroura teegarden movies

Apr 23, 2018

These movies were really good up until the last one Reap What You Sew. Change in cast really spoils the movie. Martin Bartell leaving is the worst! That was a real mistake. John is gone and Arthur's wife was missing because they said she was home pregnant but her first child she worked until it was born. Cast changes are a real mistake!!! Also morning shows have stopped having as many Diagnosis Murder. Colombo is getting old. Monk all afternoon and Psych are horrible. What happened to evening movies! Now you put Old Murder She Wrote instead. It's on almost all night. Please make some changes for the good!!!