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General Mills Complaints & Reviews

General Mills - North Carolina, Goldsboro / old el paso bold nacho cheese flavored taco shells

Jun 4, 2017

This is our favorite taco shell, but there usually is one to three broken. But, last night when making dinner, I opened the box and we had two whole shells and one "almost whole" as it had a large hole in the bottom. The other 7 shells were in little pieces. We ended up eating the three "whole" ones and three of the larger broken shells on soft shells. Good thing I had some soft shells on hand so we could have dinner! I buy these at Walmart in Rosewood, NC. The expiration date was 10Sept2017 EH 02:49 H1 (product of Mexico) An occasional broken shell is understandable, but every time??? really?...

General Mills - Illinois, Rockford / experation date

Apr 28, 2013

my husband bought this case of cereal, does cereal have an expiration date and how do i check. the box reads the following CHO 03078 05/30/2012 BAR CODE ON THE BOX READS 100 16000 31154 8

General Mills / Bad service


I'm a person that's not allergic to any type of food or ingredients. However, two days ago I poured a bowl of the new Total Cranb. Crunch cereal and ate it. Less than 2 hrs. later, I began sever itching, which has progressed into hives, welts, rashes, itching, etc. The only factor outside of my normal routine was the cereal. As I said, I'm not allergic to anything - not to wheat, not to cranberries, not to nuts, etc. I wrote to General Mills to notify them of the matter in case others experience this major inconvenience. They may also want to look into the processing of the...