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Fit Factory Complaints & Reviews

Fit Factory / Trying to charge debit for services not ordered

I did not place this order. It is a scam We have attempted to call the 800 # below and have waited for an hour and no service. We do not want the service below. Do not fulfill this order #5298189. If you charge my card I will prosecute you for fraud. I will also place a complaint. WE HAVE NOT PLACED AN ORDER WITH YOU. This is a SCAM. - Hide quoted text - On Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 3:47 AM, Customer Service Support Center <> wrote: Dear kathy searan, Over the recent months you may have noticed that you have not been charged to continue to use the benefits that...

Fit Factory / I never odered anything, dont even know what it is about


I never ordered anything from Fit Factory, never heard about this company and next thing i know i have an email (below) saying: Over the recent months you may have noticed that you have not been charged to continue to use the benefits that our on-line Fit Factory program has to offer. We were busy making improvements to our services and decided that while making these improvements we would make sure that you still had access to all that you had come to appreciate before. Now that these changes are complete and we are equipped to assist you even more, we will now be resuming your normal billing...

Fit Factory / Unauthorized credit card charge

I found an unauthorized charge on my credit card for $29.95 to MYTRAINER8004855175. Calling the number led to a company who called themselves Fit Factory, and who explained that I had signed up for a trial period of some service. Now that the trial period was over I was getting charged. I don't believe I have ever purchased products from these people ... I don't usually buy health supplements or fitness things ... but other online reports have claimed that when purchasing something, there is a hidden checkbox, checked by default, that signs you up for this trial period. Customer...

Fit Factory / Fraudsters


Took my online order and claimed that I agreed to two other add-ons (which I did not) of Fit Factory @ $29.95/mo, and Cost Smashers @$2.95/mo. LOOK CAREFULLY at your CC bills! I had called to cancel my Acai which was my original order. Of course nobody alerted me that there were other charges on the way. I was charged twice before I even caught these.

Fit Factory / Fraudulent Credit Card Charges

For the 3rd month in a row, my credit card has been charged $29.95 by something called "#WWWSELFHELPFFCOM800 O." There's a phone number associated with the charge: 866-4071022 NV. When you call that number, you get a call center in the Phillipines -- they told me that the charge was for something called "Fit Factory, " and that I've subscribed to an online weight loss program through them. I have not done any such thing; I'm not even overweight. Obviously, "Fit Factory" is a bunch of crooks!! I've had my bank reverse the first two charges, but the charges keep coming, even...

Fit Factory / $29.95 Charge on ckg account Complaints - $29.95 charge on ckg account $29.95 charge on ckg account Complaint Rating: Company information: Fit Factory United States Phone: 1-866-407-1022 Had a deal to get a supplement (Acacia (sp?) Berry for free paying only the shipping. When I called to find out who charged me for what, they told me in the fine print it said something about a membership and not canceling within 7 days... I asked to speak with a manager and then he said he would credit my account. Never could contact They have been crediting my account since December 2008. Can someone contact me at

Fit Factory - Nevada, Las Vegas / Fraudulent Charges


Everyone should be on high alert that AcaiNoni and Fit Factory are somehow working together on this great scam! I reported them to the Better Business Bureau today when all these mysterious charges showed up on my account totalling $196.75. Obviously NOT FREE! AcaiNoni claims they do not know Fit Factory. Oddly enough as soon as I said the wor fraudulent - they credited all of there ridiculous charges, cancelled my account, and said have a nice day. I cancelled my credit card, reported them to security investigators, wrote a letter to Better Business Bureau, and now I am leaving word here...DO NOT BE TAKEN IN, YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF FOR SURE!!!

Fit Factory - Virginia / RIP OFF!!!!!


I received a "free" sample (having to pay shipping and handling) of the Acai Berry diet pills. I just saw a $29.95 charge on my debit card for a "Fit Factory." I contacted this company and they said I agreed to join this "mess, " which I did NOT! However they said it was on the sales page, etc. Now, keep in mind, this charge was just taken out of my account 2 days ago yet they wouldn't return my money. Fit Factory and Acai Berry need to remember we are in a recession. And according to God's word, paraphrased, "WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!!" I hope people check out the complaints about this company before purchasing!!!

Fit Factory - Colorado, Denver / Fraudulent Charge


I discovered an unauthorized charge on my bank account for $29.95 on January 7. I called and told them I didn't order anything. The woman told me it happened on 12.22.08, but I didn't order anything from their site. She said she would issue a refund to my account and gave me a reference number. I then google'd the site and saw all the complaints on this site. The only thing I ordered online the end of December was from a website called I'm not saying that they're responsible, but I'm wondering if there's some sort of connection. Anyway, I contancted my bank and filed a fraud report. Of course that meant issuing a new credit card...and all those hassles.

Fit Factory / Credit card scam

I also got a free sample of a diet pill that I paid $5 shipping and handling. I just noticed on my debit card statement that I have been charged for a membership to Fit Factory. I have never heared of this company. I called to complain and I am supposed to be receiving a refund. I have a funny feeling I won't ever recieve it. They cancelled my membership that I did not know I had!! This is a scam, do not order any free samples on line, you never know what you are getting into!!

Fit Factory - Florida, Clearwater / Charge my account

Fit factory has charged my account. I did not give them permission to charge my account. I have requested the charges to be removed and yet they have not responded at all. Any assistance would be great. Thank you Nancy Clawson

Fit Factory / Unauthorized billing


Fit Factory is suspect. They charged my credit card account $29.95 without authorization. And their phone number does not work! Please refund my money.

Fit Factory - Florida, Davie / acai berry coach] Hi! Welcome to! How may I help you today? [Client] I have tried several times to contact you regarding cancelling my order for acai berry [ coach] I’ll be glad to help you with your concerns .Before we go on, may I get your full name and email address please? [Client] lynne gray [ coach] hello lynne [ coach] thanks for the information [Client] hi from australia [ coach] Have you tried contacting our customer service hotline at 1-866-407-1022, Mondays to Fridays between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM...

Fit Factory / fraugelant acitvity

I leave in the UK and was just charged £13.66 and I have never even visted this website and never purchased anything from this company. I did, however, request a "free" sample of the Acai berry supplement and authorized the shipping charges. No where in the disclaimer did it mention an additional charge of £13.66 for this "free" offer. I would like this charge refunded to my bank account immediate and I have followed this up with my bank and have registered this charge as a fraudulent charge.

Fit Factory - Wisconsin / unauthorized charge to my credit card


I received an unauthorized charge to my credit card from the Fit Factory and have tried to contact them with no luck. The numbers for calling them are both disconnected. This was "supposedly" something that came with the free sample of Acai berry that I ordered (and I might add have since cancelled the auto-ship of this product)

Fit Factory - Missouri / fraud!


I tried the "free" trial also for just the 3, 95. and then i see that not even three days later i was charged for the 29.95 from fit factory(whom i have NEVER heard of). when i called the number 800-66-8489 number it is no longer in service. i have called my bank and told them that i have no clue what they are and i am 100% certain that i didnt sign up for it. and then to top it off not even 5 days after i get my free trial i was charged 89.31 for my "plan" that i agreed too. What else should i do?

Fit Factory - Arkansas / Unapproved Charges

What a rip-off!! I was charged $3.95 for a sample I never received, then charged $29.95 for a "plan" I did not sign up for (not knowingly anyway) I called Fit Factory and they cancelled my "plan" and also promised a refund of the $29.95. I called Acia Berry and they cancelled all future shipments and said they were going to refund the $3.95. Oh, and they said the reason I didnt get my "free trial" was because they have been so overwhelmed with orders that they just havent gotten them all filled-WHATEVER.

Fit Factory / Unauthorized charge


Alittle follow up. . . Fit factory charged me the 29. 95. . . I went down to my bank. First thing they gave me a new temp. Bank card, so no more charges can be taken out of my acct. My new card will arrive in about 10 days. . . Bank rep was very nice, told her the whole ordeal. . Then she got on the phone and called a bank cust. Service person / who then called fit factory, and we are on a 3 way phone call. . . The fit factory lady gave me her supervisor, i have her name written down. . . We went round and round with the bank rep. Still listening. . Finally i got the fit factory ladies full name...

Fit Factory / Charges on bank acct not aggreed to

I ordered a trial sample supposed to be free with shipping and handling charge, but noticed a charge on my bank account that I didn't recognize or authorize. I have not recieved any free trial sample in the mail yet and it's been over 1 week.