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First American Payment Systems Complaints & Reviews

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First American Payment Systems - Georgia / Deceptive Sales Tactics

David02 on Oct 12, 2011
Two young representatives of First American Payment Systems just walked into my small business without prior warning. They first identified themselves as working "with the credit card companies" and implied that they were checking compliance with "Durbin's Law." They asked to see a recent statement from my current credit card processor. I told them that I would not allow that based on the information they provided me. They seemed a little annoyed at that, and one of them started searching through a disorganized stack of paperwork. He handed me a card of their Atlanta director of...

First American Payment Systems / Unreasonable demand from their collection dept

oreckincapitola on Sep 9, 2011
I had a small business in capitola, CA. I had to close the business since May09 and realized that I still have an open contract with FAPS until May2010. Even my business had been closed I continue to pay FAPS on monthly charge of $11 through my business checking account. January 2010 I wrote to FAPA a letter request them to send the bill my home (I have been update my home address with them since May09) since I have to close my business account. Feb 17, I received their collection letter for full amount of $636. I call their number 18006331702 to resolve the matter. 1) the lady refused to give...

First American Payment Systems - Texas, Ft Worth / Harrassement in Workplace

secret1234 on Sep 2, 2011
This company allows employees and supervisors to harrasse other employees. I took my complaints to HR about being harrassed and nothing was ever done and after that my Supervisor harrassed me even more. I was wrote up for days I was at work and have proof of that. I was even giving a warning for a Sunday and the office is closed on Sundays. This company does not protect their employees and they don't care if you are harrassed so bad that you cry after work, so why would they care about the Merchants that sign up for credit card processing?

First American Payment Systems / Terrible Credit Card Processing Company

Iriswebb on Mar 8, 2011
This company is operating on a level of theivery that is unelievable. They reach into your account, without telling you in advance what they are doing, and take money for stuff they make up as "fees" or " compliance". There is no negotiating with them. They make it virtually impossible for you to get out of the contract without coughing up hundreds of dollars, no matter how many times you call or when you write. These people are scoundrels and theives. STAY AWAY if you like your money. They were unwilling to help me in any way. I will never use this company again.

First American Payment Systems - California, Irvine / Ryan De Vitis, a scam artist

Mr De Vitis, a sales representive is canavassing Southern Califorina, offering very low rate, no contract credit card processing service for business. But Beware!!! he is a low life, pice of ### lier. Don't fall for him, he will say anything but read the contract first. I found out the hard way, on my statement there is all kinds of additional fees, plus it is a 3 year contract. Early termination fee of $495.00. Worst of all the corporate comany First American Payment System is aware of it and will not do anything about it. This tells me that they are part of the scam. To this date...

First American Payment Systems / You'll get Screwed!

We got screwed. Some jerk, named, Ryan De Vitis from Orange County came into our office to sign up for merchant credit card processing. I told him we currently use PayPal and they do not charge us high fees, etc. He assured me there were no fees apart from the normal $30 per month. He wanted me to sign a document to SEE if we get approved for a certain program. Little did we know, he was signing us up for a 3 year agreement. I told him we did not want to sign up right away- since our website was under maintenance for another 6 months. He again assured this was just to see if I was approved and...

First American Payment Systems / First American Payment Systems should not be allowed to service

Their salesman came to my barber shop and asking me to try their credit card device service and I make it clear that my business is cash only. There is no need their credit card service. Their salesman keep convincing me that their service will give me more sales. I told him again that I do not need their services. He says "you can try for one month and if it does not give you more sales, just call me to pick it up." I ask him is there any contract or fee on trying their service. He says "No contract and no monthly, but First American Payment Systems will charge me on the sales sent through...

First American Payment Systems - Oregon, Veneta / Excessive Charges

I am the owner of a computer repair shop in Veneta, Oregon. A little over a month ago, a representative of this company came into my office and promised me a positive experience with this company in helping me to process credit cards in my shop. Since that time, I have had nothing but headaches, and unanswered questions. I was told that I would only be charged around $50 per month, and I would be told ahead of time, what date I would be charged, so that I knew to have the funds available. That failed to happen. I was hit with charges right away into my account, resulting in several overdraft...
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