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EverHome Mortgage Complaints & Reviews

EverHome Mortgage / Reporting incorrect info on my credit reports and owes me money

BWRIGHT1 on May 15, 2014

In May 2010, EverHome foreclosed on my house and it was sold at auction on May 2, 2010. On May 3, 2010 the sale was recorded in the Jackson County records (public records) of the sale. The property was sold for $2000.00 more than my original loan. Plus, they had been reporting that the foreclosure took place in October.<br /> <br /> I just found out about this by checking my credit report. After pulling the property sale records, I have submitted this info to the credit bureaus. <br /> <br /> Any idea, besides EverHome I can talk to about this as I don't want to...

EverHome Mortgage - Florida, Jacksonville / Customer Service

Ever home mortgage customer service is terrible. My mortgage is due on the first of the month and I have not been 30days late in over a year and this company starts calling me on the 2nd of the month request a payment date. They will harass frequently. Now I haven't had any other problems with them. They were very helpful 3 years ago when I had problems paying my mortgage on time. They offer assistance and plans to assist with my situation. I just don't understand why a company would call you on the 2nd of the month when I have a 10 days grace period to mail my payment in. They don't have any visible email address for customer complaints. You have to mail a letter or call in. I wonder why.

EverHome Mortgage - Florida, Jacksonville / Over Charge, will not return money

michael colette on Jan 20, 2013

In 2007 I refinanced my home, Everhome's attorney Shapiro & DiCaro provided the payoff statement Stating $387, 000 was due, the new mortgage company paid Everhome in Full, One month later Everhome sends me a Payoff Statement, that was for $367, 000. I called and the representative who stated it was in fact a overpayment, I asked for a refund. I did not receive the refund, then I receive a letter that it was a over charge and they applied it to some bogus fee. I have contacted the NYS Attorney General, Florida Attorney General, the case is now with the Federal Consumer Protection Bureau...

EverHome Mortgage - Florida, Jacksonville / Escrow shortage, and excess fees

C Ingram on Dec 9, 2011

Everhome is having constant problem finding payments that was made, and when they tell you that your payment was not receive, and you send in proof to let them know that you made the payment they never receive the correspondence you need to call them over and over again and fax the proof over and over again and mail them to the address they give you and after five months down the line they call you to tell you that you are now in foreclosure. Usually while they are saying you did not pay them they request that you pay the months that you have already pay, if not they will not take any payment...

EverHome Mortgage / No service at all!

WendyZhou on Sep 28, 2011

I don't know when my Home Equity was transferred to Everhome Mortgage since the balance is zero. It shows open in my credit report. When I refinanced my house on Oct, 2010, I had paid the close fee and asked the company to close my account. Then I refinanced my house again on July, 2011. I found the accout was still open. I paid $35 through wire transfer to ask to close my account. Since then, every month I checked my credit report, then called them to ask to close it. Up to today, it is still open.

EverHome Mortgage - North Carolina / Fraud

D Whitt on Jul 10, 2011

Everhome mortgage failed to acknowledge my payment which was made on the last day of the month, until after the 1st then called me delinquent, although I have the payment acknowledgement. email complete with debit date and confirmation number> I had called Everhome earlier that day with complaints before I made my payment, then they claimed my payment was late Avoid this company AT ALL COSTS. They are unprofessional and a displeasure to deal with. My mortgage was sold to them, I DID NOT choose to do business with them to begin with.

EverHome Mortgage - Ohio, Fairborn / service

Ruthanna Gray on Jun 24, 2011

My name is Ruthanna Gray im writting to warn people about everhome a mortgage company that is a SCAM!!! they buy or give mortgage loans to people just to turn around and screw people over they constantly cash payments late and add late payment charges to ur accounts.This company is a scam.stay away.Example... My parents bought their house 15 years ago with GMAC as their mortgage company then in Nov. EverHome took over and its been hell ever since they dont help they dont even listen in nov. when they took over the mortgage they were late sending paperwork telling us so my parents sent their...

EverHome Mortgage / Failed to pay property tax

shalisan on Jun 10, 2011

Everhome bought our mortgage from the original lender. I never had an issue with the property taxes being paid when the original lender held the mortgage. The first year that Everhome had the mortgage they failed to pay the property taxes. I was unaware of this until this years notice came and in big bold letters was the words delinquent taxes owed for prior years. When I confronted their tax department they explained that it was paid. I sent them the county documents and they then said that this was not the property they had on record for my mortgage. The property they did pay was a lesser...

EverHome Mortgage / Mortgage Extortion / Fraud

Texas J on May 24, 2011

Ever since my mortgage was taken over by EverHome I have had nothing but problems. Their staff is incompetent and has harassed me for two years since they took over my mortgage. Every year they claim I did not pay taxes and threaten me with financial harm. The taxes are public records on the internet! All they have to do is google my county's tax website and enter my address to see that the taxes were in fact paid on time! I send proof after proof (canceled checks and other documentation), and I always get threatening letters until I call and scream at the people on the other end--to...

EverHome Mortgage - Georgia / BOGUS FEES ILLEGAL PRACTICES

a odoms on Jan 18, 2011

THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE POSTIING COMPLAINTS ON EVERHOME MORTGAGE..PLEASE EMAIL This is an attorney that is trying to start a class action lawsuit against Everhome. Posting on the sites all of our complaints will not help anyone. I have been burned by everhome as well. PLEASE email the attorney with your complaint!

EverHome Mortgage - Florida / Forced Placed Insurance

My mortgage loan was sold to Everhome Mortgage last year and since then it has been a complete disaster! For the 2nd year in a row, they have screwed up on my homeowner's insurance. I have escrow, so it's their responsibility to submit payment. In February, 2010, they submitted a payment to my insurance company. I saw the withdrawl on my escrow account. In June, 2010 I saw the same amount being credited back to my account. I called to see what was going on and they could not tell me. 2 weeks later, I received a letter stating that I did not have insurance and that they were going to...

EverHome Mortgage / Broke into my house


Everhome Mortgage Company ***!! I came home from work to see Everhome had authorized a hitman company called Keylink Real Estate to break into my house and steal my personal property. Only 3 days after the auction date they changed the locks and stole my tools for work and other personal items. Then they claim we had no personal property at the house that we lived in for over six years. They never filed any court orders to have us evicted. We watched from across the street as they gutted the house. We called the police they said they would not get involed. Where will it end? Everhome and...

EverHome Mortgage / Refinancing Scam

We had our mortgage with Central Mortgage for sometime and they sold it to EverHome mortgage. After 6 months being with them, I got a call from them offering me refinancing that would reduce my interest rate by 0.675 and save me 150 dollars every month. My PMI is a lender paid PMI and I told the loan officer "Todd Miller" several times (literally more than 10 times) that if I have to refinance, I may have to start paying the PMI so I do not want to refinance. I knew this because I have gone through refinancing through other companies and they always tell me that my lender paid PMI will not be...

EverHome Mortgage / Customer service stinks


I tried to cancel my automatic mortgage payment, and I was prepaired to pay it later with late fees added later. The customer service personal made mistakes in handling it, so they over drafted my banking account. Like other companies that blame the customer; It was my fault according to them. They never took responsibility for their customer service agents making bad decisions; they did send me a form letter 2 months later dismissing my complaint. How nice of them. This is not the first time I have had issues with their customer service agents, and I know it won't be the last. My mortgage wa...

EverHome Mortgage - Michigan / Changed locks without notice

We have been workign with Everhome to go through a short sale on our house. WE finally get to the point where they say, we are going to approve the short sale, we are just waiting for one more document to be returned. Should be soon. Great News, Right?... That was until I get a call from the buyer that says, we are trying to do the apprisal, , but cant get back in the house, the locks are changed. What??? So I rush over there to find my deadbolt pried out of the door and replaced with another. SO, now I can not get in my house and the buyer walks, thinking I am in foreclosure. I call Everhome...

EverHome Mortgage - Georgia, LaGrange / Mishandling of mortgage


My loan was sold to Everhome in early 2000. I fell behind in the payments, which I am well aware was my fault. In 2001, I filed Chapter 13, with full intent of repaying my loan, and ultimately did. However, in 2008, I found that a partial claim was filed on my behalf in November of 2001. When I asked for proof of the claim (I did not request, nor did I receive the claim), Everhome, nor HUD could provide any proof. I should state that my Chapter 13 was filed in early November 2001, and the claim was filed like 10 days later. The only reason that I found out about the claim was because of...

EverHome Mortgage - Florida, Jacksonville / Foreclosure Fraud

EverHome Mortgage and LPS is being investigated by the FBI for fraud of documents to rush through foreclosures in select areas for a small select few of investors to swiftly buy up at far below already low housing prices. Some cases, even rushing forecloure to beat closing dates of possibly realtor sold homes. Some believe, to purposely force foreclosure auctions that only a hand few would respond to, therefore the property selling well below appraised values. One person called EH CS, could not get anyone to explain why his mortgage jumped $960 more a month with a fixed rate, asked to go to...

EverHome Mortgage - Virginia / Multiple fraud charges


when they first acquired my mortgage, they failed to pay my insurance, then charged me almost triple the old rate for the month or so I had no homeowners insurance. They refused to budge saying they were a government entity and could get away with it. my payments are 10-20% higher because of this and also unauthorized fees added to the escrow account. Over $250 was charged to escrow to pay out someone who says I owe them money. Aside from this: THIS IS THE WORST MORTGAGE COMPANY I HAVE EVER BEEN FORCED TO DEAL WITH. I would seriously consider never getting another mortgage because of the possibility it could be sold to a company like this without my permission.

EverHome Mortgage / Fraud alert


My house has been on short sale status with EverHome Mortgage for over a year. Our loan is owned by Fannie Mae. We have had several offers each offer higher than the last offer. EverHome takes no less than about 4-6 months to send BPO's to appraise our house. Causing many buyers & realtors to loose interest in EverHome even attempting to acknowledge offers. I call Everhome Priority Department all the time and speak with Amy and a Robi Tracy. Negotiators have changed at least 2-3 times. Currently Elinda Murphy is our current negotiator, she literally tells us, "she will get to us when she...

EverHome Mortgage - California, Beaumont / Short Sale for over a Year

my house has been on short sale status with EverHome Mortgage for a little over a year. Our loan is owned by Fannie Mae. We have had several offers each offer higher than the last offer and higher than any house that has recently been sold in my community. Yet EverHome takes no less than about 4-6 months to send BPO's to appraise our house after an offer has been submitted to Everhome. Causing many buyers & realtors to loose interest in EverHome even attempting to acknowledge or even start the approval process. I call Everhome Priority Department all the time and speak with Amy and a Robi...