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Dazzle White and Smile Brite Complaints & Reviews

Dazzle White and Smile Brite - Ohio, Jackson / fraudulent charges


I was also scammed by these two companies working simultaneously. Supposodly a mom in Jackson, OH (where I live) discovered this miraculous teeth whitening system and for only the cost of the shipping and handling you could receive the free trial kit which I payed the shipping and handling on my credit card. Every month since then I have been charged almost $100.00 for a new monthly kit. I had to call twice before they finally cancelled the shipments and stopped charging my card. And they refused to refund me the money and would not allow me to send the kits back that they had already mailed to me. These companies are complete scam artists!!! Beware!

Dazzle White and Smile Brite - Texas, Newton / cons, fraud, misleading


We Have all seen the E-Adds and pop ups No more bleaching Dont waste your money see one mom's trick to brighter whiter teeth... I'm a big tea drinker, no smoking no coffee no cokes but i thought i could use some brightening so i sign on for the offer. BIG MISTAKE !!! I have always considered myself a woman of good common sense! I have always steered clear of E advertising, but here I was jumping into this mess. The order was supposed to cost me a total of $5 for each ... shipping and all ... Before it was said and done they took mine and my husbands account for over $500 in 2 month...

Dazzle White and Smile Brite - Texas, Austin / illegal charging of credit cards


Both these companies worked together to pull a fast one. there was a letter from a "mom" in austin on the internet that said that buying both these products had the best results and then links to both sites to get their "free" trials. both companies put charges on my credit card before I knew what was happening and now I am having to fight to get them off. one company charged $86.22 and the other one charged $59.25. and the charges to send your free (ha!) trials! another $1.95 and $1.97. I asked the guy from the smile brite company, "so exactly what did I get that was free?" and he agreed nothing. now they want me to pay to send their product back... do not order from these companies!