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Davis Vision Complaints & Reviews

Davis Vision - California, West Covina / service

Jun 22, 2017

I Want to file a complaint to davis vision. I went to my provider last May 4 to have my annual check. I paid in FULL payment assuming I will get my eyeglasses with 2 weeks. But unfortunately, 1 month after, No glasses yet. I called up the Davis Vision what had happen and he told me, He will call me to check whats going on but He didn't call me. Then my provider told me after weeks more that the laboratory STOLED my eyeglasses framed. Until today june 21, Ived called up again the Davis Vision, and yet they still don't know whats going on. They keep telling me they will check and I will call again tomorrow. What kind of service is that! Im really pissed off.

Davis Vision - Pennsylvania, Hazleton / Glasses and service

Dec 07, 2015

This place have a very bad services, we send my son glasses Rabin, in perfect condition, and they send the glass back with damage and crash, also with a crack. So we send the glasses back to have replace or pay by Davis Vision, we still wetting for them to take care this, has been 3 weeks and not answer yet.

Davis Vision / quality issues

Sep 14, 2011

This insurance company is a joke. My eye doctor is great. You pay her $40 for her to spend an hour and a half to see that I am healthy. Then this insurance company makes members choose from crappy frames. That are then ordered through a davis vision lab where they produce low quality lenses and then give bad customer service to the office when there is a problem with the frame or lens. This again is a joke. People complain about lenses being so expensive, first of all its your eyes! secondly, you get what you pay for! dont blame the eye doctor office, blame, your insurance company, crappy davis vision.