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Charter Complaints & Reviews

Charter / DVR

tommy1725 on Mar 27, 2015

I had Charter connected a year ago in March, in that time I have had nothing but problems with the DVR. They have had to exchange the box once already and are going to have to do that again. It constantly stops recording and I have to call tech support. The sound cuts off and on, sometimes so bad you can't follow the story line of the show. The picture gets all squiggley and you can't see the pictures. Something bad happens on at least a weekly basis if not more. There commercials say Charter is so much more reliable that Direct TV, but I had Direct TV for 15 years and only had...

Charter / commercial

FYI2015 on Feb 17, 2015

I am so tired of the overly long, drawn out musical that appears every 15 minutes on every local and cable channel promoting Charter cable TV. The jingle is not catchy; it is annoying. Please save customers a lot of money and cancel this marathon commercial.

Charter / Security Breach

Stan Albert Smith on Nov 15, 2014

Charter has serious security breach issues. They allowed someone to change my account info without proper security verifications. Now they are lying about it, when they first admitted it happened. They don't want people to know there is a security breach. They refuse to return my call or answer my question if they have been hacked. Like Target they don't want their customers to know that there are serious security issues with accounts! Beware!

Charter - Georgia, Chatsworth / Internet physical location

Thundercloud on Jul 19, 2013

We have TV, Internet, and Cable bundled through Charter Communications. When we open our Internet Home Page (MSN), our location comes up as Johnson City, Tennessee or Pine Crest, Tennessee. I called Charter and was referred to Microsoft. I spent 4 hours on the phone with microsoft only to discover that our physical location is set by our service provider. This affects our local news, advertisements, and weather which we get on the internet such as: Restaurant coupons available for Johnson City - not Chatsworth. Pine Crest weather forecast automatically shows at the top of our home page - not Chatsworth or even Dalton, GA. I am beginning to hate Charter internet service.

Charter - North Carolina / installation

andres067 on Jul 12, 2012

5 weeks ago I called charter customer service asking if cable Internet was in my area they said it was so I set an appointment up for the next Wednesday, when the technician came out he said that charter was going to have to put a tap in the power line so I would be under 300 ft and told me I was going to get a call between 1 to 2 days. 3 days passed so I called charter back and they told me to install a tap it was going to take 7-10 days and would call me back they never did so I called after that time passed and they told me it was ready so that gave me an appointment for the following...

Charter - North Carolina, Lenoir / Over billing


I moved and when I moved they took almost two weeks to cut off service at my old address.I told them to cut it off soon as they could it was rental. Had a bill come that was the wrong amount paid what the lady told me then took it down to zero.Two days later another bill comes for 194.00 after I paid my remaining bill from former address.They still said i was a month behind that the money I paid went to the new addresses bill omg what idoits! I called and spoke to five people in all and all of them had different stories and none of them helped me.I asked them how did my bill go from 00.00 to...

Charter / Bill was 10 dollars higher than quoted


Today was one of the many times I had to call Charter cable for many many problems.This even was due to a bill that was 10 dollars higher than quoted. The representative was not trained on how to view the billing and continued to speak over me. When requesting a supervisor I was placed on hold for several minutes and when the representative finally got back on the line she stated that her supervisor would not take the call and she was working to locate another. Annoyed at this point she placed me on hold again were a supposed supervisor got on the line said she was in repair and did not handle...

Charter - Georgia, Athens / Cheating Customer

I'm looking at this great deal from Charter for cable and internet & phone but there's no way I'll deal with them - two friends have been cheated by these folks. One called to find a way to lower her bill, was told to do xyz, which she agreed to and the next month her bill, instead of being $40 LOWER was $20 HIGHER. When she complained was told, so sorry, you misunderstood...because there was nothing in writing, nothing my friend could do. And she deals with such details every day on her job...not just a misunderstanding! I won't even consider dealing with Charter -...

Charter - Wisconsin, Rice Lake / Pron you did not rent

Please let me know: If you have NOT rented pron and were not home but, now you are getting charged for it. (If you can prove you were not home even better) I am so sick of Charter. I have 1200 in pron rented and we were not even home. BBB did nothing. I am hiring a lawyer. Rather pay them. [email protected]

Charter / Customer Abuse

Please forward this to as many friends as you can. If you have suffered damges, loss of work, technicians who did not show up, paid for services not recieved, please join this class action law suit naming Charter and related service technicians including private contractors as the defendant. In order to insure fair awareness to all of it's constituents who have been treated unfairly by Charter Communications this email will also be sent independently through SMRO, Inc at [email protected] Please sign the online petition and forward it as you recieve it through the mass mail to: Jim Harnage 121 Ben Daniels Farm Rd. Statenville, Georgia 31648 229-559-4996

Charter - California, Pasadena / Technician problems


I've been trying to get Internet access at my new apartment, and apparently, the only company that provides cable Internet in Pasadena is Charter. I've had excellent experiences with their sales representatives, who were very helpful and kind. However, in the last two days, I've had two installation appointments, with two different technicians, and both of them failed miserably. The first guy simply told me he couldn't locate the connection between my fourth floor cable and the one in the basement downstairs (he did use a toner), and sent in a request for an SRO (special...

Charter / Bad service


I called Charter to cancel a service and was talked into a promotional rate for their expanded cable. I agreed but said I would probably cancel after the promotinal rate because of the increase of cost after the 6 months. I was told that I could do that anytime and the rate would expire on the June billing. Well, it did and when I called to cancel I was told there was a $19.95 downgrade charge. What? I asked to speak to supervisor and was put on hold and disconnected. I thought it was just a mistake but after seeing the other complaints I kind of wonder. When I called back I was connected right away...

Charter - Alabama, Birmingham / Terrible customer service


On June 16th Charter was doing upgrades. They were using contracted men from outside of alabama--they were very helpful. I cannot say the same about charter customer service. Once the upgrade was done--I lost cable and internet at 1100am. I work at home--no pay the remainder of the day or the next. I told the contractor I had no service when he came down from the pole. He attempted to reach someone who was to do the rest of the work and said it should be back within 1 hour. you know the rest---was not on. called and called, went through the automated screaming at a computer to give me an...