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NOE MARTINEZ on Dec 10, 2014
I work very hard to maintain my family and I don't want to loose my property, it cost me a lot of efforts to buy this house, also ASC have an schedule sale date on January 5 of 2015, I tried to modified my mortgage, and they don't give me any option to keep my property, they denied the modification because they say I did not provide them with a valid documents, they don't give me any detail breakdown about the denial. Also I attached the proof of my documents requested by them. Thank you

ASC / Refusing your payment

JHG23 on Mar 21, 2011
If you are late making a payment they will refuse your payment . if it is 5 days late they want the next months payment also they have sent my checks back refused to take them unless I make 2 payments then threatened me with foreclosure. they are horrible to deal with should be shut down. we bailed wells fargo out people look how they treat us. They are worst than dealing with loan sharks I have never dealt with them but these people are awful add illegal fees and charges on everything and lock you out continually from paying online so you have to pay fees for over the phone they should be prosecuted. I don't care what kind of credit you have you won't have any when you walk away from them.

ASC - California, Joshua Tree / home loan mod

I got approved for the home loan modification trial plan in September 2009 and paid my new payment with no problems once the tree month mark came I called Asc to find out when my paperwork would be in the mail and they stated that they are still going over the paper work to see if I qualify and to just keep making the payments until they reach a decision so I did then I got a phone call and a letter stating that I would be getting agreement package in the mail two days later I get another phone call from asc stating they don't have all documents in to resend every thing I set them 3 month...

ASC - Iowa, Des Moines / Foreclosure/Short-sale

This company is unorganized and does not want to help you. We have been applying for loan modification and then short sale since November of 2008. When we found out that there might be government help to ref, we called them. they told us we don't qualify. When I heard about the Homesaffordable thing, I called them, they told us no. So we had to go to the short-sale route. We met with the realtor and she was pretty useless too. She just collceted the paperwork to submit and the long hell of wait began. The next year was just waiting and waiting. After a year and a half, we finally got an...

ASC - Virginia / Cash Advance USA Payday Loan

The last two days at work I had a phone call twice from a agency that is said to be and attorney... becasue I have an outstanding payday loan with Cash Advance USA..which is a joke cause I havent had that in years and years... They said I owe 948.00 and they will settle for 650... LOL Nice cut huh??? Not happening it is a foreign guy goes by the names Peter Jones and also Joseph Williams Funny how they have american names... they ask for 3 payments of 217.00 which is not happening wanting a credit card which is not happening... I called Better Buisness Bureau and the number 1-347-289-3905...

ASC / Scam

Please. my friends! Kam and the Philly idiot speak of that of which they nothing. I was totally scammed by this company that hired them to bully you, misinform, and denigrate. It is ### like these 2 that enable the crooks to persevere. I will join every and any lawsuit brought against ASC It might be good to get the background of these 2. When we do the lawsuit we will subpoena their bank accounts and see how much blood money ASC is giving them. I say this because I do not see how our problems with the ### are any of their business unless they are on the take. I sure would not lecture them on their many sins.

ASC / Loan Modification

Hello all, This is a copy of a message I sent to someone having problems with ASC/ Wells Fargo. Hopefully, it will also help some of you: First of all, I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. It is hard enough to have these financial problems without having to put up with unnecessary hurdles. Hopefully, I can help. I don't think your state that you live in has much to do with it. It is basically finding the right person to speak with. Avoid any customer service reps or loss mitigation reps!! For whatever reason, you will get absolutely no where!! This rule applies to ANY mortgage...


For everyone who complains about ASC, think before you make your post. I understand people's frustration with the process of doing loan modifications but you are dealing with money and this process is still a business. Everyone thinks that they are going to qualify for loan mod or the new plan because the economy is bad. However, how are we going to modify loans if there is no income or your debt exceeds your income by over $1, 000? Some people don't want to hear that they spend too much or make enough to keep their homes. I understand the importance of homeownership but the truth...

ASC - California, Newark / SERVICE RESPONSE

ASC - Needs a wake up call. WE SHOULD FILE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. My parents' loan was sold to them two years ago. They are hard to reach, one department doesnt know what the other is doing. The refuse to send you to a manager to lodge a complaint or say there isnt one available. My parents had great credit and was placed in a high interest rate (because of their age, so the broker told them), during a time when interest rate were between 5 - 6.5%. I have been trying to modify their loan by and/or requesting for a rate reduction refinance over the last year and denied three...

ASC - Mississippi / Loss Draft Department

My home was damaged by a tornado in April of 2008, I submitted the 1st insurance check to ASC and then I received 2 more checks from the insurance company payable to myself and ASC as of today, I have had to pay for all the inspection to the property, and on the supplement check I sent, they are refusing to send any more funds until the home is 100%. My home is at 75% completeion, we have spent $50000 of our oown funds and ASC is refusing to release anymore of the money. Tey have placed the money in an escrow account and it is collecting interest, but I am not entitle to the interest they are...

ASC / Beware!

asc has screwed with my mortgage payment for almost a year before i got through they said they never received two back to back payments we got a knock on the door in december of 07 it was a lady wanting to help us with getting us out of fourclosure we looked at her and said what are you talking about called them that is when we were toldd we had were 2 payments behind from aug, sept of 07 they said to send them 3384.00 and they would do and loan mod. for us but in the mean time they said not to send in any money it would not going to go against my credit it not only went against my credit they...

ASC / call the FTC and file complaints

Call the Federal Trade Commission FTC and file a formal complaint to protect your rights. Phone number for FTC 1-877-382-4357 then call your state attorney general's office, commerce dept, and the Better Business Bureau. Contact your Congressman/woman or your Senators...this company is a predatory loan servicer...They do not own your mortgage so it is illegal for them to foreclose on your home!!! Only the lender who can produce your mortgage note has that legal right. Make a request to ASC to produce your loan documents...they wont do it because they don't know who does...wall street...

ASC / fraud

Wow what a fraud this company is, I was advised by my prior mortgage co 2 years ago that my loan was sold to ASC and I have had nothing but bad service, incompetent customer service reps (who dont speak proper english, they sound like they just graduated highschool) and after the wonderful stature that the US is in, the interest rates have gone up for us individuals that thought that by having the american dream and being lied to be the so called mortgage brokers 3 years ago that promised us people that getting an ARM mortgage would be the best thing and that the banks in 3 years would never...

ASC - Michigan / no hope with hope for homeowners program

American Servicing Company claims they are reviewing your information in attempt to approve you for the HOPE program. However, BEWARE...I was just denied...they stated per FHA guidelines, all my debts including the new written down mortgage and any revolving debt needed to be below 31 percent. However after reading the FHA guidelines on line, there numbers don't match up. I have read FHA requires the front to not exceed 31 percent, but not the total debts. This is a cover up I believe. When they say they are reviewing your case based on FHA guidelines, they are really reviewing by their...

ASC / payment reversal

I am going to adding to the long list of complaints against ASC. My due date without late fees is the 16th of each month. In Oct. of 2008 they received my payment in full. Then on the 27th of the same month they sent me another statement stating the payment was reversed. I called to see what was going on.They said my bank refused payment. I called my bank and they said that since they, ASC, electronically collects instead of mailing in the check, they had hit a wrong number or something. I tried to call them back and was waiting on the phone for about 10 minutes. Nobody ever answered. In the...

ASC / Incompetent Customer Service

Client had hail damage to home. Insurance Company sent check for repairs w/ ASC listed on check. Because home in foreclosure ASC refused to endorse check had client endorse check and sent back to ASC and holding funds Contractor told to send in required paperwork signed and notarized by both client and Contractor, ASC required complete paperwork to get funds to do repairs. Contractor and client submitted paperwork. ASC has taken 2 months of deciding what to do w/ funds allocated for repairs. ASC finally Ok'ed the repairs ( What else could they do?) and released 1/3 of funds, sent check to...

ASC / Fraud and scam

I set up a prepayment plan after waiting 2 months for ASC to admit to having my paperwork to modify my loan. I was already unable to refinance because my X ruined my credit and my interest rate went from 8-10%. I finally got someone on the phone explaining that I was surviving a violent relationship and may have hardship in the near future. She was very nice and set me up on a forbearance repayment plan. I had to come up with $1557.00 to show good faith and I did. I went hungry and did not pay my second loan. She explained I could not be late on these payments and that I should have them...

ASC - Tennessee / loan

I had a previous loan company who sold my loan to ASC. They do everything but help the homeowner try to keep their home! I became disabled in Aug, of 2006 I have had it hard with it being only me with a small disablity check coming into my home only once a month and also taking care of 3 children under the age of 18. They dont seem to understand that once a person becomes sick they no longer have the income they once had Lord knows SSI don't pay you what they claim that you are intitled to. They have no business lying to individuals the way they do. They told me that they would keep my...

ASC - Iowa, Des Moines / Illegal Tactics to Steal Your Home

It's been six months since I put together the information below -- I've had so many people e-mail me with heartbreaking stories that are exactly alike. Please, please, please, e-mail me if you've had problems. We are in the process of putting together an action class suit. If you've been hurt, e-mail me or write me. DO NOT GIVE UP! Go to sites like /link removed/ www.pissedconsumer.com, HUD, RESPA, your states attorney general, and on and on. Don't stop. Look at wonderful sites like Kelly L. Hansen 12757 W. 108th Street Overland Park, KS...

ASC - Iowa, Des Moines / Misapplied payment!

I sent my May payment, I did not have a coupon to denote how I wanted the payment applied. I assumed they would apply it all toward the payment since it was the majority of the payment that I sent, that did not happen. The company applied the whole amount toward the escrow leaving me a past due on my payment. The c company has my home and cell number to call me. I did not receive a call. I think that is poor business. If I was late on my payment, I would have received a call. Why did I not receive a call to clarify this matter. I have always paid my account on time. Thank you for your cooperation. Angela Strickland.
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