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ASC loan scam!

I want o open a lawsuit case against ASC. I don't know how did ASC took over my home loan from my bank...

The rip-off company!

My father was transfered to this company after 3 payments when he refinance to prepare home for sale and...

Fees to Pay Loan

I agree with the complaint that ASC's fees are unreasonable. I also beg to differ with Eric Lopez's argument that all mortgages serviced by ASC are low quality loans made to borrowers with poor credit. My credit score is in excess of 750 and I have never made a late mortgage payment in my life. GMAC sold my loan last year to ASC. When asked, the GMAC representative said that they were selling off packages of loans to ASC to increase available capital. I was told that my high credit scores and on-time payment history made my loan easy to sell. I was furious with GMAC, because I was being penalized for "good behavior". I make all my payments on-line and hated the fact that ASC didn't offer that option. However, I do get the most out of my service fee by making three to five monthly payments at a time. If I didn't have such a low interest rate, I would refinance my mortgage with Chase. I have my investment property loans with Chase. I love their easy and FREE on-line payments. Just transfer from checking to mortgage loan and go. If Wells Fargo were smart, they would stop trying to nickel and dime their solid borrowers. Based on my experience with ASC, I have refused to deal with Wells Fargo on business loans, credit card offers, etc. I deserve better and can get it elsewhere.

asc web site address not valid

asc offers for us to go online and pay our payment at www. mortageaccountonline.com this web site takes you in circles, and its not even their web site!!!!!

  • Sh
    Shannon35 Jul 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The actual website name is www.mortgageaccountonline.com and it does work as I use it myself to see payments credited, escrow information and property taxes, as well as amortization schedules, and yes you can make payments with the just in time one time draft service is free. No, I do not work for America's Servicing nor for Wells Fargo, I am just an everyday ordinary citizen going about her personal business. I will say this for the company when we had problems with out payments or questions, the customer service was excellent and they explained everything patiently and thoroughly.

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Withdrawing money from account for their made up fees!

This is the second time ASC has tried to foreclose on my house. I'm fighting back with a lawsuit and have filed a complaint with attorney general. There is something we can do about them. A class action law suit was filed last year. If you have had trouble with ASC, please contact Douglas Mcloskey @ [protected] and attorney general J.W. Nixon @ [protected].it is a federal law to take money out of your escrow account. The only time money can be taken out of that account is for taxes and insurance. (unless you pay your homeowners out of your own pocket, as we do) please call so they won't take your house. They need to be shut down. We looked over the paper's they sent us and they were missing originals and our initials was forged. Please call these attorney's and another class action suit will b filed!!!

  • Mi
    Michele Luman Apr 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Made payments, forclosed 10/07 for non payment, notified in 2/08 we were in forcloser, have 4 forbarence agreements new loans have made all payments early, still 2 days before payment due they charge late fee reported to credit bureu we are 31 payments bedhind but each year we have recieved 1098 for interest payed on mortgage over 10000.00 now they want to do a new modification with payments [email protected] 1100.00 and 1 @ 41000.00
    and then will look over payments and refinace 121000.00 all together 165300. 10years ago we paid 76000.00 we have no equity and never took out a second but we 97500.00. the judge dismissed the forcloser each party pay there own fees and he told asc they need to learn how add and the lates charges he did believe in them. I have faught for three years alot of money and stree and time I am tired. i dint think any of us can win.

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Hostile foreclosure

My home recently was foreclosed on by ASC, due to what they call NON-PAYMENT. I was 1 month behind on a payment due to financial difficulties. I contacted this company to make a partial payment, which they would not receive. The very next month my financial situation returned to normal, and now I was able to make a full payment. This company demanded full payment and blocked me from the payment log-in on companies website. This behavior continued for 3 months despite me trying to make all of my payments, less that 1 payment. They started charging several unknown fees along with interest. I contacted them at least 4, sometimes 5 times a month, speaking with everyone from customer service to loss litigation. I was given every excuse from "just send in what you have", to "we'll put the missed payment on the end of the loan and you will be current Mr. Ramsey". Nevertheless I sent in all late payments that they would not take, including the missed payment. They still foreclosed on my home stating that they didn't receive my check. I had to cancel my check after mailing it to them 4 weeks later. Its ironic that the parent company of ASC is Wells Fargo Mortgage and Wells Fargo bought my home at the foreclosure sale and re-sold it to ASC. It is also ironic that a vehicle displaying the Wells Fargo sticker on the side was seen riding by my home on several occasions by me, after I missed 1 payment. And last but not least, it is extremely ironic that all of these aforementioned activities took place after my property value skyrocketed $20,000 in one year and is on a continual rise due to it's location. I am not accusing this company of anything, but my case is just IRONIC! Now my credit is destroyed to the point that I can't even rent an apartment. I am a police officer with 5 kids and a wife and a victim of underground, loophole jumping, non governmental enforcing MORTGAGE COMPANY HOME JACKING!

  • Ja
    jack james Jun 18, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Looks like someone needs to look up the definition of the word "ironic" in the dictionary.

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  • Ho
    Howard Aug 01, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What does being a cop with kids and a wife have anything to do with this? What scares me is you are a cop, are you as bad a cop as you are in home finances? Just like you say to your suspects, there’s more here than you are telling. Oh and read you contract, you will find that just one payment missed is reason to foreclose or demanding full payment of the total loan. You could have easily worked out a forbearance agreement when the problem first happened. I do not know of a single mortgage contract that will accept a partial payment. The very seconded you get in trouble, what is anyone advised to do? Call your creditors!!! Even ASC will work with you.

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  • Ju
    Julie W. Nov 07, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    There is no way that a mortgage company is going to foreclose if you are one month late. In fact, Wells Fargo gives you a 30 day grace period to pay your mortgage payment, as do most other mortgage companies. And most companies (Wells Fargo included) will bend over backward if you call them if you are going to be late. You could have worked out a payment arrangement, gotten a forbearance, or in worst case scenario filed for bankruptcy. But they never would have foreclosed after one month. Foreclosure is a complicated procedure and by law they have to give you options. Sounds like you are in a bit of denial and unwilling to accept the responsibility for your own actions.

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  • Re
    reospecial Feb 19, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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Illegal escrow impound

ASC is charging me $57.84 as a monthly impound account they created out of thin air! I pay ins & tax myself & require no impound account to pay for me. They began a fee per above dated 4/13/2007 saying the house was uninsured from Dec 11 /2005 to January 4, 2006=28 days in 2005. Now they are feeing me %57.84 to payoff a insurance fee of $694 for the 28 days-that is a high rate!!! It's a fly by night operation-they apparently believe they can charge whatever they want. My loan was transferred to them and i want it transferred away from them-anybody know how? What/who do i complain to.

  • Ti
    TINA Oct 14, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have read all the complaint and i have to say that it made me feel better to know that i am not alone. It will do you no good to waste your time trying to find out info on asc. Try wells fargo that may help u better because i keep getting envelopes with wells fargo home mortgage printed on them and i am financed through asc. On my good days i gather my friends over and we get out my paper work from asc (that is all the stuff they have messed up like my escrow account, how much i do or dont owe for that month, my canceled insurance paper for my insurance company because they didnt pay, but i was paying 451.00 to much in escrow a month for over six months) and i call every department just to see how much more stuff they can screw up. They have put my family in such financial hardship that know every payment is late and not only theirs. So life goes on my family is still together we are in ruin but alive. We have know other option but to let the house go and find a rent to own somewhere; so for now i am staying here rent free. so long to asc!!!!

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  • Ce
    Cenobia Quintanilla Dec 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    let's do a class action lawsuit. call me at (310) 866-7419.

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  • Ni
    Nikki P May 04, 2012

    I'm ready for a class action suit too. I think we should get all our stories together and go to our congress people first. I can set up a Facebook page that we can all write up our complaints or something. We are doing a short sale on our home because we no longer want anything to do with ASC and we have to move for my job anyway. They have been jerking us around since last August on a loan modification. First they didn't get the paperwork, then they find it, but we have to redo it because their imaging dept can't scan anything in blue ink. We had to redo in black ink. Can you believe that??? There's more but it makes me sick to my stomach when I think about them.

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Trying to get modification of loan

I was sold to this company in August 2006 from Fremont Investment & Loan (who are no longer in the mortgage...

7 month missing pmt investigation/derogatory credit reported

My loan was transferred from gmac to asc last october. Auto pmts were made two months in advance to gmac - pmts returned to me and gmac. Asc states 10/06 pmt missing so investigation opened in 1/07 to be completed by 2/6/07 and then by 2/28/07. Dozens of call to asc by me and dozens more of auto collection calls to me. With every call i reconfirmed no late charges or derrog. Credit reporting, even if missing pmt was my error. I did all the research work for asc even though they said they would do so. Now asc states pmt 'is' outstanding and reported 60-30-30 late to credit agencies. Refuses to remove or give me accounting from gmac transfer. No late charges due - but credit reporting has stopped me from financial aid for my son to go to college. Single mom. Terrible bureaucracy and no cooperation or communication from asc from anyone other than customer service and collection dept. Ready to hire legal counsel or change my identity at this point. 7 months correspondence and calls on file with asc. Outright refusal to comply with employees' representations to me re: credit reporting even when given the scenario of this possibility that my accounting was wrong. Assured over and over that due to debt collection act, credit was safe because of missing pmt investigation.

Property taxes scam!

My mortgage was sold to ASC from First Franklin in August 2006. Instead of First Franklin paying my summer taxes, they sent all my escrow to ASC along with the mortgage. Instead of ASC paying my taxes, they applied it to my mortgage like it was a house payment -- they say they paid $2,086.00 in summer taxes but the city shows no payment. (Mine were only $1,164.00) When winter taxes came due ASC said they paid $813.00 -- but the city never got it -- (mine were only $454.00) -- come to find out, ASC has been paying the taxes for the condo above me! ASC's records show her property address and her parcel number, not mine! ASC insists I have no homeowners insurance no matter how many times I've sent them proof, they've lost payments, are ruining my credit, and when I requested copies of signed documents, they sent me the closing documents for six different people in six different states -- this includes identifying information I have no legal right to -- so if I have their documents, who has mine?

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