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won't cover new engine

I recently bought an 02 pontiac bonneville as is from a car lot and received an as warranty for 6 months / 6, 000 miles. Within 71 hours my engine spun a bearing and is useless and the whole engine nneds replaced. My mechanic called asc and they said it was wear and tear and not covered! Seriously! The first thing listed in the warranty for engines are bearings. It states no restriction at all for wear and tear or breakage. What a scam! I would never have bought this car if i knew this company was this deceitful. Now i am out $4, 000 and have no car with four kids to care for. Thanks as!

  • Terry Small Aug 08, 2013


    If you purchased the vehicle less than 71 hours ago we have most likely not received your service agreement. I would suggest you return the vehicle to whomever performed the pre purchase inspection to determine what happened. Please provide you name and agreement number so I research your account.

    Terry Small

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  • Sa
    Sandman4414 Aug 08, 2013

    my name is Chris sandlin. agreement number is...B-1241858. I purchased the vehicle on Saturday, August 3, 2013. my engine went out on me on Tuesday, about 71 hours after I took the car home. the dealer I bought it from...North Clinton Motors...in Ft. Wayne, IN...said it should be covered and when I told them that ASC wouldn't cover it, they told me I was on my own. you have to understand my frustration. I test drove the car for about 70 miles with no indication of any mechanical problems. bought it. 71 hours later left me and my family stranded while out of town. the warranty says it covers all the different bearings in an engine and that's what spun loose. how can I be accountable for that?

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  • Sa
    Sandman4414 Aug 09, 2013

    I purchased it on Saturday. engine went out Tuesday. service agreement # B-1241858.

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  • Terry Small Feb 07, 2014


    ASC paid for the repairs.

    Terry Small

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They are a joke

I received an ASC Warranty when I purchased my truck used. I was led to believe this was an excellent...

charged my account

I never signed up for a credit protection or reporting site. Since June I have been bombarded by 2 websites. Of note, I have Lifelock so I have no reason to sign up for these signts. I tried to purchase groceries the other day and I was told I didnt have enough in this acount. I came home and found 2 charges for items I didnt sign up for:

I am planning to put blocks on all my cards. It seems they are selling card numbers not just peoples names. I havent signed up for anything and dont even answer the phone to 800 callers. So, I am not sure how I had this on my card. I am even more shocked because I cant find a number next to them. I may have to change banks. This is the 6th unauthorized charge this year. And, I am on a set income. I cant believe the nerve. I plan on reporting them to the bank and better business bureau.

Regina Greenbaum

  • Th
    th!sman Aug 18, 2012

    and FTC and your state AG and a local TV station

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won't honor contract

Bought a used car on May 8th, 2012, took out the 90 day warranty through ASC Warranty just in case there was an major issues with that time frame. 3rd day having the car i am told the transmission needs to be replace by two mechanics.
I called the ASC and they say it's NOT covered because of pre-exsiting condition and will not be paying for anything.
Even though when i bought the car it stated, (which i have a copy of)
' www.platinumautoexchangeinc.com For Sale is a 2005 Mini Cooper S with VERY LOW miles!! 66k miles! In excellent condition inside and out. Engine and automatic transmission are in perfect ..." So how can if be pre existing?? If i don't hear anything back from ACS I am pursing legal action with my attorney and the BBB. If i don't here from Terry Small the Director of Operations next week. You can reach me at [protected]@yahoo.com

  • Terry Small May 13, 2012

    I am sorry your expeierienced dfificulty with your vehicle. It is my understanding that our office is waiting on your approval to proceed with this claim. Please call 800-264-5090. Terry Small

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  • Ed
    eddiekrei May 15, 2012

    Thanks for the quick follow up on this! I can see now i need to go after the dealer who sold the car to me and mis-represented the warranty as well. Again, Thank you! and sorry for the post. eddie

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  • Terry Small May 15, 2012

    Thanks Eddie for the opportunity to serve you Please call if we can provide further assistance. Terry Small

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  • Sa
    samsneed Jun 07, 2012

    please update how the dealer treated your situation !!!

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won't cover drive shaft falling off.

Dealer sold us a vehicle with the ASC Drivetrain Plus and Deluxe Coverage warranty. What a rip off. The first...

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Refusing your payment

If you are late making a payment they will refuse your payment . if it is 5 days late they want the next months payment also they have sent my checks back refused to take them unless I make 2 payments then threatened me with foreclosure. they are horrible to deal with should be shut down. we bailed wells fargo out people look how they treat us. They are worst than dealing with loan sharks I have never dealt with them but these people are awful add illegal fees and charges on everything and lock you out continually from paying online so you have to pay fees for over the phone they should be prosecuted. I don't care what kind of credit you have you won't have any when you walk away from them.


This company is unorganized and does not want to help you. We have been applying for loan modification and then short sale since November of 2008. When we found out that there might be government help to ref, we called them. they told us we don't qualify. When I heard about the Homesaffordable thing, I called them, they told us no. So we had to go to the short-sale route. We met with the realtor and she was pretty useless too. She just collceted the paperwork to submit and the long hell of wait began. The next year was just waiting and waiting. After a year and a half, we finally got an approval from ASC. Since we had a second, we had to wait for them to approve as well. They took a long time to reply but we had buyer ready and was ready to sign. After another two months of waiting for Citi, our second, to respond, we finally got approved from them as well. So the realtor was ready to go sign over the paper when ASC has foreclosed on the house. All this fighting and waiting for nothing. I feel like this could have been avoided if they had been more organized and willing to help. The negotiator for this company did not respond to our e-mails ir calls until I told them that I wa going to report them to Attorney General. In thye midst of this a year and a half fight, they kept asking us to send them over the same paperwork over and over. If I would call to check on the status, they would tell me they are still missing papers. Something I had faxed a week ago. They would also keep sending letters telling us that we might NOW qualify for a loan mod.

I feel so upset with them since they were just sittin garound on their ### with our papers. We tried to do things right by short-sale and it was so close. They just wanted to foreclose since I guess it would be easier on them as a tax-writeoff.

  • Bu
    burnttoast Jul 19, 2010

    truth is ...these companies were shown by the current administration that they are "too BIG" to fail, they were bailed out, put back in the black, which gave them tons of writeoff room. The shafting of the American middle class has been funded by the current administration. Those on welfare are continuing life as they know it, and those who struggle to make things right are the targets. The good thing is that there is plenty of room for handouts under this administration, so give up, don't work, and live on the dole like they do...That, my friends is the future of America.

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Cash Advance USA Payday Loan

The last two days at work I had a phone call twice from a agency that is said to be and attorney... becasue I...


Please. my friends! Kam and the Philly idiot speak of that of which they nothing. I was totally scammed by this company that hired them to bully you, misinform, and denigrate.

It is ### like these 2 that enable the crooks to persevere. I will join every and any lawsuit brought against ASC It might be good to get the background of these 2. When we do the lawsuit we will subpoena their bank accounts and see how much blood money ASC is giving them.

I say this because I do not see how our problems with the ### are any of their business unless they are on the take. I sure would not lecture them on their many sins.

refusal to honor warranty

I purchased a 2003 bmw in 06 - 2008 and at the same time purchased a warranty by auto services company. I...

Loan Modification

Hello all,
This is a copy of a message I sent to someone having problems with ASC/ Wells Fargo. Hopefully, it will also help some of you:
First of all, I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. It is hard enough to have these financial problems without having to put up with unnecessary hurdles. Hopefully, I can help.
I don't think your state that you live in has much to do with it. It is basically finding the right person to speak with. Avoid any customer service reps or loss mitigation reps!! For whatever reason, you will get absolutely no where!! This rule applies to ANY mortgage company, not just ASC/ Wells Fargo.
In our case, we got a loan modification. We showed financial hardship when we filled out their financial worksheet and they lowered our payment approximately $300.00 per month and showed us as current. We don't get our taxes and insurance escrowed. We paid our new lower payment for three months and then our loan modification started which lowered our payment and interest rate for five years and then they both will return to normal (unless we refinance). They didn't forgive anything but added it to the loan (sort of like a refinance).
We started this mess in October of 2008 when we started getting behind (going towards foreclosure) and kept getting the same request for a financial worksheet from ASC. After submitting it TEN times and getting no where with CSRs and even the loss mitigation department, I finally found the number for the office of the president of ASC/ Wells Fargo. I believe I got resolution within a week or so after dealing with the others for months and months. We had been lied to, mislead, and just plain disrespected unnecessarily. We jumped through every single hoop requested and then when I would call to check, it was as if we never did anything.
Whether it is ASC/ Wells Fargo or any other company, keep going up the ladder until someone helps you. You HAVE to keep at it, even if it means months, because it will work out. We just had a new problem with the modification (they added on late fees and shouldn't) and I called the loss mitigation department and got no where again. I call the Office of the President and again got help. Don't let them wear you down because you can do this. The number for ASC/Wells Fargo Office of the President is [protected]. Anyone who answers is an Executive Specialist, NOT a CSR (they should answer the phone "Office of the President") and can help- ask them if this is the Office of the President when they answer. Their address is: ASC Office of the President P.O. Box 10328, Des Moines, IA [protected]. I suggest you sent a Priority Mail letter with delivery and signature confirmation first before you call with all of your information, including that financial worksheet if you have it and any late notices or paperwork that you have from and to ASC. If you don't have anything yet, just send a letter explaining what you need (make sure to include your loan number). These people are very professional and you won't be disappointed. I have worked with several of them.
Please update me when you hear from them. I would love to hear what happens. Good luck and God Bless.

  • Sh
    Sharon Reed Feb 15, 2009

    I am writing this complaint to prevent foreclosure and to try and save my home. I was a full time nursing student which caused me to become behind on my mortgage payments. I went through forbearance with ASC mortgaging. They indicated after completion that I would be eligible for a loan modification. When I received the loan modification, my interest did not change from the current 7.4% and my monthly note increased. I called asking if I could renegotiate my terms. ASC is not working with me at all. I want to keep my home and stay here...Please HELP>>>>>>>>SOS.

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  • Ag
    AG970 Feb 20, 2009

    Contact me NOW! We can help! Save your home and take control of your situation and put the power in your hands! Don't waste another second. Email me and I will give you all the details...I am also fighting a crooked mortgage company and they are losing!! We can help...you won't be sorry!
    [email protected]

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  • Ca
    caligirl Feb 25, 2009

    Hi, I can give you some tips on how to get this done, I work for an attorneys office and I see modifications all day long.

    They are looking for certain things to disqualify you and discourage you from looking for a modification. The banks are in place to make money, not lose it! they will not tell you that they can modify, they want to keep getting the highest payment out of you for the longest possible time.

    Have you tried anything else with them? I am interested to know what the jerks say. I work with them ALL the time and I am telling you, they CAN and will modify. Just have to be persistent! Hang in there!

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  • Le
    Lebrescu Mar 03, 2009

    Temporary setback caused us to fall behind on our mortgage. Once we got back on feet, the "we want to keep you in your home" philosophy was lost beyond the recorded message at the servicing center. What was clear was their intent to collect their debt. This is one of the problems with having your loans sold and serviced by a third party who really has no personal interest in you. Ready, willing, and able to start making payments. Can't find anyone who can help us get started.

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  • Da
    David and Deanna Robinson Oct 14, 2010

    My husband and I have been dealing with this company for nearly 2 years. December of 2008 I spoke with a representitive of ASC on the telephone. We were less that one month behind in our mortgage payment due to a small business which was not doing well. The lady suggested that we do a loan modification. She asked me some questions and explained the program and it seemed reasonable at the time. By the time we ended we were accepted and I was told not to make our Dec. 08 payment and in Jan., Feb., March, we were to make a payment slightly higher than our orginal payments. If we successfully did that our loan would be adjusted. I was told the interest would be lowered and the payments would be lowered and any owed monies would be put on the bottom of the contract.
    We completed our end of the deal and in April a gentleman called from ASC and said congradultions you have completed the trial program and our loan would be approved. Our payments would go down as well as interest. I asked what those payments would be but he said he did not know as they had not came back from the loan officer yet. He said you do not make a payment in April, May and your new payment will start in June or July depending when the documents are finished. I said no payments in April and May. He said that is correct. He said we would be hearing from the loan officer soon.
    We were away the first week in May and when we returned there were loan documents waiting. The payments went up and the interest stayed the same. My husband and I thought that was strange since we were told more than once the payment would go down and the interest too. We signed the papers but before returning them I called to make sure they were correct. When I spoke with the person I was told there was a mistake on the paperwork, they would call us back. A week went by no call. I called them back. Once again I was told there was a mistake on the paperwork but only the loan officer could correct it. They would call me back...no call...I called back and was told that my husbands income was doubled but only the loan officer could correct it. They would call. Now it is the first of June. I talk with a gentleman this time and he tells me oh my gosh now you are 4 months behind in your mortgage payments now you are in foreclosure (remember those payments I was told not to make) Now they will not except our money. To make a very long story shorter...we were denied that modification..they had us do another one..we prequalified but at the end denied again...we have done this I believe 6 times now. In Feb. we hired an attorney firm to help us. We are still in the process. Our house is scheduled for sale every month and just before the date pushed out a month. This has been stressful. I have kept notes on every conversation since May of 09 and whom I spoken with. They say they don't have documents when I have a comformation that they do have them. What started out to be a small problem has become a very big problem and all we did is follow their instructions. This seems criminal to me.

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ASC is NOT able to HELP with the Loan Modifications. I had been paying on time at all times. I'm struggling due to loss of income; My shortage on budget is only around $300. oo a month. After more than a year dealing with this stressfull situation, they sent me a letter 10/2009 saying that loan was NOT approved, and that I have two choices: "Short Sale" or "Deed in Lieu". When I got the letter, I said to myself "WHATTTTT"???? What's going on with this company (WELLS FARGO). Government need to INVESTIGATE all this companies regarding their guidelines and procedures.

Mortgage Loan

Asc (America's Servicing company) bought our two home loans in 2006.We have had non stop trouble with them.We are under water in our home, so we owe way more on our home than its worth and our monthly mortgage payment is close to three thousand dollars a month, and we can not afford it.My husband works six days a week split shifts and I am on Social Security.I applied for a modification five months ago and have been current on all my payments.I called in every month to see the status of my modification and the rep would always tell me something different.They said oh wait 30 days, so i would wait then they say 60 then 90.Well time went by and it took them 5 months to tel us that we did not qualify because our bills ar to high, They said for them to be able to help us we would have to be able to afford all our bills and and our mortgage payment.That dos not mak no since what so ever!!! This company is truly terrible!!! All I can do is pray and take one day at a time.

Loss Draft Department

My home was damaged by a tornado in April of 2008, I submitted the 1st insurance check to ASC and then I received 2 more checks from the insurance company payable to myself and ASC as of today, I have had to pay for all the inspection to the property, and on the supplement check I sent, they are refusing to send any more funds until the home is 100%. My home is at 75% completeion, we have spent $50000 of our oown funds and ASC is refusing to release anymore of the money. Tey have placed the money in an escrow account and it is collecting interest, but I am not entitle to the interest they are collecting on my funds. They have recieved $100233 from the insurance company and we are behind on everything. These people could not read the claims documents submitted, I have submitted documents more than twice on the same information and now they refuse to release anymore funds.
In six months once my home is completed I will be refinancing with another mortgage company, one that is legitimate and works for their customer.

call the FTC and file complaints

Call the Federal Trade Commission FTC and file a formal complaint to protect your rights.
Phone number for FTC [protected] then call your state attorney general's office, commerce dept, and the Better Business Bureau. Contact your Congressman/woman or your Senators...this company is a predatory loan servicer...They do not own your mortgage so it is illegal for them to foreclose on your home!!! Only the lender who can produce your mortgage note has that legal right. Make a request to ASC to produce your loan documents...they wont do it because they don't know who does...wall street...


Wow what a fraud this company is, I was advised by my prior mortgage co 2 years ago that my loan was sold to...

no hope with hope for homeowners program

American Servicing Company claims they are reviewing your information in attempt to approve you for the HOPE program. However, BEWARE...I was just denied...they stated per FHA guidelines, all my debts including the new written down mortgage and any revolving debt needed to be below 31 percent. However after reading the FHA guidelines on line, there numbers don't match up. I have read FHA requires the front to not exceed 31 percent, but not the total debts. This is a cover up I believe. When they say they are reviewing your case based on FHA guidelines, they are really reviewing by their own criteria. I can afford my new payment that would be written down to half of what it was prior. However, now I'm another victim to this Foreclosure mess. I feel ASC has no intentions on helping their existing clients as they state. BEWARE...also worse customer service ever, even the supervisors lack credibility as they are just as evasive and inconsistent as their dim wit employees

  • Ce
    Cenobia Quintanilla Dec 02, 2008

    let's get together and do a class action lawsuit. I'll research the law firm

    call me at (310) 866-7419

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  • An
    angela drexler May 05, 2011

    i was supposed to get help and i wasnt even behind city misplaced my certified check and sent my payments back to me witch put me in forclosure .i called for help from hope .big mistake i made the payments, i was supposed to with the help of hope they forclosed anyway i have prof of all payments and city recieving them and still lost my home. city said they never spoke to anyone on my behalf about my payments.after the foclosure hope said the lady that helped me didnt even have a lincience to work in my state.they hendered my case not helped it .i lost

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payment reversal

I am going to adding to the long list of complaints against ASC. My due date without late fees is the 16th of...

Fraud and scam

I set up a prepayment plan after waiting 2 months for ASC to admit to having my paperwork to modify my loan. I was already unable to refinance because my X ruined my credit and my interest rate went from 8-10%. I finally got someone on the phone explaining that I was surviving a violent relationship and may have hardship in the near future. She was very nice and set me up on a forbearance repayment plan. I had to come up with $1557.00 to show good faith and I did. I went hungry and did not pay my second loan. She explained I could not be late on these payments and that I should have them automatically withdrawn, I said ok since my payment went down . Well last month, out of habit, I made it online and realized I could mess everything up like that. This month my payment was due on the 7th and on the 12th I realized the payment was not deducted. I called in, got treated like an animal, transferred 3X, I was told I had to pay more money because I broke the contract!

I explained it was supposed to be taken out automatically, they said I was being difficult and transferred me to some international line that hung up on me. When I called back I amazingly got the same girl who set me up the first time, she was so nice, even apologized for what I went through and said she was sorry she did not explain the first time that only the FIRST payment was withdrawn automatically! She explained in order to get my payments back on track and the same amount each month, I would have to come up with the $1557 again and the remaining 7 payments would be $1300. By the end of the conversation, my payments were 1600! I explained it was not my fault and not even seven days late! She said I broke the contract, I said I have a second also, that would make my payments over 2000 a month! I am going to have to let them take my house? How can they do this when i am obviously on a low income budget and on a adjustable rate loan. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE REFINANCE ME WITH BAD CREDIT AND TAKE ME AWAY FROM THESE MONSTERS? IT IS BEAUTIFUL AND I AM NOT ABOUT TO GIVE IT TO THEM!

Illegal Tactics to Steal Your Home

It's been six months since I put together the information below -- I've had so many people e-mail...

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