Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Little Chute, Wisconsin, United States

Taco Bell / drive thru in little chute

Jan 01, 2018

My husband went through the drive through & waited 15 minutes & then just left cause was not going to wait any longer, he said only one person was working at that time & had little child in car getting little inpatientvalso! Maybe two people possibly working & one guy was in like for at...

Midwest Restorations / They promised to help, but took last money, which I have

Mar 04, 2015

People, stay away from the company Midwest Restorations. I was really angry and wanted to return my money back. They promised to help me, ‘coz my house was damaged in the fire. I wasted my last money and they did completely nothing. The company is total rip off, so please, be...

Lisa Krueger / let client falsely accuse

Mar 16, 2014

A relative had dealings with her through a client of hers. When the client had lied about something that they were mad about that wasn’t true to try to get out of something, Lisa Krueger had nothing to say about it. But then jumped instead on the relative for something they did not do and...