Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Geismar, Louisiana, United States

Republic Services / removal of service / container pick up

Oct 17, 2018

I just canceled my service because I am moving out of state. I find that it is utterly ridiculous that I have to pay $50/can to get the trash and recycling containers removed. I have had your service for 5 years and always paid on time. I have dealt with inconsistent and sometimes no...

Pizza Hut / 2 medium pizza

Oct 06, 2018

I place my order at 7:00 PM on Saturday I received my order at 9:15 PM Saturday my pizzas look like burnt pieces of [censored], I am sorry cold Burnt pieces of [censored], after waiting for 2 hours and calling and being told they had only one delivery person it was on way, that was at 835 pm, my pizza...

LetGo / stolen product

May 12, 2017

I had some one that sold my watch that was stolen from my house on your website. How can I find out who it was sold to so I can get my watch back! This link shows my watch on the website of the person that stole my...

Scotts Lawn Service / Fired for being a good employee

May 03, 2014

The GM fired me because he was caught running the trucks in very bad conditions. I told him my air condition belt was squealing at least two or three times. When confronted by a higher up he lied and said I never told him. I am an honest Christian hardworking individual and stood up for...