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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Colorado Springs, Colorado

McDonald's / lack of everything...

Stephen.Courtney on Feb 26, 2019

I have been going to this McDonalds for about 2 years. 5 to 6 days a week. Each time it gets worse. Last few times I have ordered a Big Breakfast and they forget the syrup. I order the Sausage Egg McMuffin and get Ham. but everyday I order (or try) a Decaffeinated Coffee and last month or...

Arby's Restaurant Group / the service

David Arby's on Jan 19, 2019

I just went to Arby's to over food for four people. I ordered four French Dip sandwiches, four apple turnovers (Which they yelled to the back to make sure they had four apple turnovers), four of your cookies, and two large curly fries. There were four or five bags when I left so I never...

Perkins Motors Colorado Springs / customer service and service department

Nicholas Casey on Jan 18, 2019

A few months ago I had the worst experience with Perkins and I had no plans on going back. I had the same issue arise and thought that Perkins must have screwed something up. Because of this I called back on Friday January 11th to get an appointment set up with them. They said the first...

Buddy Dale Newton Sr / harassing ex neighbor who bothers the entire neighborhood

Buddynewtonstopit on Jan 17, 2019

I don't understand whats his deal, he stares at all the neighbors awkwardly. He always stands outside of his garage and stares at anyone outside. Buddy dale newton sr, you need to get a life or a hobby and stop bothering the neighborhood. You stare at our kids, you stare at people driving...

Burlap Bag Clothing & Boots / the owner was horrible

DisappointedShepherd on Jan 16, 2019

I have never in my life met a more insane, mentally unstable, and horrible person. Shes unprofessional and treats her employees like garbage and her customers like criminals. She actually told an employee to watch a customer because he might have a gun, and that was within his earshot. She...

Burlap Bag Clothing & Boots / unprofessional management/unethical working environment

Broncogurl on Jan 16, 2019

I worked for them a whopping four days and was asked to leave today for asking a question. Diane the owner told me when I had my interview that she pays well over minimum wage and we would discuss it further that following Friday. She never told me what she was paying me and neglected to...

Reward Zone USA / $1,000 walmart gift card

Wendy Sprouse on Jan 14, 2019

I've completed 4 silver and 3 gold, never was offered platinum, so what do I have to do now? I was also sent an email stating that my email had never been registered, but I have txt messages of my completed offdrs from reward zone usa. This isnt right, now there is no way I can get my...

Government Vacation Rewards / service

Kim Mcswiggan-Rios on Jan 5, 2019

I was trying to book a cruise with them, and I couldn't get them to help me make my payment. Who doesn't want money. I was using my star card as they say you can do. The first time I called the finance department was close, so someone was supposed to call and take my payment no one ever...

Colorado Technical University [CTU] / Student Loans / 3 Classes shut off exam time receive Failing grades

Rodney Helms on Jan 4, 2019

I just heard about this lawsuit against Colorado Tech. University. I want in this as well. I was given 2 student loans and through my last semester with this school, 3 of my classes cut off my exam time to complete while I was on Active Duty in the US Army. I tried everything in my power...

Michaels Stores / color-in gingerbread playhouse by creatology

Shepisces on Jan 2, 2019

I purchased THREE, Color-In Gingerbread Playhouses By Creatologyâ„¢. They were Horrible, poorly constructed and flimsy products. I bought 3 of these houses on Christmas day for my 3 young Grandchildren. It took 2 adults who struggled to put it together because of its large size but weak and...