Consumer Complaints & Reviews in El Cajon, California, United States

Jerome's Furniture / returns

May 06, 2019

I purchased a recliner, mattress with headboard and frame. The recliner I received is gard as a rock unlike the one I tried in the showroom. When I purchased the mattress and framr, the sales rep Ana measured the height if the franw along with the mattress. It went up to my hip. The...

JC Penney Company / faulty advertising

Jan 05, 2019

I have been a loyal jcpenny customer forever, using my pennys credit card most of the time. I signed up for text messages and have used these deals quite a bit. one recent text that came on Wednesday January 2nd clearly stated "Extra 50% off clearance already reduced up to 80% in store " My...

Home Depot / home depot credit card

Jan 02, 2019

Do not get this card!! We were duped into applying for this card by home depot giving a large credit on the purchase. Well, wouldn't you think if we had a balance left that we would have a received a statement saying so? Nope! Only because we receive a monthly statement on inquires etc. On...

Staffmark / account manager of staff mark

Nov 30, 2018

Diane L. Cervantes is the account manager for Fox Racing in san Diego, we all get hire as temps and if we prove we are worthy Fox will give you a black Badge meaning a direct hire from the campany; Diane hire her daughter Janell as a temp and this is my concern, how do I know that they will...

Facebook / no good, no help

Nov 04, 2018

I set up a new account a few days ago and every time I go back to it, Facebook blocks me out until I offer them more personal data. They are holding the site hostage to get more private info off of me. Now they won't accept any photo of my face that they keep requesting. I have uploaded...

Macy's / versace sunglasses very unhappy with macy's customer service

Oct 30, 2018

Very unhappy with Macy's customer service at Sun Glass hut dept. I purchase most of my sunglasses here expensive one BTW. I purchased a pair of Versace with are not a year old, I used the sunglasses but they felt weird on my face. I took them back shortly after buying them and the...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / life threatening dairy allergy preclude cheese and all dairy by products

Oct 27, 2018

Today, I ordered a hamburger without CHEESE; upon opening the order at home, I found that cheese was on it; needless to say, I could not eat it. This is not the first time I have placed orders to go, from this site: 2nd Street in El Cajon, CA.; upon arriving home discover that my order wa...

7-Eleven / verizon refill card

Oct 23, 2018

Clerk refused to sell me a Verizon refill card for no reason so I was forced to find another 711 in which they sold me a refill card and commented that the other clerk just didn't want to sell me a refill card. I don't understand why the clerk didn't want to sell me the card but this isn't...

Sears Brands / kenmore elite refrigerator model 795.7902.313 bought nov 2017

Oct 22, 2018

I called Sears on Sept 14, 2018 requesting a repair for my refrigerator which wan't cooling. The freezer was working. There was a dH error code. After performing all the troubleshooting that the tech requested, Bernice thought it was a fan problem. I was booked for a Sept 28 appointment...

Crunch Fitness, CA, El Cajon Parkway / fraudulent billing!

Sep 06, 2018

Hello, I signed up with your gym at CA, el cajon, Parkway. ID: SD049471 for a 1 month membership. I told the employee that I don't want recurring billing, I don't want automatic renewal, and I don't want my debit card saved int their records. I just wanted a 1 month membership that I...

Barnes & Noble Booksellers / online order & pick up in store

Aug 22, 2018

I ordered a book with pick up in store using a 15% off coupon I'd received in my email only to have Barnes & noble cancel it, do I tried to reorder it & my coupon was rejected saying I'd already used it on my previous order. I contacted customer service about it because why should I not be...

Cox Communications / transfer of service

Aug 14, 2018

This is ridiculous everytime you call nothing is resolved. Called to schedule a transfer of service because I was moving. They scheduled the wrong day, I call back to correct it. The customer service rep never puts it into the system. Call a 3rd time to resolve issue and they schedule for...

Asurion / filing a claim/ service

Aug 02, 2018

Hello, on 7/20/18 i opened a claim in regards of my stolen iphone. i first called AT&T and they suspended the line and told me to call asurion to open and file the claim so i did. i spoke to one of your reps the first time i called and they emailed me over some documents for me to print...

Cox Communications / cox contour bundle

Jul 19, 2018

1-I signed up with cox on Nov of 2017 for a bundle Internet, tv and telephone in a condition they must transfer my landline number from current provider, they never did until 5 months later and after I called every month. 2- Also my deal was no bill increase or concealed fees for one year...

Ford Motor Company / unethical rude behavior

Jul 09, 2018

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I wanted to share my unfortunate experience with you in hopes that no one else will ever have to experience this like I did. I was so angry and frustrated by the end of the call that I asked that I wanted to leave FORD all together. I came back the following day and...

Crunch Fitness / hydro massage and crunch phone app

Jul 07, 2018

The hydro massage machine is out of order more often than it's working. I've had fusion surgery on my back. And have arthoritis. I really need this machine to be working. Can you please supply a more dependable one. Also the crunch app has been updated but my phone is incompatible and i...

Cox Communications / cox cable service (internet/modem)

Jun 28, 2018

Cox won't fix my defective cable modem. It has now destroyed 2 routers of mine and continues to be a problem. I had a 3rd party test Cox's cable modem and confirmed that it ends a power surge on the Ethernet upon reboot. This is very unusual, and determined its a defective modem. I poke to...

Drive time/Bridgecrest / car/ charge off department

Jun 25, 2018

My 2004 Lexus was considered a Charge off . I was given three different amounts to get my car back after a repossession. The last time I spoke with them to pick up the car up I was told by Bridgecrest I had to pay $1441. So I paid it and picked up the car. After I got the car I was told it...

Outback Steakhouse / employee hygiene

Jun 23, 2018

I visited Outback Steakhouse location at 722 Jamacha Road, El Cajon, CA 92019. Upon arrival I went to restroom to wash my hands and witnessed a female employee with dark hair exit the stall and walk out to work without washing her hands. I know all food service employees are required to wash...

Diamond Wireless Insurance / diamond wireless insurance

Jun 13, 2018

Diamond Wireless Insurance was discontinued by Verizon two years ago. This insurance is like a cancer that won't go away. I have tried to cancel it and it keeps coming back! Every month I get charged 7.99 twice for two phones for which I have canceled the Diamond Wireless Insurance with...

Magzter / mega magazine june 2018

Jun 08, 2018

I got charged for 2 issues of this through my Apple just now when I am buying only one, & the sad part is, no digital issue appeared on my iPad Pro. Please credit back the 2nd charge & let me download the first one charged. So disappointed about this. I hope it's not a rip-off or my...

IHOP Restaurants / service rude

Jun 04, 2018

So I walked in the ihop the lady working cut me off woundnt let me get inside to sit to order I asked her if the place was open she said what are you doing here I told her we were here to eat she's very rude and I would never eat there again we ask to talk to her manager she said she wa...

Crunch Fitness / membership

May 29, 2018

I have been a member with crunch since 2011 so 8 years ago. Since then I was paying regularily even if I was busy and not going to exercise. I got accepted in a school and I got busy with it. Then when I tried to go to the gym, they told me that I have no rights of attending classes at the...

Food 4 Less El Cajon, CA / order 96 cupcakes 1 month in advance

May 19, 2018

1 month in advance I placed my order for my 96 cupcakes. Disappointed when I only received half of my order and the wrong kind! Never received a call from the bakery why I was only getting half my order and why they changed it. Lady behind the counter says do you want me to call the...

Shell / shell gas tv

May 05, 2018

GasTV display is stuck on a loop of the intro and plays nothing else. It does this over and over continuously. It becomes very irritating while you are filling your vehicle. Also, this has continued for months now with no one at the station able to turn it off or even turn it down from...

General Motors Corporation / 2006 z06 chevy corvette

Apr 20, 2018

Good morning, The engine blew on my vehicle and caused thousands and thousands of dollars worth of damage. Before I realized that this is a common problem with the year and model of vehicle, I had already had the engine taken apart in order to get my vehicle repaired. Who do I need to...

Motel 6 / el cajon, ca

Mar 27, 2018

El Cajon, ca. Literally got to the motel today, walked in & first thing I noticed was hair all over the floor like they didn't clean the floors. Then there was hair on the sheets? Do they not clean their rooms? I got my son down to bed & someone next door stared playing loud...

Wells Fargo / home mortgage

Mar 22, 2018

I've sentt so many complaints to Wells Fargo that I believe I dealt with nearly every live body in the Resolution Department. First was Leesa Whitt-Potter, then Nakia Steelman, Jamie Guinn, Tiffany Bates, Lisa Ulerich, Steven Escobar, Katrina Wilkerson, Bobby Mata and others whose names I...

Scott McMillan Attorney San Diego Brings Meritless Lawsuit / san diego attorney scott mcmillan loses blockbuster case

Mar 09, 2018

Scott McMillan, La Mesa attorney, thought he could play with the big boy law firms of NYC and was eviscerated. Recently, while Scott McMillan attorney in San Diego, was making an effort to get involved in the Blockbuster bankruptcy case, he brought an action trying to get in on some of the...

Vons / service

Dec 26, 2017

I stop in my local Vons on 2nd Street in El Cajon, CA several days a week on my way home from work. Last week I was in line when I realized I had forgotten my wallet at work. I had my check book with me and explained that I had left my wallet at work so I needed to write a check. The girl...

Vons / simply juice

Dec 14, 2017

Dear vons corporate I visited store 950 N 2nd St, El Cajon, CA 92021 Date 12/14/2017 there was deal on simply juice for 1$ each mix and match when I went to the cashier she did not sell me the product I was very pissed off her name is Ana store phone number [protected] I would like to know...

United Parcel Service [UPS] / package delivery to my home

Dec 05, 2017

Last week i was expecting a package on a certain date. I left my garage door open because in the past the driver usually left it at my back door. The garage door was left open all day for delivery. I found my package at 6:00 am the next morning left on the main street in front of my house...

Scott McMillan Law Firm / attorney services by scott mcmillan la mesa

Dec 01, 2017

Scott McMillan, attorney San Diego, who operates McMillan Law Firm La Mesa, 4670 Nebo Drive, La Mesa, California, recently lost another case in the California Supreme Court. This most recent case makes it about 102 cases he has filed in state appellate courts, requiring the hard working...

Western Dental / important-legal action pending!!

Nov 30, 2017

To Whom it May Concern, My name is Ashaki Jones, account number [protected]. I have attempted to connect with the proper channels for over 3 months now and I still have not been able to get the issue resolved. In 2014 I was rendered services for braces where I was given the summary of payment...

San Diego Gas and Electric / incorrect information non public information posted

Nov 19, 2017

google states SDGE customer service for El Cajon is [protected] that is not correct SDGE 24hr customer service for the entire territory is [protected] please make immediate correction ...please fix this was an unauthorize edit was made ... ... Fix ASAP.bkahblagblahblahblah filling chacters give...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / shorted my order at drive thru

Oct 30, 2017

Went through drive - through service about 30 minutes ago and my order was short by two chicken dinners and two sides so two of us don't get dinner tonight thanks. Isn't there a way you can have someone smart enough to get the orders right work the drive through. We spend a lot of money at...

Ford Motor Company / ford explorer purchase from el cajon ford

Oct 28, 2017

During the sale, were were told by both Kathleen (the sales lady) and the finance department that if there was anything wrong with the aesthetics or mechanical part of the vehicle, they would take care of it and make it new again. My wife and I took the vehicle home already upset about the...

Applebee's Restaurants / military discount

Oct 25, 2017

Three of us went to Applebee's in Rancho San Diego this evening we got a two for twenty meal and a garden salad. When we presented our ID and we're told that because the meals where already discounted they don't horour military discount. The manager came and did horour it this time. We...

Taco Bell / I did not receive what I ordered and paid for.

Oct 24, 2017

Hi, I ordered 6 taco Supremes and received 6 regular tacos. I called the store several times, but no one answered the phone and I left a message. Store is: 335 N SECOND STREET, SO CAJON, CA 92021, [protected]. Order # 375901 Time: 4:41:59pm. Drive Thru. Cost was $11.34 plus tax. My...

Golden Corral / food

Oct 24, 2017

The food at this restaurant was not up to par. The ribs were not cooked well and the steak was not cooked to tender as well as the ribs. They're cooking on very high heat so that is burnt outside and not cooked inside. They need better training and need for the head cook to check the...