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Internet Services Complaints | Page 9

Modelmayhem / subscription changes without permission

Aimée Binford on Apr 5, 2018

ModelmayhemI went into the hospital in late feb/2018 for some heart issues. Before I went in, I needed to take leave from my job and logged on to all sites that I have subscriptions to, and all that have auto bill pay because I knew my funds would be extremely limited. Modelmayhem was one of them. I... / another scammer that sells ebay accounts. stay away from this so called man! robs you and takes your money

Eman2019 on Apr 5, 2018 is owned by Jordan James Snell and some of his business friends who help him scam customers. They are fraud I paid him $4200 for a unlimited eBay seller account with no limits and also a account. Since paying the money I have not heard a thing. I have phoned the...

KG Sounds / vendorlockhosting website issues

Ken Gorenc on Apr 10, 2018

I have the website and I have placed PayPal codes on my website for orders and only the code will show not the button, I have submitted tickets to http://www.Vendorlockhosting to fix the problem and they will not answer. Their chat for support also does not work. I have...

Telkom / adsl

Mala Naganna on Apr 4, 2018

On 25th march 2018... Our adsl connection stopped working... I reported to telkom faults on 26th march 2018... To which a technician came through around lunch time.. Did some check up and left with no communication as to what was wrong. I called telkom faults again on 27th... Only to be...

Optimum / internet service

Rasesh Patel on Apr 3, 2018

I called in for a simple fix to my internet service. After 22 minutes I got someone on the phone who tells me they will transfer me to tech support. I asked him politely how long it would be since I have already waited 22 minutes on the phone. He says to me I promise it will not be long at...

Hughes Network Systems / internet and customer service

Debbie59 on Apr 3, 2018

I ordered your service in December 2017. I canceled in January 2018. The Internet service was the worst I have ever had. All it ever did was buffer and we ordered the highest speed you had. I was told that the service was insufficient because of the walls in the house. The most asinine... / cancelling internet services

Gerhard Pret on Apr 3, 2018

Our MWeb internet services are no longer working and I need it cancelled. My wife did our business and she passed away. The stop order goes through my account and I can imply stop it but that is not the way I do business. I am abroad and do not have access to our email at home ( My name i...

RaveReady / didn’t receive the items I paid but for

Rob Maze on Apr 3, 2018

This company took 3 weeks to even send the items I emailed them wanting to cancel the order after I noticed two weeks after I paid they still hadn't even sent the items Anyway 3 emails and a facebook message and still no replies to any of them A week after that I seen that the items had...

Vitals /

Google User on Apr 2, 2018 has published my home address in regards to my office. Last week a strange man came to my home to make an appointment and would not leave! I asked how he got this address and he told me and my husband from vitals! I have emailed to take down my listing all together. I...

Wix / wix premium plan

Antonia Kurdash on Apr 2, 2018

Danx a so called Wix product specialist confirmed by email (see below) I would get a full refund. I cancelled my plan the same day. I have sent numerous emails chasing up my refund, I only received replies refusing my refund. A disgraceful service. Image 1 Danzey (Wix Support) February 11...

Hughes Net / internet

Rawleigh Chandler on Apr 2, 2018

I have been with hughes net twice, once by stupidity I left hughes net after my contract was up, because they throttled my service down to a crawl and sometimes to a stand still. The second time I was lied too by frontier who I found out after I signed up for their satellite service that...

Farmville / pay monthly direct debit for subscription, not receiving my 30 fv dollar for last 3 weeks.

Shadow7 on Apr 2, 2018

I have been paying monthly subscriptions for years now, but for the past 3 weeks I have not been receiving my 30 FV MONEY, total of 90FV. I have tried re registering but it comes up that I am already registered, can this be resolved as soon as possible as I am disabled and this farmville...

Branch Sunway Carnival / bad service

Nuraini Ainie on Apr 2, 2018

I have tried to make a payment at maxis Sunway Carnival branch. I arrived at 6.05pm on 2nd April 2018. Then I'll be informed their server was down. Need to wait maybe until 7.00pm only can come to online. I just wondering how come a company who provide a 4G services don't have back up at all...

Omegle / chat site

James Bell94 on Apr 3, 2018

I have been banned twice for apparent bad behavior when i did nothing wrong. This websites moderation as it claims to have seems to just randomly ban users for no apparent reason. I am quite frankly getting sick of it as i did enjoy the site but now i'm thinking that it's not worth even a...

Toys "R" Us / fake websites

Crystal Manning on Apr 1, 2018

Toys The past week I have received multiple emails from Toys "R" Us about their going out of business sale and that the website is no longer allowing orders to be place. However, the past two days I went on their website to see if I could see anything that had a really great deal for 30% off...

Omegle / being banned

alfredoss on Apr 1, 2018

i was on omegle with a friend and i was skipping all the innapropriate (naked ) people as i didnt want to see that, and then all of a sudden i got banned, i really want to get back onto omegle as i really enjoy it and its a pass time, its nice to meet new cultures, and im angrythat i got...

Omegle / banned for no reason

Autumn and Emery on Mar 31, 2018

We know it probably happens a lot, but we are still a little mad about this incident. Neither one of us have conducted inappropriate behavior. We did not even use a mic the whole time we were using your video camera. We understand that a company needs to do what it has to to make sure... / anonymous vpn scammers beware do not buy torguard vpn services

Jadoo2032 on Mar 31, 2018 Ripp off vpn service beware Torguard scammers anonymous vpn scammers, proxy & anonymous proxy services scammers | torguard scammers Ripp off vpn service beware Torguard scammers anonymous vpn scammers, proxy & anonymous proxy services scammers |...

Platinum Millennium Publishing / they keep charging us and won't quit

Lavinia Strickland on Mar 28, 2018

Hi I have been trying to desperately get this company to quite charging me for services I do not want. I have called numerous times and even attempted logging on and emailing them to cancel whatever they are charging me for. Either that page is down or I leave a message and no follow thru...

YouTube / said you’d remove video in 48 hours. still there 1 month later

Kcberc on Mar 28, 2018

I have already made numerous requests for removal of a YouTube video of me, posted without my consent. I received an email from YouTube claiming it would be removed within 48 hours. It's still up, more than a month later: As previously...