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Iolo System Mechanic Pro / System mechanic professional

Aug 20, 2016

Hello. on the 10/08/2016. I purchased iolo Mechanic Pro. I am now getting a lot of interference with my Laptop My viewing coming and going. plus my system is very slow. As for this trouble is it possible to get some kind of rebate back and cancel my subscription. I have now gone back to A...

247vidz Bushey Heath / Unauthorized credit card charges for 4 months and continuing

Aug 18, 2016

Starting June 6, 2016 they have been charging me 49.95 USD. It was supposed to be a five day trial for free. I did not authorize the charges and now I can find no way to cancel this charge. It has been going from my account every month. Please help. Thanks, Suman Sharma

Plusnet / Appalling customer service and just as appalling ‘sales' personnel!

Aug 17, 2016

My Letter to the 'Chief Executive' Plusnet Mr Andy Baker. There are Far Far Better Internet / Phone Providers out there and it isn't Plusnet despite all there False Hype! Dear Chief Executive Mr Andy Baker. I called today to speak to some one in your sales team after my Contract with... / Posts

Aug 15, 2016

The website is an illegal website run by Chinese scams... The take posts of you without your permission then make it very difficult for you to file a case. I asked that my pictures be deleted from their website because they didn't have a right to post them but they never...

Quality Guest Post - / Quality guest post uses blackhat google - illegal methods to post your content. Don't use!

Aug 13, 2016

I hired quality guest post (Indian based company) to post my content across several blogs in the category i was targeting. I read they do google safe manual posting but was surprised when all i saw was fake blogs with my post uploaded to them. I paid $300 for several postings of content i...

ZoPlay aka Casperon Venture / Clone scripts (Airbnb, tinder, taskrabbit, etc.) and customization = fraud!!! Beware!!!

Aug 12, 2016

Hired ZoPlay and spoke to a Smith and Simon. They sold an AirBnb clone for $2299 and also offered to customize it for $1570. They also said they were based in the US but they are in INDIA!!! After working with them one week I realized they were not capable of getting this job done right. They...

Znetworktechnologies / This is a fraud company

Jul 30, 2016

hi guys becarefull . this kind of dirtyfellows are doing fraud is fraud company they collected money from online but there is no company at all and mobile no's are fake there is no matching for bank branches also and their logo also copied from others these...

Manuel Rodriguez Salazar / Hotel ritz reservation

Jul 16, 2016

On June 27th, 2016, I made a reservation using Trivago. I specified in full detail: Ritz hotel in Acapulco; dates (July 11th - July 15th) one adult (myself) four children 13, 10, 10, 7. I received the confirmation fron HOTELING. They charged my credit card with the quotation amount $7...

Digital Air Strike / Facebook Marketing Zero Performance Repeated Credit Card Charges

Jun 27, 2016

Terrible performance and service from Digital Air Strike! I've been conned by these guys. They market themselves by offering a proprietary platform that enables their clients to attain results that are completely exaggerated. After a 90 day trial period I did not receive one viable...

Daniel ferris / Taking my funds want to be reimbursed

Jun 24, 2016

Hey this global personals has been taking money from my account monthly for over a year now when I signed up for this thought it was one payment only. If you look at my account its never been used .Iv never used this website and don't want to can u please insure that I get reimbursed. I...

Residential / The services all around

Jun 24, 2016

My name is Bruce Schwartz & since day 1 I've had nothing but lies I haven't been connected for 3 mo's but paid for the service when I called all I got was im sorry we will give you a 20.00 discount for a yr I wanted it in writing they said could not be done also I was told I could get...

APEX 4 Pte Ltd / Unethical Behaviour, Lies!!!

Jun 24, 2016

APEX 4 Pte LtdThe GRANT is approved by SPRING already but he claimed that I can pay him the balance after receiving the grant over the WhatsApp & mentioned in the contract that balance can be made upon claiming the grant. I dislike the idea that he said "I have proofs of claiming from SPRING...

Bell and Howell Tac Light / When Ordering on their Website My PERSONAL INFO Is Stuck on the SITE !

Jun 23, 2016

On 23 June 2016 at about 9:30pm, I went on the Bell and Howell website and ordered two( 2 each) of your flashlights ! I submitted ALL of my information which included MY CREDIT CARD information ! However, MY PERSONAL INFORMATION IS STUCK and it keeps repeating itself ! PLEASE have someone... / Computer Software

Jun 21, 2016

This company has repeatedly called to install their computer program! I had never heard of them when "they called me." They wanted to install the program and I said no. They repeatedly called me over and over. They threatened to wipe out my files on the computer if I did not buy their...

Fingerhut / Returns

Jun 20, 2016

I put 2 items in the same box, because did not have money to buy another box at post office.However, I provided both return slips for each item.The items were gel refill pads along with the abdominal muscle toner.The gel pad refills were $19.99, and the abdominal muscle toner was $99.99.I...

ken / Direct TV bundled with AT&T Internet

Jun 3, 2016

Thank the Lord, I did not continue purchase of Direct TV and bundle with AT&T Internet. We are moving to another city needing to setup our Internet and TV services. Since we already purchase DirecTV because I became disenchanted with Charter Communications almost two years ago, I decided to...

Daksha Design PVT LTD / Management is Totally Fraud

Jun 2, 2016

I have worked with Daksha design for 3 months only. These guys are really fraud and fake. They hire a candidates only for demotivation. There is a one SEO Manager named "SWAPAN KUMAR BIHARI". He is a very stupid person and don't know anything about SEO, He thinks he is a master of SEO and...

IPTV Choice / IPTV

May 31, 2016

Iptv service providing thousands of channels from all over the world. Channels never worked for more than 3 minutes. I have tried this provider for more than 6 months and I have never been able to watch anything. Complaints emails are regularly ignored. They say they can't return the... / Refund

May 31, 2016

I placed 2 orders with 2 different companies on this website on march 31 2016 the total for both orders was nearly $1000 they say that the refunds are under review i think not when you call them the hold times are up 72 minutes who would hold for 72 minutes the call ends as you aproach the...

SEO, Sites Worldwide, KJR, WMS,BDI,AWP, PYPA, BWD / Unauthorized Credit Card Charges FRAUD ALERT

May 27, 2016

FRAUD ALERT – SCAM ALERT - BEWARE of the following list of companys. DO NOT give your bank account or credit card information to these CROOKS. LIARS. THIEVES. SCAM. FRAUD. Robert Marc Raskin aka Rob Raskin Kathleen Joann Raskin aka Kathey Raskin Home Address 1620 Songlight Ct Las Vega...

Yuku / this site is not safe

May 10, 2016

Used Yuku and was pretty satisfied with it, but then I started to get threads from an unknown person, who told me all kinds of terrible things! He said he knew my address and that he will come at my place. I immediately contacted Yuku customer support and asked them fro help. They promised... / No Privacy Policy, No Way To Request Removal of Your Information

May 6, 2016

I recommend that the content of this website,, not be indexed by Google, Bing or Yahoo. has no stated Privacy Policy, and no way to get in contact with them to request removal of your information. The information reported is obsolete and therefore, no longer...

Flirchi / Fake website

Apr 25, 2016

Flirchi is another website which is full of fake profiles. When I registered I immediately received 8 messages from really beautiful ladies and they all said that I was so handsome and that they fell in love with me from the first sight. Yes, of course. I just finished the registration and...

NTSInfoTech / scam organization!

Apr 18, 2016

I hired these guys and they promised to complete the job in 10-15 days and it actually took them over a month! And they provided me absolutely useless piece of junk that made no sense! There were only few pictures and text was written with terrible grammatical mistakes! When I emailed them...

Biongo / Unauthorized charges

Apr 15, 2016

I had never heard of this company, and would have had no need for their services. Imagine my shock when checking my on line banking and seeing three unauthorized charges. I reported it to my bank, and contacted biongo to close the account, since it wasn't mine, and refund the charges. By... / Terrible Customer service

Apr 14, 2016

I had a horrible experience as well - and I suspect I dealt with the same rude douche you did. I couldn't believe what was happening...I had never really been treated that way before. I won't claim I didn't violate their terms and conditions - it is possible I did...but as I said to the... / Internet Service

Apr 13, 2016

This internet site runs autonomously and is used maliciously, and there is no way to contact the webmaster. The website has zero oversight and accountability. Their privacy policy is posted in very poor and broken up English and makes no sense and both the privacy policy and terms of...

100 Day Challenge / No answer to cancel a subscription

Mar 29, 2016

I have tried to cancel my subscription to this program for which I get a monthly charge. The telephone they give as contact is answered by a machine and they never return the calls. Vía their webpage one can "contact" them, but I have had no answer and they are still charging my account. I... and fraud / SEO

Mar 24, 2016 and fraudI want to submit fraud report against and because have cheated with me. The Two dagtech member contact me and gave me my old client reference For SEO work on They are gave me offer latter on dagtech company email ([protected]

Cosmic Development / Outsourcing

Mar 11, 2016

I had the unfortunate experience of working with this company and am unhappy. I was contacted by Viktor Mitrevski at Cosmic Development, I believe he told me he is the CEO. His Linked in profile - Cosmic Development -...

MyCommuniti / the company cancelled our events

Mar 10, 2016

I recently joined the website and after some time I found new friends. Together we decided to create the event and posted the details on the website. We have received many emails and messages from other users, who were interested in the event. However, after some time...

Living World Technologies, Crystalbend Hosting, TX PC Repair and others / Web design, hosting, pc repair, etc - customer service

Mar 9, 2016

Date: 2/25/2016 @ 9:55am Living World Technologies, Crystalbend Hosting, TX PC Repair and others - their ISP Address: Check out their web site (livingworldtech); most of the links do not work. Is this your example of your fine work? There are also more complaints out there against... / Criminal records

Mar 3, 2016

While writing emails one day, a pop up ad perked my curiosity with an offer to check on what personal information is available as public information for 1.99. After filling out the form to use my credit card for 1.99 i realized its a possible trap to have a subscription. I wanted to back...

Piwania Technologies Pvt. Ltd. / Owner is dishonest and false man

Mar 3, 2016

Piwania Technologies Ltd is a fraud company operating from a room .What they do is they post job and call people from SEO field who have 3-4 years of experience .After the candidates come they show their website that has to be optimized and ask them to write 4 page review of the website...

Orfeostory Pte. Limited / Mobile App and Website Development - Lies, Tricks and Scam!

Feb 26, 2016

If you are reading this, I am glad you are doing your background check and checking up on this rubbish company. DO NOT FALL VICTIM TO THEM AS I DID. In 2014, I hired Orfeostory to help me develop a website, an iOS and an Android app. First of all, they will tell you and claim everything...

IndieArtistTools / my website was accidently connected with this company

Feb 25, 2016

IndieArtistTools offers website exchange links. I don’t know how it has happened, but they have posted some links and one of them was connected with my website. I started to get some strange emails. I have already sent couple of emails to the moderators of this company, but unfortunately they... / They asked for additional fee and announced about new problems

Feb 11, 2016

I have my own website and recently I have faced some problems with it. I immediately contacted The rep sounded professional and said that nothing serious has happened with the website. They promised to clean it and optimize, so it would take 5 days to solve all my...

Anik Singal; Lurn / Internet marketing

Feb 10, 2016

Do Not buy any Anik Singal's products he is a Liar and a Thief. He will not abide by his promises and guarantees that he makes when he sells you his products. In August 2014 I ordered Inbox Blueprint from Anik Singal. My work life at that time did not allow me to take on another project, such...

Greyhound Courier Express / email

Feb 8, 2016

J'ai reçue cet émail et je voudrais savoir si c'est une escroquerie par internet et cette compagnie existe vraiment et comment ils ont eu mon email? Et est ce qu'ily a d'autres personnes qui ont aussi reçues des emails pareils et merci à vous. Greyhound Courier express Link house, link...

Clinton Crime Cartel / Yours, considering that you and yahoo are blocking comments from people who know the history of the Clintons and their corruption

Feb 5, 2016

Hillary: ‘I have absolutely no concerns’ about email controversy 11 hours ago Comments Like Reblog on Tumblr Share Tweet Email Hillary Clinton confidently predicted on Thursday that the escalating controversy over her use of a private email server “absolutely” will not derail her 2016...