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Mike Dolev & Josh Black / DFY shopify store

Mar 13, 2017

Mike Dolev & Josh BlackIt was just after Christmas and I received an email to join a webinar for a “Shopify – Done for You offer”. I’d looked at Shopify but had a lot going on so what they were offering ( I chose the half price $497 package) seemed like a great way to begin. The webinar was a little rough but...

Mike Dolev and Josh Black / eCom Momentum - DFY Shopify store

Mar 9, 2017

Mike Dolev and Josh BlackIt’s a sad fact, but true, that many of the so-called deals you are offered online are nothing more than some scammer looking to prey upon your dreams, looking for a way to part you from your hard-earned money. I hate to admit it, but I fell victim to one of these scams. I feel like a fool...

R4PG / The agent postponed the delivery

Mar 5, 2017

I went to the website and believed to the reviews that the company was good and fast, but my experience was awful. I buy some poe currency. I placed the order and the online chat agent contacted me. He told that such order would take 5 minutes. I waited 10 and the agent...

Naira Matevosyan / Impersonation, defamation and libel

Mar 2, 2017

There are many defamatory untrue posts under my name, Marina Noble, including my personal info, phone numbers, pictures. Some sentences are in Armenian and very offensive profanities. All posts are placed by NAIRA MATEVOSYAN, who impersonates, libels, defames me, Karine Martirosyan, Ara... / Hostdoze scam

Feb 27, 2017

HostDoze.comHello, I'm a Victim of RDP service provider company named HostDoze & I'm going to share my story from start to end so please read this Carefully I've started working with on 8/27/16 First of all this company is from Indonesia & the guy who operating this he put his fake name on Online...

CB Online Private Limited / Search engine optimization

Feb 25, 2017

CB Online Private LimitedThis company is full of coward and all idots are sittign thr. They are just sitting to take the money from client nothing else. Sending email and taking money is the only motto. They took $500 for several month and gave no service and after I asked them where is my result they are no...

Whatsapp / WhatsApp

Feb 24, 2017

The ### who are now running have recently had a GREAT idea (sarcasm) in that they have now not only downloaded and stolen all of your contacts on your phone, but now have REMOVED the feature where you can actually SEE your own contacts on your phone using the WhatsApp...

Private Residence / Wireless internet

Feb 15, 2017

I'm a new customer. Hooked dish wireless internet up on 3 Feb. Internet not working. I called and the tech was nice but said some other company turned it off and they can't check why till tomorrow. I use internet NIGHTLY for my online college courses. I don't live in town to go to Internet... / Articles (bait and switch)

Feb 2, 2017 should not be allowed to use Yahoo since they have false advertisement. They are using the old bait and switch trick where under a picture they proclaim if you review all of this pictures at the end there is a tragedy. The only tragedy is they are allowed to advertise...

Patalk / Ptalk help

Jan 31, 2017

Hi im steve i have had a problem with one of your admin she cahts drunk onlne while she works she not stable shechats to men online then meets them ofline her nick is sexyhottigrees a other adaim told me she was 37 she only 20 shes from newmarket ontario she alos used to me to get thing...

Silicon Valley Research Group / Website design/marketing research

Jan 21, 2017

Silicon Valley Research GroupWe were in need of help to grow our company and try to have a bigger internet presence and I met Robert (Bob) Sandler. He promised everything under the stars and after paying this thief Robert (Bob) Sandler $12, 500.00 out of Vista Ca we got absolutely nothing in return. We found out that...

Payloadz / Internet marketing service

Jan 21, 2017

I had been a paying customer for years and decided to cancel my subscription because I was no longer selling many eBooks and found a service much cheaper. When I cancelled I got an email saying they downgraded my plan to a free account so I went back on their website to check it out. When I...

Dating Gateways LLC / Unauthorized charge for 3 times.

Jan 20, 2017

so, i signed up at BeiJing time 2017 Jan 19. around 10 pm. the website offered me an discount, 30 credits for approximately 5 dollars. I used that 30 credits and went to sleep. I did not checked the box for automatic credit filled up. but the next morning i woke up, surprise! there were...

New York City Housing Authority / New york city housing authority

Jan 17, 2017

My Name is Steven McNeil I been trying get housing over 10 year first time I apply for me and my family I was Denied for housing I change my applicative to single person I was call by out reach when contact niche center they had my applicative close I suppose to be waiting for a interview...

Sports Mantra India Pvt. Ltd. / Email backup and its configuration

Jan 17, 2017

Well I have done some work of mr. Neeraj sareen, ceo of sports mantra, which was very urgent and for that they wanted to send the technical guy to mumbai. But we done his work from here (Delhi) and when I asked for the payment, he started ignoring me and did not pay our dues yet. I... / VINAY POPAT

Jan 5, 2017

The most arrogant owner Vinay Popat. This is a small home based business working as a sales platform. The customer service is very poor. We were met with the most unprofessional, down right nasty response from simple lots. We came upon this website which portrays itself as a American based...

MDA / Dispatch service

Dec 27, 2016

MDA3rd time in as many years. Sent product to Alfasent from Products: wooden spoon and bag. I live in Tokyo, the reason I use this. Asked about shipments - no response, The following is tracking info from I received the slanket when I paid for the shipment to Tokyo...

Amytes Baguio / Internet service

Dec 25, 2016

Since december 20, 2016 we dont have internet service and no dial tone on the telephone. As of now its already december 26 and still the same problem!!! What kind of service is this?? Your call center just keep on promising that someone will come for onsite visit but nobody came! They even...

Impact Knowledge Institute / Overpriced crap

Dec 24, 2016

The little ### phoned me up from this place said u qualify for there over priced crap and started asking me of my personal information like how many credit cards I had what's the limit and how much money I had in my checking account seemed more like financial rape was being committed by... / No payout

Dec 14, 2016

I signed up for a contest on and sent them my logo. I was super excited about that because it was actually the first contest in my life! Too bad I decided to try Hatchwise. Now I know that this site is nothing but scam, they received my logo and promised I'll get paid...

Captivate Media / Icon Marketing / Brendan Hall / Lead system

Dec 9, 2016

This company and Brendan Hall promise to generate leads for companies. They charge an upfront fee to begin the process. They promised that if they were not able to fulfill their objective, they would refund any payments. After months of my sending them money, they tell you that they are...

Wifintity / Internet

Nov 29, 2016

Hello i am using dalton barracks wifintity. And its forever failing to do anything even the simplest task!! Like i only play xbox and its struggling like mad to even keep up! I had to put my phome hotspot to actually play my xbox becaise yoirs was too slow. Is this some sort or problem you...

Howard / Phone, internet.

Nov 21, 2016

Had my service disconnected in july, service still on thru august. Called to make sure I wasn't still being charged, told it was on due to no one getting out to disconnect while steadily getting bill. Billed all the way thru September with no service and they claim there's nothing showing that I had service disconnected yet I have disconnect number. and / Predators watch blackmail scam

Nov 17, 2016

These are fake websites. No service provided here. The site owner simply posts pics of people. Makes up lies and also adds in phoney comments. Its all a BLACKMAIL and EXTORTION deal. Real losers. These losers need real jobs instead of sitting in a dirty house smoking cigarettes and trying... / People search engine

Nov 15, 2016

This website has an only one page that has people search engine. It has no contacts, owner information or business information. It does not even have customer support or email address but has a listing of my personal information including my past addresses, phone numbers, family...

Digital Wave Ltd / freemake downloader

Nov 6, 2016

I Hubert Hayes, of Charleston, SC ordered the Key to access the Premium Version and Paid/Donated to receive this Key. Never ever got the code. Asked time and time again for code. Never received!!! I am very Disatisfied with this company and Their Updated Program that prompts you to Donate...

Media White FZ-LLC / Online advertising agency

Oct 3, 2016

Hi Sir, As discussed last time after my comments no one reply Kindly review the below link and remove it, we are paying to our publishers regularly based on the our agreement ( Thanks Billing Team and / Fraud company bulk sms gateway

Oct 3, 2016 and I had purchased an SMS Pack of 3, 00, 000 from them.But when i start using the msg. it is not getting delivered and recieved no response. Its a fraud company. Beware of this fraud company and never use their will end up loosing your money.Money is earned due to hard work and...

2007RunescapeGold / No 100% guarantee, false advertising

Sep 30, 2016

Let me preface this by saying that I have had successful dealings with this company in the past. But most recently I Bought 240M runescape gold from 2007RunescapeGold after seeing cheaply advertised prices on theit website. After Purchasing it, and getting a confirmation of the order, I...

Like4Like / No likes!!

Sep 27, 2016

Like4Like is an absolutely useless site!! Not only it doesn't give you any likes at all but it also takes the ones you already got! I signed up to this Like4Like service, because I wanted to get some extra likes on my Youtube channel. I just started one and wanted more people to notice my... Adwords / Click fraud service

Sep 20, 2016

Beware of this scammer! He is nothing but a russian thief who will steal your money and give you nothing! I sent him all of the payment upfront and he never gave me anything for it. All he did was try to install his trojan on my computer and then he made many excuses and has not provided...

Orange Luxembourg / ADSL // never installed - rude customer service

Sep 20, 2016

Sadly, I had read very poor reviews about Orange but still decided to go for them anyways, and now its my eighth week since I contracted ADSL and I still have no service nor the possibility to contract another provider as they are holding me hostage and would not allow me to cancel my...

Dan Anton Houdini / Extreme unethical business practice

Sep 18, 2016

Dan Anton HoudiniDan Anton is an unscrupulous sociopath who will take advantage of any person or institution as it fits his criminal needs. He says he can remove complaints on complaints boards. This is impossible but he sells his products to people anyway. He knows he is stealing from people That he created...

Scout 50 / scams business already listed on google trying to charge them by lying saying their listing isn't showing up on google

Sep 9, 2016

Scout 50Okay so this company I just had an experience with REALLY IS SOMETHING ELSE! So they call your business line passing off as google or "google partner" and tell you there is an "error with your listing" that your listing isn't showing up on google places. But your "business competition" i...

Globe internet issue / Downgrading/upgrading my connection

Sep 2, 2016

I called on august 24 for downgrading my account.for current payment of 1599=50g/5mbps connection to 1299=50/10 mbps connection.the operator told me that there will be a 1000 pesos charge for my request and I approve it.since it take 4-5 days it will take time to update my system and the...

Way2ERP / s4/hana

Aug 31, 2016

I purchased access to a S4/HANA system. The system was working satisfactorily for a couple weeks - enough time for me to quite a bit of work in the system. Then the system went down. There was no one to help. On-line chat told me to send an email which I did. I didn't get a response from...

Excede / Internet service

Aug 31, 2016

We had a rep thru direct tv sign us up for direct tv and with that we wanted Internet. Wanting a combined bill. The rep actually went to measures signing us up and with the Internet service apparently a credit card is needed for activation. The rep used his as we were not aware and paid out...

United Online / Fraudulent invoice

Aug 30, 2016

Received this e - mail today: — Account: velocity bike & bean Customer ref. : [protected] Mailing region: florence, ky Inv#: inc80386 — Dear lisa ball, Weare writing to make you aware about the enclosed account brief where you have a past due balance of $3246. 93. Can you please...

Rory Woods / Service internet

Aug 29, 2016

My wife and i are disabled and depend on our internet service for almost everything in our lives . No w that everything is becoming paperless. We had our internet go down for 10 days and had 16 tickets and 22 phones calls and still not sure the problem is fixed. This has put me in the... - Call Center / Eboni hurd - customer service representative

Aug 23, 2016

Eboni Hurd is very hard-working CSR who recently applied for the supervisor position at the call center. It has come to my attention that she recently said some unkind things about some of her co-workers at the icaregifts call center. If Eboni Hurd was so concern about decline in her...