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Cablevision / Optimum / optimum cable

Lisa Saberito on Jan 2, 2018
Over the new year weekend in 2017 in an attempt to watch the cable service I pay soo much for I was met by an on screen message telling me that I no longer have starz or starz encore - 2 sets of channels I pay extra for. I have only had optimum since 5/2017 and to date have had numerou...

Facebook / access to facebook

Robert Naggar on Jan 2, 2018
Why am I barred from facebook access??? I am not political, nor religiously fanatic or insulting to anybody! I am just an ordinary citizen, a writer in my retirement age and an ex-public officer in my town. I could re-register under another name but refuse to do so and ask facebook, one...

SiriusXM / life time subscriber switching service to a new radio after 3 tries

robwiacek on Jan 2, 2018
My 3rd satellite radio has died. The Onyx Plus was given to me last year as a replacement for a stolen one. SIRIUS will not activate my new Onyx Plus because it is my 3rd try. I just bought the new one right after Christmas 2017. Even though 1 was stolen, they count that as a new activation and...

Bell Canada / poor product and misinformed customer service reps

ken smelser on Dec 31, 2017
I am writing this after almost 15 years of frustration with your Service as well as your Customer Service. In the early 2000s, I owned a cottage near Coe Hill Ontario, which was about one mile from the end of your DSL service line. My choices were the impossibly slow dial up or the terribly...

Frontier Communications / internet and billing

carolo on Dec 31, 2017
I have no specific dates of interrupted service. It's been going on since we began services over 20 years ago. Internet is very sporadic. Sometimes it works, sometimes it won't. It doesn't matter what time of day it is either. We have been without service sometimes for days, sometimes for...

Hughes Net / internet

pisonmedic on Dec 30, 2017
I was never told about a contract with this company and had problems within several weeks and called them and said a technician would get in touch within 24 hrs and no phone call then sent me a collection bill in the mail and I sent the modem back and was still charged. I was charged over...

Stuart Aitken / pathetic service from vodacom fibre!!

Stuart Aitken on Dec 30, 2017
This was a disaster from the word go! It took forever to get system installed then, I requested an upgrade on my line more than 2 weeks ago! I have spoken to and emailed them almost every day since then. Every time its a different problem. I was even told that I as the customer need to...

Yahoo! / internet portal

iwerkalone on Dec 29, 2017
doesn't take much to figure this problem out, just go to your yahoo home page and try to contact someone at yahoo with a problem. nothing but an endless loop of BS. no possible way to contact anyone. i'm trying to find out about a possible security issue and there is NO POSSIBLE WAY TO...

Windstream Communications / setting up service

Mickey galley on Dec 29, 2017
I was contacted today about an order I submitted online for internet the service rep said I had to submit a certified copy of my social security card and my driver's licence. This is an outrageous request from this company. I do not give my social security card to anyone nor my I'd with...

Wish.com / can't get anyone on phone

Proudnana on Dec 29, 2017
No one to answer the phone even though they give you a phone number. They tell you too email them with your questions or problem but on the page there's not always the category that you need. Very upset. My Stuff was suppose to be here before Christmas on somethings and some were suppose...

Constant Contact / Stay away from this website

Lia on Dec 29, 2017
My problem is that I decided to use their service and they cheated me. I paid for a membership and the very next day I saw that my account was suspended for no reason because I didn't even start using it, I had no time for that. Called them, they said they noticed a suspicious activity...

Signpost / What a nightmare!!!

Kyle Jackson on Dec 29, 2017
Silly me I subscribed to their service and was not up to speed on. Their website clearly states that if you stop using their service within a period of 24 hours, they will not charge you for a membership. I did what was needed and thought that everything was o. However, next month they...

AllRecipes / they care nothing about their customers

Jessica on Dec 29, 2017
This website is getting worse and worse every single day. Recently they changed something again and now it's impossible to read recipes while cooking. It's very uncomfortable. Not that long ago when they changed their format everyone was angry at them, but we got used to it. However, the...

Twoo.com / cannot delete old account

NewMember1394 on Dec 28, 2017
Good morning, I have an account on netlog which is 10 years older or more. I wish for it to be deleted as it comes up on google against my name and I never created this account but I cannot log into the account because I don't know the email address or password used for it. Please can you delete it ASAP? The user name is Missbabyd Kind regards

Kromtech Alliance Corp / kromtech alliance corp

James1218 on Dec 28, 2017
Kromtech Alliance CorpI Downloaded mackeeper a month ago after i deleted it it kept on automatically installing an extention for safari disguised as a Chill Tab. this extension uses pop up ads and says it could be resolved with mackeeper and at the bottom its says Kromtech Alliance Corp i have tried everything and...

STC / fibre optic modem

Soumyajose on Dec 28, 2017
I canceled my modem (landline fibro optic)on September 2017.my iqama number is 2319362931 soumyajose still I am still receiving bill for my modem .I went to stc najran alfaisalya center they are telling me to pay this amount also. I will never pay that amount. I have already paid a lot for...

Henry Tan / yes product consignment number 4658422893

MAX FUTURE GROUP on Dec 28, 2017
Henry Tanyour service is very bad, your Masai branch telephone is not working, after meanwhile i call again they said there're not masai gdex branch, i ask my worker staff go and collect my stock they said my stock is in lorry, but i check my order number its said my stock have arrive. i had been...

Digi Telecommunications / slow to no connection of digi line and internet

sanaa87 on Dec 28, 2017
Recently I realize that connection at my area become slow and sometimes no connection at all. Fail not only Internet connection, but also phone calls, SMS and etc. Currently I'm staying at jelapang bayu, 30020 Ipoh, Perak. please help to seek and solve this matter, as i pay data and...

Hughes Network Systems / installation

Loans2cops on Dec 27, 2017
Hughes Network SystemsI had Hughesnet service a couple years ago and still have the equipment on my house because the install guy drilled into my roof. The actual roof which is going to need replaced now because water is getting inside my house. When my husband got home and seen what he did he was beyond mad...

Yahoo! / article writers on yahoo.com and. es

Mubeda on Dec 26, 2017
To Whom It May Concern, It is with deep regret that we have decided to contact Yahoo directly, to complain about the articles writers at Yahoo.com and Yahoo.es are pumping out. We have been using Yahoo nearly everyday now for the past 6 months, or rather, quickly glancing at news reports and...
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