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Freester / payment

Sep 4, 2018

FreesterSo first of all I was using my mobile game and they had an offer on the game for an "in app purchase" they were supposed to only charge my card $1 and it said it declined twice. So the next day my deposit hits my bank and it shows that freester charged account $39.99!!! I did not sign up...

Miniclip 8 Ball Pool / non payment of order

Sep 1, 2018

Miniclip 8 Ball PoolI made a purchase of $2.79 for 30, 000 chips and 1 scratcher. I have not received this purchase... I am extremely upset and would like extra cash and coins! This has never happened to me before. Ive ordered from here many times with no issues... why is it happening now? I'd like 1, 00, 000...

PLDT Internet Service #0259281547 / abandoned internet service by a foreigner.

Aug 31, 2018

Account# [protected] LIAN HU SHWE, from Myamar, attending an internship at Dasmarinas Hospital. Abruptly left the country on 8/08/18. He left unpaid PLDT internet svcs. Pulled out PLDT equipment return to PLDT office at Dasmarinas by Aguinaldo Highway. Spoke with customer svcs. agent. Told...

Chelsea MA Labs / customer service

Aug 30, 2018 confirmation number [protected] I called the agent to cancel. I was told the hotel had no record of my reservation. I assumed all was well and certainly would not be charged. I was charged. I received tier 3 response saying my call was in the penalty window. I understand calls are...

Internet Red One / internet red one hanya indah khabar dr rupa

Aug 30, 2018

Internet Red OneNama sya firdaus, sy berkerja di seremban dan menetap di lubuk china n.s, diseremban biar pun line full bar 4g tp internet red one sangat lah tidak memuaskan, full bar hanya lah hiasan bila menggunakan internet red one sangat2 lah teruk sampai kn handfon pon sy hempaskn kerana terlalu... / the owner james taylor

Aug 20, 2018

An out-and-out scammer and this evil individual won't think twice about taking your money and then ignoring your phone calls when you try to get it back. He got caught in the UK posting fake reviews on businesses there and then left the country. Do all due diligence possible on thi... / customer service/experts

Aug 18, 2018

This site is a joke. The admin staff goes in and out of expert profiles and accused me of contact and money exchange outside the site. This did not happened so I denied their accusations. I even told them I was happy to provide personal information to prove that I was not in the wrong...

Household4U / snoring device

Aug 17, 2018

Scam...the new snake oil salesman of old where they tell lies and all a scam. There products are garbage. I am amazed at all these sites with beautiful videos of the products but all are scam knockoffs that either never come or come and are junk fake products. At least Amazon over sees the... / bad service ; internet service and their service

Aug 12, 2018

i already paid for wifi service and its already past 20 days and i dont get my username and password...than they tell me for wait but still no progress...i paid but i cant use my wifi service and they never want to give me router even its free on my contract...they just ignore me because...

ChiroAppointment / fake patient leads

Aug 8, 2018

Giant ripoff. They make it seem that you will get good calls from people with decent insurance. BIG HINT: this will never happen! They arrange to have either out-of-town people call your office to see if take their insurance (but they live to far to actually come to your office so why are...

Telekom / internet/ wifi

Jul 30, 2018

This has happened at least 10 times in the last 6 months. My WiFi becomes so weak, I can't access a single website. Then I call the phone number in English. Here is how it goes every single time: I call at 8 in the morning when the lines open. Somebody answers within 10 minutes. They tell... / cyber harassment front

Jul 29, 2018

CyberExtortioner.comI'm not a cyber extortioner as the poster claims, especially when he can't prove it to back it up. Also, some of my folks are posted on that site as accomplices in an extortion scheme. It's all lies! This is just an attempt to hurt me and other innocent people who aren't involved in any...

PlayStation / Sony / online game play!

Jul 28, 2018

Well this is really simple. I have been a PlayStation only player for the past 8 years. Before that I had Xbox also. My now wife learned how to play on PlayStation. Now years ago only Xbox charged for online service, while PlayStation did not. So for a period of time even though...

Aijaz Ali / mobilink 3g 4g issue

Jul 28, 2018

Dear Mobilink company ap ki company to MashaAllah boht Bari h Lekin ap ne awam or Mobilink customers ko koe sahoollat nhi di Telenor zong UFone har chhote Bare city me 3G 4G ki sahoollat di he magar ap ki Mobilink ne nahi di so please Mobilink 3G 4G network install in my city Pacca Chang...

DialogTech / unauthorized credit card charges, would not let allow customer cancel

Jul 28, 2018

DialogTechDialog tech (aka if by phone, would not let me cancel their service with them despite promising no contract when signed up with them. When I signed up, I called and talked to their customer service asking staff if I can cancel at any time?...

TripActions / tripactions android app

Jul 26, 2018

Although I have contacted Customer Care of TripActions about this issue, I was not able to get a satisfactory solution. On July 23rd, I have made a booking through their Android app. If you follow the steps through the mobile app, Hotel > Location & Date > Search > Select > View Rooms >...

BJS Group Admin / aashu only bloody cheater

Jul 26, 2018

BJS Group Admin(1) Dont cheat by him, his name "aashu ony", that is fake name and fake details in his facebook profile. (2) he is the admin in BJS group. (3) many complaints are created on him and he will be punished soon. (4) He doesn;t know how to speak in english but he is playing games with...

Timothy / internet

Jul 24, 2018

I want to let you know that huges net is interrupting my email by sending my bill on line thru my email every time I openy email huges net over ride's my email . I am not liking this at all please stop over riding my email please . this is my email account .my privacy . please don't do...

Scott Breitenstein, Latasha Breitenstein, Scott Breitenstein Jr., Sebastian Breitenstein, Selena Preytoni, Justin Breitenstein / cyber extortion

Jul 23, 2018

Scott Breitenstein, Latasha Breitenstein, Scott Breitenstein Jr., Sebastian Breitenstein, Selena Preytoni, Justin BreitensteinThis loser douchebag slanders people all over the internet, damaging reputations and hurting relationships. He charges huge sums of money to get slanderous and defamatory posts taken down, and he doesn't care about the hurt this has caused unto others that result in ruined...

USA Reward Spot / $1000 amazon gift card

Jul 17, 2018

Initially the url was "cloudfront" which appeared to be related to Amazon. I answered a preliminary quiz and was directed to take another quiz when the url changed to USA award spot. Checked on this site and saw the spam info. Not sure what other info they got other than sex, and... Australia / not booked in to accommodation on arrival in ubud bali

Jul 16, 2018

We had booked an 11 night stay at Joglo Taman Sari Villa in Ubud Bali. Confirmation Number [protected] We were not on their computer and not expected as guests. They managed to give us a room. On the Itinerary supplied from the room was supposed to be 200-sq-meter, my Husband...

rates / internet

Jul 16, 2018

When I moved newly in my apt, they quoted me $200 for a bundle and $150 for internet. An employee from Cox lives in my complex and she might be getting 50% dicount or free stay in my complex. I have to call around 50 times to get $30.99 rate plus $10 cable box which is very high. Later 6 month... / seo service

Jul 15, 2018

Hello everyone Deep is very mean person Firstly he just making so much trust with you for work Then his real face comes He starts ignoring your call or msg He is very big fraud for me From last few months I am giving him seo monthly payment for my website work But zero work from hi...

John Metsker - / Submission Software

Jul 11, 2018

I was scammed by this loser John Metsker who owns ...I bought submission software and used it for a while. My computer had crashed and I could not find my key code that I paid 199.95 USD for. Well he would not simply resend my key code. he wanted me to buy ANOTHER at... / giftcards

Jul 10, 2018

Usarewards promises gift cards if you fill out there survey I have done exactly as they have asked for the wal-mart gift card as well as the sam's club gift card but it will not give me the last points I need even though I did the fingerhut application and purchase this company suck... / fake contests to grab both clients and designers' attention

Jul 10, 2018

Scam! Totally fake contest and content.. Understand my words which is 100% true and proven but nobody talks.. Even the 5 stars rates are mostly fake! Let me tell you how this website works.. They have less traffic and contests holders by the times.. So what they can do? What they did? They...

Theo Mahy, BeesHustl LLC. / theo mahy - the scammer, never paid for hard work our team did.

Jul 4, 2018

Theo Mahy, BeesHustl LLC.I am pawan kumar, the operational director of infin technologies pvt. Ltd. Chandigarh india. Mr. Theo mahy outsourced the project to us, we did work on that from a to z. Mr. Theo mahy, we got in touch with him on online work portal where we started our business relationship, we started working...

Hackgive / accounts

Jul 3, 2018

I signed up for their most expensive plan which is about $30 because it was the only one that came with Netflix. I paid with bitcoin which went through but the plan did not show up in my Hackgive account. I contacted support and it took them half a week to get me access to my account plan so I...

UseNeXT is a service provided by Aviteo Ltd. / unauthorized credit card / paypal charges

Jul 3, 2018

I have received the following email: date:sat, 3 feb 2007 16:10:34 +0100 (cet) from:[protected] add to address book add mobile alert to:[protected] subject:usenext - receipt unxde/4757924 Hi israel ben zeev, The amount stated in the receipt will be automatically Debited to...

Kodecube Infosys fraud and opencartmobileapp fraud company / opencartmobileapp complaints and kodecube infosys comlaints

Jun 29, 2018

First time I have seen, one of the biggest criminal mentality men. If you will not pay him extra money. he will remove all the work done and do whatever wrong he can. I gave him data migration work and upload on my website. After two days work, he gets back to me and said work done...

Darren Ambler- Cyberstalking- Harassment- Invasion of Privacy- Facebook Account Closed- Cherry Hill- NJ / deliberate cyber-stalking - harassment (on-line) facebook initiated by darren ambler - cherry hill - nj:

Jun 22, 2018

Darren Ambler is a known Internet Abuser who now resides on Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Darren Ambler is known have Psychological Problems/ Personality Disorders with bazaar actions on his part. Mr. Ambler seems to take no accountability for any of his actions. Mr. Ambler'...

Light In The Box Co Ltd / mother of the bride dress

Jun 18, 2018

I have ordered, received, and need to return for full refund. However I'm finding it hard to contact this company. I have tried to sign in with my e-mail address and password, I have tried to sign in with my phone but to no avail. My password is not working, so I submitted for a new...

E-Life/Internet / router changed but reconnection is pending

Jun 11, 2018

service request # is [protected]. I have requested for slow internet services and I have been asked to change teh Router to get the assigned speed, Etisalat took 07 days to attend the complaint and finally changed to Router and said you will get re-connection within 02 Hours of time. Three day...

Data stealing / data stealing

Jun 9, 2018

My data and airtime gets stolen for no reason. This has been happening for a very long time and I have complained several times. There are no issues with my usage or phone or anything else technical from my end. Please find out who is stealing the data from your end. My phone is not... / data entry solution

Jun 7, 2018 is a fraud company this is a fraud company this is a fraud company this is a fraud company, these [censored] people just take money from the needy and tell them that they will be getting paid in the end of the month 1st they say that the person has to pay 750/- & again in between they...

Dan Anton Army Ranger, Dan Anton Grunt Stuff, Dan Anton SEO, Dan Anton Software, Dan Anton Wikipedia / military stolen valor, internet fraud, unethical behavior, internet harassment

May 28, 2018

Dan Anton Army Ranger, Dan Anton Grunt Stuff, Dan Anton SEO, Dan Anton Software, Dan Anton WikipediaDan Anton: From the "Military???" to Scoundrel. Dan Anton Military, Dan Anton, Dan Anton Pole Vault Instructor, Daniel B. Anton, Dan Anton Military, Dan Anton Wikipedia, Dan Anton Warrior Entrepreneur, Dan Anton Seo, Dan Anton Grunt Stuff, Dan Anton Army Ranger, Dan Anton Veterans Affair... / cyberbullying

May 18, 2018

Read this guys posts! 350 words? So if I dont put 350 words on here have you looked at this guy trolling your complaint site? He is a cyberbully and needs ip banned.. I really think you should look into people like this.. or are you using him to get traffic from the comedy? Seriously look...

Pandaje Group / fraud payment gateway

May 16, 2018

Those who are looking to work with Pandaje Group I am warning you. I took payment gateway from them they never pay out and if you sales your target will increase by them until you reach that target, your payment will never release. never ever trust this fraud company. They still have to...

Afrihost / TTConnect / fibre

May 14, 2018

Afrihost and TTConnect... What a crap combination of [censored] lack of service. 50MBPS Fibre line down since Friday night and despite reporting early Saturday morning on email, whatsapp and phone zero feedback or action to resolve. Practically have to loose my temper on the phone with... / this guy has a big history! warning - read about here

May 11, 2018 is owned and run and affiliated with a guy called - Nathan Alan Coombe - This is one of many platforms they own. They have also lots of different phone numbers and addresses they run their businesses from. Please research good and well, Jordan James Snell the guy who...