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Internet Services Complaints | Page 3

Suddenlink Communications / internet

Terri n James on May 14, 2018

I have had Suddenlink for a very long time. A few months ago my bill went from $69 a month to almost $89 a month and they said it was an increase in their services and other fees added on. This is ridiculous! I have just gotten my bill and was charged a late fee because even though I sent...

Carnival Cruise Lines / internet service

Mimi6304 on May 14, 2018

May 6-May 13, 2018 Carnival Pride We cruised on the Pride on the above dates. We had 4 people in our cabin and we all purchased the social internet package. We began complaining about the spotty service as soon as we left port. We also complained daily throughout the cruise and we were...

Afrihost / TTConnect / fibre

Peter Ogilvie on May 14, 2018

Afrihost and TTConnect... What a crap combination of [censored] lack of service. 50MBPS Fibre line down since Friday night and despite reporting early Saturday morning on email, whatsapp and phone zero feedback or action to resolve. Practically have to loose my temper on the phone with...

Cogeco / cogeco for setup internet and cable

Salem Teckie on May 13, 2018

Terrible customer service I've been waiting over 3 weeks to reschedule my setup that they cancel the day with no show never call and now they will not give me a specific date to set my new setupday. they they suggest I should call them back and been calling them back every week twice a...

JcPenny / mother’s day gift / online ordering

SelmaB3489 on May 13, 2018

I am very upset with how JcPenny online ordering system is set up. I ordered my mom a bracelet for mother's day and As soon as I ordered it they did not asked me for the shipping address it just assumed that it was same as my billing. I called to try to change it I had a very rude customer...

Globe Telecom / internet

JhennaBella on May 12, 2018

I just had my Globe@Home fibre in 1899 plan installed last May8, 2018 around 3pm. The internet connection was fast and great when the technician left the premise after they installed it, but on the next day it was gone. So i called up Customer care, infairness to Globe they have nice and...

Cox Communications / internet

Grace C. Davis on May 11, 2018

I am disappointed with my Cox internet service due to poor communication about unnecessary maintenance on my internet line, performed without my consent and without proper follow-through. On Wednesday morning May 9th, my neighbor came to my door and informed me that Cox would be in our... / this guy has a big history! warning - read about here

Tmanagers on May 11, 2018 is owned and run and affiliated with a guy called - Nathan Alan Coombe - This is one of many platforms they own. They have also lots of different phone numbers and addresses they run their businesses from. Please research good and well, Jordan James Snell the guy who... / mweb fibre 20/2 through vuma

Julian Trevor Broadhurst on May 11, 2018 my dropbox to my new pc which pushed our 20m down / 2m up fibre line with Mweb through Vuma. Seems there is a very low "fair use" cap on their "uncapped /unshaped" contract after which they throttle your line to less than 2Mb, which is slower than our old 4Mb ADSL. Don't go with...

iTalk / broadband

John Gittens on May 11, 2018

signed up to broadband deal in April and up to today have not received the service I have signed up to, but staff have the nerve to quote £185 early cancellation fee for service I have never received I wish to cancel all links with it all you have only proved to be incompetent and untruthful I...

Yahoo! / yahoo news

Kelley Moore on May 11, 2018

So tired of incomplete stories!!! Please hire competent Editors to review the stories before they are released, and someone to review the articles on the website to make sure the article is correct, complete, and as accurate as possible. Re: Black man choked by Officer after taking hi...

Windstream Communications / windstream can driver - company van

Yourdriverisadanger on May 10, 2018

At 6:19 this morning on FM 1125 in Bowie Texas your driver was riding on my back bumper then passed in a no passing zone. He was speeding and driving erratically then when we approached the light in town on Wise St. He cut thru allsups parking lot to miss the light that was red flew out in...

La Quinta Inns & Suites / may 4, 2027 stay

Kristi1976 on May 8, 2018

I stay with La Quinta every Friday night. The last two I have stayed were far below standards. The one in downtown Sarasota had cockroaches and the blow dryer caught on fire and singed half my hair. Then last weekend we stayed Friday night at the I 75 location and the hot tub jets did not...

You Tube / independent news and marijuana sites.

SpittingBrass on May 8, 2018

You people better stop promoting fake main stream news over you tube independent news. Main stream media as you know is bought and paid for by the highest bidder. People sick of the fake mainstream crap would turn to youtube for all the facts. Now we cant do that because you guys are...

Telkom SA SOC / lte service cancellation and adsl issue

Dr Robert Derrick Last on May 8, 2018

On 27th March we submitted a cancellation letter to Telkom to cancel our LTE service Account No: 334864653 Service Ref: 0614636808 Despite repeated e-mails, complaints submitted on line and phone calls to the customer care line - nothing has happened and we have now been billed for...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / fiber upgrade

maics.martinez on May 7, 2018

I called around 3rd week of February for a free fiber upgrade advertised to existing customers via their website. According to the CS rep, there is available port and the upgrade is possible. They told me they will create a Job order number so their technician will call me. I made a...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / service and product

Giselle Glaiza on May 6, 2018

They told my parents that we are getting a FIBER UPGRADE yun pala DSL upgrade lang from 3mbps to 6mbps na up until now di namin ma feel; They took advantage of my parents who have availed the telpad plan also pati fam cam, yung fam cam sabi nila free installation we could call for... / stole my hard earned money, made my account in negative

Shriwrite on May 6, 2018

Hi, I joined in Jan 2014. I invested around four years to build my profile at Its takes lots of hard work and effort to get a client and make money. I paid 10% as project commission too for every project I get. Suddenly, I found that they deducted...

Hughes Network Systems / wi-fi operation

Nikki18Smith on May 5, 2018

I received my installation last Wednesday at around 5pm. The tech left after seeing the internet connect to a device but not operate properly. Second, that night I called technical support to be on the phone for over 30 mins to get maybe 20 mins of semi-adequate speed. (All I'm trying to...

Hughes Network Systems / lies about service

Tom lynchburg on May 5, 2018

Was told from a outside contractor for dish Network when here fixing connection problem about Hughes net running a special for $19.99 a month, free installation, no charge for equipment, no contract. Thought it would be a good deal... Should of read all the complaints before we said we...