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CardPool / terrible

Mileva on Nov 7, 2017
Not sure I can advise this crap. They sold me a card with an expired date. Or maybe it was already used. In general, it wasn't working at all. How don't they even feel ashamed for doing this? I would close this company if something like this happened. It's such a huge shame. But the...

Hughes Network Systems / upload and downloads

sawzallman on Nov 6, 2017
I have been testing my speeds since I got the Gen. 5 . As per requested I use testmy.net. My speeds are always different as expected but they are always lower then should be ! My downloads vary from 1.1 mbs to 44 mbs - my uploads range from 115 kbs to 2.1 mbs ! One day they are live able...

Suddenlink Communications / billing charges

Qalia on Nov 6, 2017
I've been paying the same amount for our internet connection for the past year. They had already changed and increased their internet rates and packages several times this past year, but since we have a package plan that they no longer offer the rate had stayed the same. Now they just sent...

Afrihost / bad customer service

HermanMuller on Nov 6, 2017
I am a paying customer of Afrihost ADSL Internet line. Our line was stuck by lightning on the 5th of October, seeing Afrihost is our service provider and handles our Telecom account on the ADSL line we contacted them to report the problem. This took 33 min for the call to get answered from the...

Omegle / banned?!

mikel221 on Nov 5, 2017
So, I've been using Omegle casually while playing games or when I'm bored, and for whatever reason, my IP has been banned I've never done anything inappropriate and I basically never even have my Webcam pointed at my face, it's usually looking at my monitors or to the side at my mic. I'd...

Yelp.com / business marketing services

Bluebird101 on Nov 5, 2017
I had a paid account for many years but noticed I was suddenly getting false negative reviews, sometimes by a competitor attacking my business in more than one location with the same review. Yelp violated that person and removed his account, took off one of the reviews but left the other...

At&t / activation problems

Sabrinap48 on Nov 4, 2017
This is my 1st time having Att and I'm ready for a full refund. I have never had such a problem to activate services. I paid you my money and while the tech is in my house putting the server on. An order of cancelation comes in and he can't continue, I was on the phone for over 2 hrs and...

Wish.com / orders and deliveries

Martin alan on Nov 4, 2017
I would like to complain about your orders and delivery. My partner has ordered somethings from wish and something from Ebay and he has recoeved his order from ebay before he has recieved his orders from wish when he has ordered from wish before he ordered from ebay. My partners ordrers from...

Telkom SA SOC / internet

Tom van Rensburg on Nov 4, 2017
Since around the 1 St October I don't have internet or it is on and off. More off than on. I phoned many times the 081180 number and was told every time to restart the router or reboot and other stuff. No one wanted to give me a reference number until the 24 th when a woman gave me the...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / slow wifi

Mikecool91 on Nov 4, 2017
can you pls fix our wifi, because this wifi of ours is so damn slow!!! DOWNLOAD:0.26 MBPS(it was suppose to be 5-10 mbps) UPLOAD:0.10mbps(must be more than that)l. So pls fix this I thought you had the best wifi. if its allowed plss make it 20 mbps so that it will be more faster and no...

Verizon Communications / verizon fios customer service is terrible!!

danidef on Nov 3, 2017
At 10pm last night my entire FIOS service suddenly went out while watching my highly anticipated football game. For Three hours I was on the phone with FIOS customer service trouble shooting and then absolutely begging them to send an agent to fix it the next day. The customer service...

Telkom SA SOC / telkom wifi

delangef on Nov 3, 2017
Telkom SA SOCGood day, I would like to hereby lodge a complaint with Telkom in regards to poor service and false advertising that we were exposed to; 1) My wife took out a contract a while ago with Telkom for 5G daytime and 5G night time data for R199 p/m only! No device fees or anything else wa...

Telkom SA SOC / service or lack thereof

Tracey Spurr on Nov 3, 2017
On sunday the 22nd october 2017, I went to the telkom store in clearwater mall and apply for the following unlimitedhome 4mbps uncapped for r 599.00 per month. After completing the application and checking coverage I was informed that the applications would only be processed on monday and...

Suddenlink Communications / unauthorized service

Emily Lucille Leach on Nov 2, 2017
I have found out I owe a bill from when I was in 8th grade. I don't have a account number handy because I use my social security number. But I do have a photo ID and birth certificate to prove that social security number belongs to me and that my name shouldn't be used when I was 14 year...

Booking.com / unauthorised use of credit card & double charge

LeonieP on Nov 2, 2017
Have used Booking.com for over 20 yrs. just booked a hotel in Salzburg as part of a trip through them for 16th October for one night only. As per usual, the policy was to pay at the hotel, which we did in cash & were given a receipt by the man on teception. Two days later, a similar amount...

Youtube / advertisements cant be close; hindering streaming videos

YoutubeDate of incident: nov. 01, 2017 Description: Hey youtube... Ive got a serious problem here. Right now every time I stream in your website.. There are many annoying somewhat repetitive advertisements and there are no close button.. Even if I tried to open it the video would reload.. What i...

Youtube / youtube policies and terms of use

TxEinstein on Nov 1, 2017
I've noticed that some of the gun channels that I subscribe to have been removed or are facing closure if they do not conform to YouTubes personal political 'anti-gun' agenda. If that turns out to be the case, I'd like to remind YouTube and their partners that "We the People" make...

MyHeritage / dna kit

Nani Tavares on Oct 31, 2017
We submitted a kit looking for African ancestry about 6 or 7 generations. Imagine our shock when the results came back 27%!!! My very White, hazel-green eyed husband was "no way". Also, according to the report, he had 7% Jewish and Italian blood! Again, huh? This was so far off anything on...

Snopes / joke website

Rathin on Oct 31, 2017
I don't recommend using this website for searching facts. They are inaccurate and may mislead you. And negative reviews prove that I am right. I stopped reading articles from them after I saw one about the town where I live in. The information was fake and looked like they gathered it...

Mylife / Terrible place

Nicola Holmes on Oct 31, 2017
Every month I get charged by them. Going to cancel my account. I don't understand why this website was created and what exactly I pay for. I don't like they have my personal information and that anyone can come and leave a bad review about me. For no reason. There are many people with bad...
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