Entertainment Complaints


OSN Customer / illegal cable tv service on behalf of osn operating in manama bahrain

Apr 14, 2019

OSN CustomerDear Sir, I live in manama Bahrain, and here is one cable TV service is providing by a person who claim this cable TV is OSN authorized they are giving one paper door to door and explaining this is OSN authorized cable TV service and monthly charges is only 4bd. They are providing thi...

17-16 / product and service

Apr 13, 2019

I have had nothing but horrible experiences with coke over the last year. I can never get product on time. they run out of product constantly, it takes 4 weeks to get a gun serviced, and they are just never helpful when I call. everyone i talk to has no authority to make things happen. 4...

Bright Forest Technology / guitar

Apr 6, 2019

Bright Forest Technology6/04/19 morning I paid for a website they were offering 80% discount for guitars and some musical instruments were there. They charged me $36.99. And I didn't get any message only the message that saying transfer of money. So the message says bright forest technology. How can that happen...

Budweiser Lager / broken glass in bottle

Mar 25, 2019

I have sent you the box provided by you with the offending item enclosed. I have proof of delivery but have not had a response. Would like to be informed of the findings. I was furious at the findings and expected a prompt reply but have had no more acknowledgment or information as to why...

Sunrise Morning Show / interview with david kosh, darren hinch and pauline hanson

Mar 18, 2019

Tuesday morning channel seven aired on the sunrise morning show David Kosh ambushing Pauline Hanson along with Darren Hinch. I am truly disgusted with what went on. I foot watch sunrise as I personally do not like David Kosh and do not know how he holds his position. I watched the so...

Live Nation Spark arena / red hot chili peppers concert

Mar 9, 2019

Live Nation Spark arenaHey Live Nation and @sparkarena! I just wanted to say the Red Hot Chili Peppers were amazing. But let this review start right here. I excitedly purchased VIP tickets for my partner. He is an absolute fan, like has a questionably placed Red Hot Chili Peppers tattoo crazy fan. He was so...

Family Fued / unethical behavior

Mar 8, 2019

I am complaining about your Family Feud Game show. I have been watching Family Feud for many years, and for the last year, I have only seen blacks and whites, an occasional asian family. Surely there are hispanics that have tried out and you seem to ignore them. I know they cannot be as bad...

Customer Service And Product / food and service

Mar 8, 2019

Customer Service And ProductI went through the drive through with my family and was treated like trash. When we ordered the man couldn't understand us and spoke little English and was rude I repeated my order 4X and when I went to the window he was rude and slammed the window in my face I saw him and his Co worker...

Rachel Gibson B A Hons / medium

Mar 2, 2019

She started very well. I thought she was great at the beginning. Lately she has been contradicting herself with me. She didn't take things seriously. She waited until I asked. No sense in her readings, she didn't give any effort at all. She told me my pregnancy was a phantom, it isn't...

Dj Jim Carson / one of the most professional djs I have worked with in the scene

Mar 1, 2019

DJ Jim Carson is one of the most professional DJs I have encountered in the club world. There is no way that Jim Carson could have residencies for decades at nightclubs without being a consumate professional and hardworking DJ. The other review on this site is obviously fake and false a...

Fort Hay Ranch / giada's dressing habits

Feb 23, 2019

I have grandchildren who watch the food network channel with me... Up until 2017 one of their favorite shows was giada... Now, just the other day my oldest (9years) made a comment that I feel needs to be passed on... Especially because you have giada gracing the toasted cheese and lemon...

Robin Truax - Club Aura Wv / booking payment stolen

Feb 22, 2019

Robin Truax - Club Aura WvRobin Truax Of Club Aura WV stole my money! On January 17th 2019, club promoter Robin Truax and her Ex BF (Jay Game Tyme) engaged in a contract to book me and my media company to host thier event at Club Aura West Virginia on February 16th 2019. They requested that I help them book one of...

Gawler South Australia / pricing error

Feb 14, 2019

I bought 2 bottles of barwang 2012 chardoney for &15.99 & it came up at higher price. I queried & staff took my bottles to check. She said it was incorectly priced on shelf as the '12 was a vintage but changed to lower price. When I unpacked I found she had changed my '12 to a 2014 & a...

David Shadpour Founder CEO Social Native / advertising

Feb 3, 2019

David Shadpour is a con-man and sexual harasser and pathological liar. David Shadpour owns socialnative in 9935 South Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90212. He has refused to pay many forr their ads and sexually harassed females working for him. He just stood there with an arrogant smirk...

Escort Babylon / my number on a post

Feb 1, 2019

I need any post associated with my telephone number removed. Whoever made the post used the wrong number. I've had my number for over 6 months and I've seen recents post on their website with my number. My number is [protected]. I've gotten a few text messages from men already. They...

My Order / order confirmation

Feb 2, 2019

My OrderHello my name is faraz khan and order#[protected]. i have done the payment and it has been deducted from my ac but the order details shows me refund information why ?? will i receive the product or not ? or my refund ? kindly look into this mater thankyou...or make it confirm with...

My Kitchen Rules 2019 / josh & austin - nsw homeschooled brothers - rude behaviour

Jan 29, 2019

I am not sure what is going on with the producers this season but these two brothers should not be allowed to intentionally be rude to each & every contestant for their enjoyment. It is not entertainment at all and I consider it bordering on harrassment if this rude & obnoxious behaviour...

SOL Networks Limited / actual members verses fake

Jan 15, 2019

This company is not legitimate. Many of the supposed members are just hired by the company to get you to spend with them. Many are doctors, lawyers, and rich Chinese although they all have similar fake profiles. The fake profiles will tell you things like: I can't receive your contact info...