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Entertainment Complaints

Starz Entertainment / starz subscription

divalawgrad on Aug 19, 2018

I am trying to figure out why Power is not on this week (8/19). But don't worry about it, all of the Power lovers are likely going to cancel our subscription. I only purchased Starz to watch Power. I am utterly disappointed, especially since I planned a date to watch Power. I hope Power...

Freeseetv / tvfix antenna and amplifier

Peter Rabey on Aug 19, 2018

Very poor reception at my location even with the amplifier attached I will be posting it back to you tomorrow and I expect the money returned as quick as you took it from my account very sorry to have to do this but after the hyp that you use about this product I was hoping to save some...

Red Roof Inns / Air conditioner was moldy and toilet and shower as well..

Melissa sanchez on Aug 18, 2018

Red Roof InnsI am a resident of Springfield Ma.. stayed at wilkes Barre Pa with my Three children for a family function stayed a night, and will never stay here again. I'm usually not the one to complain but the room we stayed in was musty smelling and the room was not cleaned good at all.. moldy...

EliteSingles / App

monserrat39 on Aug 18, 2018

I downloaded the app least then a month, I technically try to used but is always hard to used the app, the display is poor and takes a long time to download, it never had notify me if I got need message, and I do have it in the setup, is hard to work with this app, bad quality and very...

Cox Communications / Cable

Shahram Mehraban on Aug 18, 2018

I call Ed a year ago and cancelled my cable service. The service rep convinced me to spend $5.99 a month to keep my account active just in case I want to go back to cox cable. I said ok. A year later I find out that they have been charging me $42 a month for the past 4 months because the...

ITV / Coronation street

Rachel Peck on Aug 18, 2018

Hello, actually this isn't a complaint, I just didn't know where to place this suggestion.I watch coronation street and had the idea that Roy should start to provide reusable cups and insist his customers use them, if they do they get reduced tea or coffee .I do see slot of one use cups on...

Glu / Tap sports baseball

Tuscaloosabraves on Aug 17, 2018

My team name is tuscaloosabraves and have been playing for months and spent tons of money... app started screwing up so I had to delete and reinstall... my team isn't loading up and it won't connect thru Facebook ... I know I was connected thru Facebook bc thats how I used to connect with friends and play. I don't understand why it won't download my team

Tapjoy / covet fashion diamonds

S_tnath on Aug 17, 2018

I have the Covet Fashion app installed on my Android phone. In order to earn game diamonds, I was required to complete an offer on TapJoy. The said offer required me to download a certain app on my phone and run it.On 17, August 2018, I completed the said offer in exchange of about 120...

Live Nation / charged ada

Daisy Castro on Aug 16, 2018

My partner had an unexpected leg injury before the concert and we needed to obtain ada seating but instead of of proving it, the venue, XX pavilion in dallas charged us $40 to upgrade to receive ada seating. This is outrages! In all my years of having ada needs this is the first time a...

Netflix / netflix programming - anne with and e

Wayne Dillard on Aug 16, 2018

I'm sorry that Netflix has re-written a classic story to include a LGBT agenda. I so loved the original books and mini-series that I was really excited to watch this version. The first season was great. Then this year, it's not. Why does sexuality have to be addressed in every single...

Starz / programming

Check Doubt on Aug 16, 2018

I will never order Starz again for canceling Ash Vs The Evil Dead. As a fan of horror movies, this show was incredibly brilliant. If the ratings were poor, then Starz needs to work it's promoting cause this show is so ridiculously good. The creatures and monsters are top of the line. The...

Little Women LA / life

Lucy Parker on Aug 16, 2018

I am in writing to complain about little women LA. Why is it that we fans was left hanging without knowing when little women of LA was coming back on as well as no reunion. I am a big fan of all little women an u feel we fans was done right down wrong an left hanging. I could not wait till...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / deduction of insurance fee when I requested cancellation

Brenda Masemola on Aug 16, 2018

I am not happy with the fact that Multi choice is deducting 442.00 on my account for Compact which is 385. i requested to cancel insurance when i was downgrading to 100 6 months ago. i have recently upgraded in July then took 485 if not less and this month the took 442.00. I would like...

Prestige Companions / sex free escorts agency

Ianw65 on Aug 16, 2018

I was going to join this agency, but I am as asked to pay a joining fee up front of £390. Googling the account holders name his details/company premis is exactly the same as ELEGANT COMPANIONS using a 0161 phone number. Lady goes by name of Amber, male is Pete.. Very good at the spiel, saying...

Royal Caribbean International Employee / malet

Silvana Thiago André on Aug 15, 2018

Buenos días mi. Nombre silvana katherine fano mendoza, empleada de royal caribean el. Día 12 de agosto del. Presente año viaje con aero méxico desde heathrow london aiport, ciudad de méxico, lima. Al. Hacer mi checkin pague por una malet extra por la cual no debí pagar ya que soy tripulante...

Concert Ticket Center / tickets

Sk1111 on Aug 14, 2018

I posted tickets for sale for 1326 for sale for each ticket. Stub hub posted it for 326 each. Someone bought them. I submitted the info to Stub hub right away about their mistake and didn't hear anything back. I didn't want the customer to keep waiting for the ticket so I emailed just to...

Jagex / runescape, customer support

Juanlolo on Aug 14, 2018

Greetings, thanks in advances who takes the time to read this post. I'm here to complain about the jagex customer support. The following is my story: I play on ubuntu using and xbox controller. The keys are mapped using a program called qjoypad. The system thought I was a bot and banned...

Carnival Cruise Lines / fascination vacation cruise 2018

MrsB2You on Aug 13, 2018

Good day Sir/ Madam I am Mrs. Aurea Bullock and I'm writing you to let you know how much I've enjoyed cruising on Carnival cruise line. I was invited by a close friend of mine who is Diamond status with Carnival and I have been Cruising ever since. The Valor twice, the Liberty, and the...

Sky Sports / football commentary

Dolph31paul on Aug 13, 2018

The Biased commentary of the Wolves vs Everton was unprecedented. The Commentator in question must be a Wolverhampton Wanderers supporter. The difference in the commentary between the goals of both sides was ‘staggering'. Muted commentary for both the Everton goals, however on the other side...

Wells Fargo / coffee and tea available before has been discontinued

theresa demello on Aug 13, 2018

Hello good day to you. Recently we had been to well fargo bank for our annuities and it took us quiet a long time getting our work done. this is not a complaint about any one in particular. since it was a long time we took at the bank almost three hours working on our annuities I tried to...