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Anheuser-Busch Companies / Sponor ship of the NFL

Christi Blanton on Sep 25, 2017
To whom it may concern, I will not be buying another Budweiser or Anheuser-Busch product as long as you are sponsoring the NFL and their total disrespect for the National Anthem and the American Flag and what it represents. Men and Women have given their lives in service for these overpaid...

Anheuser-Busch Companies / >Advertising

eddie wildrick on Sep 25, 2017
Anheuser-Busch Companies>The NFL has become toxic adverment for advertising, you mite want to consider that, I for one will not buy your products, because of that, I will send you pitchers, of what is going around internet, I am not passing this stuff out on the internet, this is my face book eddie wildrick, see...

National Football League [NFL] / disrespect

Ck37421 on Sep 24, 2017
Lost another fan/viewer/consumer. You allow people who WORK for you and are on the clock to show disrespect for a flag that I and other members of my family fought for but yet fine these same EMPLOYEES If they try to wear shoes to show remembrance to victims of a terrorist attack. I can't...

Youtube / general content

Michael Schofield on Sep 24, 2017
i don't mean to sound vulgar but what the hell youtube, i originally started watching videos on here cause i liked games and content creators views on games, but recently the amount of content being censored and demonnitised is ridiculous, i get that you have an audience that hate vulgar...

Vizio / not casting

jerry.larry on Sep 24, 2017
Every Time I try to connect ANY device to my TV, it goes up to 99% loaded and then it glitches and says "sorry we had an unexpected lapse of attention". I've been trying to connect the show New Girl to my Visio Smart Cast. I've tried using my laptop, my iPhone 7 and a Samsung tablet to...

Viagogo / afl ticket sale

Albert barkho on Sep 23, 2017
ViagogoI bought 1 ticket for prelimfinal Richmond v gws.your price on site was $264 plus fees for a total of $325.80 which I paid for .when I downloaded the ticket and printed it I was shocked to see on the ticket the value of the ticket which is $146.this is elligal and sculping what your doing...

Big Fish Games / 32 bit apps I paid for are all now obsolete with ios 11!

Stampinfreak on Sep 23, 2017
I have hundreds of games I have purchased over the years and since the iOS 11 update I’ve lost a large chunk of them. Whenever I post about it in the forums asking Big Fish what they will do— they remove my posts. Their promise is “Pay once play forever!” This is a lie. What are they going...

Netflix / customer service of complete lack thereof

Eric Burkhardt on Sep 23, 2017
Reluctance and refusal to transfer your call to another technician or supervisor. Rigidly scripted responses. Poor listeners. Rude listeners. Complete lack of means to file formal complaints. My third agent transferred my call to a "supervisor" named Supposedly named Devin, badge number...

Omegle / being banned

Stefan Chamorro on Sep 22, 2017
Hi I have just been, for 3 days now, banned from using Omegle and yet I did nothing wrong. Can you please help me resolve this issue by getting me unbanned? Thanks! wberjkwbkrbwjkrwbejrbewrkjwvehjrvwhjverwjvervwejrvhwrhvewjrvwvehjrjhwerhjwvjehrvwerjhwevjrjhvwervjwehrvhewhrwehjvrwhjrevwejrhwehjvrjvwh ewkrbhwber!! Sorry I just need to fulfil the 350 min requirement.

Ticketbis / nominative tickets

carlodelarco on Sep 22, 2017
TicketbisIve bought a ticket for the rolling stones in barcelona. I am gonna travel from london to go to this gig and ive just found out the tickets are nominative and if you dont bring the ID and the name doesnt match with the ticket name you are not getting in the stadium. What should i do? I am...

Ster-Kinekor / money deducted no booking

YasminA29 on Sep 22, 2017
I booked tickets last week and the monet was deducted from my account only to be told there is no booking. After one of the staff at the movie house called customer service, I was told to rebook tickets and email customer service on monday for a refund. Ive done that sent them my proof on...

Badoo Trading / badoo blocked my account

Nadin123 on Sep 21, 2017
Badoo TradingHi my name is Nadin, my email address is stella2094luv@yahoo.com, I just open my badoo account all for me to realise that I have been blocked, well I don't know why this is happening but I believe this platform was meant to meet and chat someone and its so disappointing because I just meet...

Dish Network / Dish.com / dish network

Brian Winters on Sep 21, 2017
there was dish network installed in the house where I reside about a month ago. Now I had 20 channels that I watched with my T.V. antenna ... The day dish was connected to the bedroom next to mine. my T.V. antenna no longer works to watch T.V. the dish network signal is interfering with my antenna...

EventTicketsCenter / Ridiculous

Richard Harvey on Sep 21, 2017
Wow, too bad. Shocking service. It took them one month to understand when they would find time to deliver my tickets and... never delivered them. There was one way how to get the tickets without bringing them to me. I needed to print them out, even though I paid for this delivery, but oh...

Ster-Kinekor / online movie ticket purchase

Moeneeba Adams on Sep 21, 2017
I purchased movie tickets online on 18.09.2017 @11.55. The transaction successfully went off my bank account but not on the Ster Kineokor side. I called Ster Kinekor call centre who informed me that the money will be reversed so I proceeded in trying to book the tickets and once again...

Netflix / content filtering by age/my little pony inappropriate

Sarah Courtney Tudor on Sep 20, 2017
I set up separate profiles for my kids based on age and allow my kids to use their iPads to chose (what I had hoped) would be considered age appropriate content. To my surprise my seven year old was watching a movie with curse words. Yesterday when I put on "my little pony" on my three year...

Youtube / video streaming

Pratibha chaudhary on Sep 20, 2017
I am sick and tired of complaining everywhere. Send numerous feedbacks on youtube, on playstore even called my network so many times but I am still not able to find out the root of the problem. I am not able to stream any video from past 15 days. It always keep on showing me no connection...

Google Zynga / google zynga inc. g.co/helppay#ca

jimrife on Sep 19, 2017
I have recieved 6 debits from 'google zynga inc. G co/helpay #ca" on, y bank statement in the month of august 2017 as follows August 2nd for $19.99 August 4th (2 times) For $19.99 And again for $19.99 totaling = $39.98 August 7th (3 times) $29.99 and $19.99and $1.99 totaling=...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / no service and overcharge

Etienne712 on Sep 19, 2017
For the past 3 weeks I have no extra view and yet paying for the service!!! Have phoned now (all at my cost and between 10-20min each time) three times, spoke to a manager and still nothing. Absolutely ridiculous!!! Terrible service!!! First my debit order was deducted wrongly...then my...

Viagogo / paid for tickets with no supply

Cheryl Bentham on Sep 19, 2017
I bought tickets for the katy perry 2018 concert. I have been offered other tickets but they aren't like the ones I had. I want upper row seats together with clear view of the stage. I paid $579.95 and I was told that I might need to wait until a week before the event. I'm sorry but I...
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