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Entertainment Complaints

Tumblr / Freedom of speech

Cherrycherrycher on Dec 18, 2018

I have been on Tumblr since 2013.. and now you have taken our right of freedom of speech. This is against everything you were for and it's disgusting. You have banned innocent blogs. We wanted to you to get rid of pornbot and pedo and Nazis.. but you didn't.. just to let you know.. you can...

ITV / good morning breakfast

Barkit on Dec 18, 2018

It's not Piers Morgan it's Suzanna who constantly interrupts! I know Piers is like Marmite, you love or hate him, but at least he talks sense, until she butts in the whole time! The other Lady just sits there and is obvious eye candy. This team needs reassessing and requires people that will...

Cinemark / service

Patyyy on Dec 17, 2018

Good evening my name is Patricia Montenegro and the reason for my complaint is due to Managers customer service. On December 14th my family and I decided that we wanted to watch a funny movie so we decided to go to the Cinemark Theater that is located at 5412 San Bernardo in Laredo, Texa...

La Quinta Inns & Suites / my reservation 12/14/18 at la quinta inn &, suites ft lauderdale airport 2620 n 26 ave. hollywood fl

Josephine Carilli on Dec 17, 2018

My confirmation # was [protected]_ EK- on 12/14/18 I specifically asked for ground floor..King bed, late check out.I do this for a reason. I am there every month or every other month to take my 92 yr old mother out ..she cannot sleep alone so I get a king bed. She is deathly afraid of...

Netflix / casting

Brandonky3% on Dec 17, 2018

When The Ranch first came on I was clued to the T.V. Me and my wife still enjoy the show. What we can't get over is the fact that Danny Masterson was fired for an allegation. The show isn't the same. Rooster was everyone's favorite character. He added more comedy than the rest off the...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / basic competency

Andre Rossouw on Dec 17, 2018

I have been aproved a new decoder with package on 4th december i was promised delivery soon. Week after i started calling and every day had a conversation with a diferent supervisor. Each time i was promised a speedy resolution plus a callback, 5 diferent supervisors over 7 days time...

Order More than 1 Month / service very slow

James Ng on Dec 16, 2018

Order More than 1 MonthDear Sir, I ordered a Xiaomi Air Dots in November 11th, my order number is [protected] which is a self pick up option purchase Contacted seller several times via whatsapp but was always told no stock available. I've asked for refund but did not get a response. Now that my pick up voucher ha...

TapJoy / 8 ball pool

Greg Mastin on Dec 16, 2018

I do surveysvon tapjoy it said that I had over 400 coins on my 8 ball pool. So I went logged on to 8 ball pool, and I only had 73 coins in my 8 ball pool bank. What's up yo? Why is tapjoy so far off? Now tapjoy is telling me that my complaint is not long enough!!?? What the heck...

Proactive / 40,000 missing diamonds for home design game on my kindle

aokbrien on Dec 16, 2018

I ordered proactive with visa c.f. Ending in 2822. That order did not go through. For 51, 000 diamonds. I got a new c.f. Ending in 3554 and when I reordered a week later the coins promised were 91, 000 diamonds, but they only put 51, 000 diamonds. I contacted them by email and sent...

Redbox Automated Retail / overcharged

Debora Krauss on Dec 16, 2018

Rented 3 movies on Mon 11/19, $6.39 debited from my account! Took them back before deadline on Wednesday 11/21, card denoted again !! :(. Called customer service, she assured me that 1 debit was just an authorization, but money was still taken out twice, I tryed to tell her that But she...

Vivid Seats / tickets for chad prather december 15, 2018 invalid scalped tickets

Deborah Thornton on Dec 16, 2018

Vivid SeatsJefferson Theater Chad Prather Beaumont, Texas... Tickets were invalid and was told my 2 $44 tickets were scalped and invalid after paying $88 for two tickets Drove two hours from Houston, Texas. Arrived and when tickets were tried to be scanned they were not able to scan and came up a...

firefox / posting to facebook

kangy on Dec 16, 2018

firefoxwhen clicking on a news article or the like and then click on the the facebook icon and after page opens and lets me create a comment, whatever I type it just stays in one long line all other browsers I have tried do not have this problem, I keep going on on and on on and on pushing the...

1967 / candy crush

Rich Moen on Dec 15, 2018

You have a teardrop at the top of the screen that is supposed to take you to the top. Except now, whoever's bright idea it was to always put the player at the top, is an idiot!!! This has to be changed, everyone I have talked to hates this feature. You have a teardrop at the top to go to...

CBS Interactive / s.w. a.t. (2017 tv series)

fredman9191 on Dec 15, 2018

Season 2 Episode 6 "... Character Christina "Chris" Alonsos contemplates an unorthodox proposition from the new woman she's dating: a triad relationship with her boyfriend. The American public has endured the insertion of homosexual relationships into almost every plot of almost every TV... / monster energy supercross playstation 4 game

chelsey6789 on Dec 12, 2018

I ordered this item on Nov 16th 2018 and returned it on Nov 23rd 2018 because I found a better price. I paid $35.73 and the seller only refunded me $2.79. I attempted to reach out to the seller but was unsuccessful. the game was not used and was still in its original packaging when I...

My Time Rewards / unauthorised withdrawal of funds

Margaret M Kennedy on Dec 12, 2018

i noticed an entry on my bank statement for my credit card and had no idea what it was, so looked it up on the internet!! Surprise, its something to do with discount for leisure and days out. only issue here is i have severe autism and having a day out would be the last thing on my mind...

Reward Zone USA / 1000 dollar gift card

Sage1188 on Dec 11, 2018

Reward Zone USAI did the survey and was told to claim my reward by subscribing to one of the things on the list I picked ABC mouse so I made a membership paid with my card and everything then after doing that nothing came up about me receiving my 1000 dollar gift card. Why post things to people saying...

Home Box Office [HBO] / discontiuing of boxing

Eddy on Dec 11, 2018

I think your CEO or Program Director are making a big mistake! The only reason I have HBO is because of the boxing. I have called my local provider to disconnect HBO now that you no longer carry boxing. Most of our other programing I can not stand and the movies you do run I see on other...

Costa Coffee / black forest and hazelnut and praline and cream hot chocolate

Karen Deane on Dec 11, 2018

Hi Just visited Costa Coffee in Bournemouth with a friend to treat her for her birthday to a hot chocolate. Pictures outside Costa of the Black Forest and Praline Hot chocolate looked fantastic and very festive and special. Ordered the above and when she presented them to us they looked...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / programme repeats

jean-pierre de ridder on Dec 11, 2018

All I want for Christmas are less prime viewing time (evening) repeats...over, and over, and over, and over!!! With so many repeats, the customer should, in theory, be paying half of what their money prescription is!!! Not to mention "New Season" programmes, and then there are 5 or so episodes, before disappearing..."American Chopper", comes to mind!!!