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J Jul 04, 2019

I received my phone yesterday July 3rd I took the phone to my server ATT they transferred my sim card and set up a phone call with a tech to download my info. His name was Mike. He couldn't do it. I then was transferred to Jerry. He is a supervisor. He couldn't do it. He transferred me to Apple. I spoke with Heather couldn't do it I was Transferred to Merry couldn't I was transferred to Nicole. I began this quest at 6 pm PDT and it is now 4:13 am The transfer was finally done. I go to turn my new phone on to discover the phone is LOCKED. There is still someone on the account. Now I HAVE NO PHONE! This very serious as I operate a business and am on call 24/7. I have NO PHONE. I would ask you to call me but I HAVE NO PHONE. So now I'm expecting that great customer service that you brag about. Just In case [protected]

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