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Our verdict: Engaging with Buya at a 0% resolution rate requires careful navigation. Deep-dive into detailed customer experiences to uncover systemic issues. Critically assess their service descriptions against actual user feedback. When interacting, document every detail, as comprehensive records are vital in such scenarios. Exploring alternatives and understanding your consumer rights are crucial steps. If necessary, be prepared to seek external advice or intervention. In challenging service landscapes, informed decision-making and proactive steps are essential for protecting your interests.
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4:06 pm EST
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Buya website, my account.


Buya Marketplace Review:

I called Buya 3 different times and finally after the the third call, it was finally acknowledged by them that my personal Buya account got hacked. The first time I called, I talked to a Buya Representative for at least 20 to 25 minutes, if not longer about my Buya account being hacked. I shared personal information with him that nobody knows other than me, that is relevant to this situation or case. Some of the personal information that I shared with this specific Buya representative should have alarmed and also frightened him enough that my Buya account should have been deleted immediately. But it wasn't. I called back 2 more times and then after talking to a 3rd Buya representative, it was actually acknowledged that my Buya account was hacked. I was finally told in an email that it was removed. But, it wasn't removed or deleted again. I was lied too. Ryan Cable of Buya lied too me in an email. The account still exists. I called up and reported this to another Buya representative. But they don't care. Buya is just like everyone else. But Buya themselves got hacked too obviously, not just myself. I don't think they understand that. Buya is NOT safe. It is obviously NOT safe to have a Buya account and they don't care if you get hacked. They have the audacity to lie to you and they don't care. It's bad enough obviously that your own Buya account got hacked, but for Buya to lie to you afterwards is really horrible. That first Buya representative that I talked to, should be fired immediately. Because after I gave him personal information relevant to this particular situation or case, that is so scary and also frightening, he should have jumped out of his chair and ran for help to permanently delete or remove my account. But he didn't and for that he should be fired immediately. There has to be consequences for people who don't do their job. This is actually a lot more serious than you think. This specific Buya account, I'm referring to, is connected with illegal or unlawful hacking that occured for about 2 years that destroyed my life. That's one reason why it's a big deal for myself and that first specific Buya representative I talked to the other day definitely knew this. I know who hacked this Buya account that is connected with about 2 years of illegal hacking that destroyed my life. But again to reiterate, Buya doesn't care. Buya is Scum! They will lie to you, even in an email. Shop somewhere else, where it's safe for you. Buya Sucks!

Scott LaPaglia


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8:14 pm EDT

Buya metal detector

I purchased a metal detector couple weeks ago which was advertised as a whites DFX 950 from ipawn out of Chattanooga upon receiving of the metal detector I had sent me a kids metal detector which was an xventure which is a kids metal detector I immediately reported this to you got a shipping notice and sent it back David from the Chattanooga ipawn acknowledge that I have received the medal detector for quite some time now and still hasn't refunded my money this is getting very tiresome

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5:00 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more


First I don't know why you people won't respond to your E-mails ( sent is not what we perchest wich was (VIZIO Surround
Sound Speakers & System S5430W-C2 SOUN
DBAR) instead we have received VSB200.
Sale had information of ( Includes primary cords, cables,
connectors, and attachments, but may not be as provided by
original manufacture) Had not a single thing in it, other
than sound bar and large pice of (what used
to be a bubble rap) did not even bother to tape it (was
piled in one side of the sound bar just that. Oh lets
not for get the free of charge contents of the stomach through the mouth (i am
guessing)…... and person who is responding to my E-m([protected] nasty as the item they sent.

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Is Buya legit?

Our verdict: Complaints Board's review suggests Buya is mostly legit with an 76% trust score, signaling it's safe for transactions. Yet, with a resolve complaints rating below 0% caution is advised. Before engaging with Buya, reviewing user feedback and how Buya addresses complaints can provide deeper insights. Always protect personal and financial information when interacting online, especially with Buya. Trust, but verify.

Buya earns 76% level of Trustworthiness

High Trust Suggestion: Buya evaluated with 76% trust by Complaints Board. Safe for use, yet remain cautious with personal data.

The age of Buya's domain suggests that they have had sufficient time to establish a reputation as a reliable source of information and services. This can provide reassurance to potential customers seeking quality products or services. has a valid SSL certificate, which indicates that the website is secure and trustworthy. Look for the padlock icon in the browser and the "https" prefix in the URL to confirm that the website is using SSL.

Our scan shows Buya website is free from malware and phishing activities, which are types of online threats that can include viruses, worms, Trojan horses, ransomware, and other malicious code, as social engineering tactics used to trick users into sharing their personal information. has been deemed safe to visit, as it is protected by a cloud-based cybersecurity solution that uses the Domain Name System (DNS) to help protect networks from online threats.

We looked up Buya and found that the website is receiving a high amount of traffic. This could be a sign of a popular and trustworthy website, but it is still important to exercise caution and verify the legitimacy of the site before sharing any personal or financial information

However ComplaintsBoard has detected that:

  • Buya protects their ownership data, a common and legal practice. However, from our perspective, this lack of transparency can impede trust and accountability, which are essential for establishing a credible and respected business entity.
  • If you purchased a website from Buya that is currently for sale, and you did not receive what you paid for, you may be a victim of a scam. To try and get your money back, you can try contacting the seller, filing a dispute with the payment platform, or reporting the seller to the relevant authorities.
  • We conducted a search on social media and found several negative reviews related to Buya. These reviews may indicate issues with the company's products, services, or customer support. It is important to thoroughly research the company and its offerings before making any purchases to avoid any potential risks.
2:04 am EDT

Buya dji inspire aerial photography system

I found a DJI INSPIRE on BUYA.COM. I 've used Buya a few times and I enjoy your program. I also use EBay a lot. Recently I've been ripped off 6 different times by different Sellers. EBay has done a great job in successfully resolving all 6 issues.
So like I said I found an Inspire Drone on Buya being sold by AAA PAWN (Maple) in Omaha Nebraska. Now I understand these are expensive tools and I understand I got a descent price of $600 + $56 for shipping. I believe they had thus at their store for some time but they sold it as 100% operational and in excellent condition. I paid for this almost 2 weeks ago and I received it 1 week ago on Friday. I am an expert on drones. And I have been taken advantage of. I understand brand new these sell for $3, 500. However the ad said this was in working condition and if I can ill attach a screen shot I took of The ad. The battery for this is completely dead and can't be recharged because the charger doesn't work either! SO I have had this $700 brick sitting st my house and I can't do jack with it cause it doesn't work. To buy a new battery is $250, which I already ordered from the manufacturer and the charger was another $200. So now this has cost me $1, 150 for a drone in excellent condition. I emailed the owner of AAA PAWN and the sales lady I dealt with a trial of 4 times. O have not received one response. What am I supposed to do, return the new charger and battery bow this thing up and ship it 1700 miles back to Omaha do I'm then out $1500? I would either like my money back or full reimbursements for having to replace their no working items. Please help.

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Update by Ty Winters
Jul 28, 2017 2:07 am EDT

AAA PAWN in Omaha sold me broken Drone for $700 and now won't return emails or calls. So far its cost me $1, 200 to try and get a drone sold by them in excellent condition, to try and get it able to fly. Still grounded. Real Professional!

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cm t
, US
Aug 26, 2023 2:58 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Ty. Winters

Buy the same drone on amazon and return the defective one and get yr money back.

They will return it to manufacturer as defective.

DJI Inspire 1 Pro Drone (Renewed)

12:15 am EDT

Buya Received broken tablet

I have ordered a tablet from and when it arrived it was damaged and the screen was smashed! It was said on their website that all items were brand new and of a great quality, but my new tablet was a complete junk! I tried to contact the seller first, but received no response. Then I contacted Buya customer service, attached some photos, but they ignored me. Don't trust this website and shop elsewhere.

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