Burger King Store No.23202strip bacon that is like old shoe leather feels.

D Aug 07, 2018

August 7, 2018, 9:30a.m., store no. 23202.
2 croisants with bacon, egg, and cheese. The bacon is so overcooked to the point of being uneatable.
My husband brings these home to me as a nice breakfact surprise. He usually buys them at a Burger King farther from our home because the no. 23202 store has failed in the same way each time he has purchased there.
He asks me how I like them. I won't lie and tell him how horrible the bacon is. He gets angry at me and says that he will not buy them anymore.
Please do something about our local BK sending out such poor representation of what should be good quality bacon.
I would have gone directly to the manager when the croisants were presented to me, but, unfortunately, I am at home when he buys them.

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