Burger Kingquestionable customer service/complaints

T Aug 15, 2018

On 1/6/18 I had a terrible experience at a BK location, a uniformed manager on duty verbally berated me while placing my order and escalated the situation through her terrible attitude and handling of the situation. Immediately called to leave in a complaint. Couple of months pass and now the problem is that there is no record of me calling in to complain (which I did twice) plus no record online of the complaint I left online through their customer service website. This is extremely frustrating given that I cannot even get a hold of a6nyone from BK regarding the matter or proof of the incident/complaints made on that day.

Currently in addition to the original complains I made, I am now checking every week or two just to make sure that my info/complaint report has not vanished and that proper action is taken. It is extremely disappointing that even the very tools this company provides for customers to give feedback is; for lack of a better word - an utter and complete sham.

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