Burger Kingpoor service

R Aug 11, 2018

On Saturday morning, 8/11/2018, I went to BK#4318. I was getting breakfast before work so the drive thru for faster service was my thought. My ordering process was fine. I just ordered croissanwiches, coffee and orange juice, nothing out of the ordinary or special. When I got to the window she took my card for payment which is fine and gave me my coffee and orange juice. After a minute, she asked me to drive forward. She did not state why or anything. I tried to ask a question to which she responded, thank you and walked away. So she didn't listen. I drove up and waited. It took so long that I was able to complete the mybkexperience survey. I thought I would drink my coffee while waiting. It was luke warm at best. When she finally brought my food out, over 10 minutes from payment, it wasn't my food. But she had handed it to me and walked away. I could have taken it and left as it was much more than I had ordered but that would not have been right or fair to the people behind me, whose food it was so.
So I got out of my car and went inside. She had her back to the front so I said excuse me. When she turned around and looked at me, no greeting or anything, I said, "this is not my food. I think it's the car behind me." She continued to look at me as she took the food and said nothing. so then I said, "I would like my food..." she still said nothing so I added, "or refund my money". She quickly said, "oh you want a refund?" to which I responded, "yes, if you're not going to give me my food." She took the food I had given her and didn't say a word. She walked around and outside and gave it to the people behind me and just left me standing there. She came back in and still said not a word to me and went to the back where I can only assume she was asking for help with the refund. She came back with someone else and they both just walked over to the drive thru cash register and proceeded to refund my amount without a word to me. Then she brought me the receipt and finally spoke to me and said, "okay, this shows your card has been refunded, sorry about that".
People make mistakes, all I require is an apology and make it right. This is crazy. She could have provided me with the two croissanwiches and one order of hash browns and apologized and everything would have been fine.
This is very poor customer service and since it's the second time, I will be purchasing my croissanwiches and coffee from Dunkin Donuts in the future. Very sad that no one has provided this girl with the training to handle what should have been a very simple resolution to a mistake.

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