Burger Kingmanager chastity moore


Chasity Moore kept a job for a employee while was arrested and taking to jail when another employee went to jail she was told that she was not a rehire and I feel like its a conduct of interested there they lie about making others managers then keep jobs for a person that went to jail no call no show and Shi is in training for a mangers postion in the Brenham burgerking with thief on her record the employer name is Jessica Hawkins I feel like it was wrong and chastity Moore hired another lady and lied to her about uniforms and Richard bring them she has the text messages where chastity sent her hired her and she sent her a I'm professional text saying they went with someone eles that's not a business I feel like the are very I'm professional especially chastity Moore she is a snake and I feel they need to really look into people background before hiring them. Chasity Moore is a big liability to this business..

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