Burger Kingkids meal/customer service

C Aug 14, 2018 Review updated:

I bring my son chair there's Burger King five days a week Monday through Friday at 1:30 in the afternoon faithfully and I get him a four piece chicken nugget kids meal. Amy's kids meals are supposed to either come with a toy or a snack in which case today did not. I have a artistic four-year-old little boy in which I had to park my vehicle I'm strapped my child and bring him into the store to ask her why he did not get either item in his bag. My first complaint is that I had to wait in line for five minutes n 2nd complaint was just for a gentleman behind the counter to look at me like I was crazy for even asking the question.
My third complaint is that this gentleman did not even answer me, he just shook his head back-and-forth from one shoulder to the next as to mean no !!
My 4th complaint is by the time we got to eat our food was cold !!
I felt tears now my son and I were a hindrance to that gentleman's day I felt as though my son and I wear a hindrance to that gentleman's day and that we did not belong there and I felt as if we were a bother to him and that we did not belong there ! do you not know that I will return there, As I spent at least $40 a week there


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