Burger Kingincorrect order thru drive thru

S Aug 10, 2018

on Aug. 10th at 5:57pm, i went thru the drive thru and placed my usual order of 2 for 6 whopper's, with cheese and no onions (allergy to onions) and 2 for 6 chicken sandwich's. The chicken sandwich's were great. The person taking the order did not add the cheese and they had onions. I WAS NOT GOING TO DRIVE BACK!!! Due to onion allergy, I always order the same thing. I always say 2 for 6 whoppers add cheese and no onions. I don't know why drive thru orders are messed up all the time! You need to retrain the staff on why orders should be correct, it's not like i can walk up to the counter and have the order fixed.

I was at the BK in Cantonment, Fl., just North of Pensacola, Fl.

You can e-mail me at [protected]

I believe I should have the Whoppers replaced.

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