Burger King # 24476matt cutano assistant manager

L Aug 13, 2018

Good afternoon. My name is Lee D. Brinkley I have been a proud satisfied burger king customer for years until this morning. Around 10 am i was waiting in the drive for about 15 mins and the car in front of me wasnt moving. So i blew my horn after waiting for a decent while too see whats going on. Seconds after the car finally pulled off and i got too the drive thru window. Matt open the drive window and said what the [censored] is your problem [censored], dont you see how [censored]ing busy i am. I responded with are you serious is this how you greet a paying customer and let me speak too the manager. He responded that i am the [censored]ing manager and my name is Matt and he yelled and spelled each letter of his first name and told me this was his burger and to get out his line. I left feeling disrespected and belittled. This was not right. I went too another burger king store number 323 and spoke too Tara Hellriegel. She was GREAT. Very professional and respectful. But i will never go to the burger on tilghman store number 24476 never again. My cell number is [protected]

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