Build-A-Bear Workshoppay your age day fiasco

D Jul 14, 2018

I queued with my 2 Yr old son on Thursday in Warrington golden square shopping centre for your pay your age day event from 10am until 1pm when I decided to take my son to the entertainer instead costing me more money than I had intended to spend. After no intervention from the staff (4 staff to hundreds of people)!! The shopping centre staff had to take over giving out vouchers for £12 off which is not the same discount we would have had if we had queued all day. My 2yr old didn't understand why he couldn't get a bear after waiting in line now!! You should be ashamed I saw lots of tired crying children expected to wait all day. You could have had the bears stuffed prior or had pop up stands with clothing accessories to cut down the time. There was no planning at all & to have this on a Thursday when kids are in school means that siblings would miss out!! You must have had an idea of numbers as people were asked to register online beforehand. Children who missed out should be given another opportunity to get their bear once the chaos has subsided or was this just a money making scheme!! I would be interested to hear your response.

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