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I went in to Buffalo wild wings at 10:00 p.m., the same time I usually come in at least twice a week. My party and I ordered our food and drinks and everything was going just fine (keeping in mind I never really expect GREAT service from BWW). But, even that is past the point because this complaint has nothing to do with the service I received. So, continuing on, last call was announced at about 10:40 and the bartender asked everyone in the area (maybe 3 others aside from my 5 person party) if they wanted anything more to drink. My friend had ordered a beer somewhere between five and ten minutes prior to last call, and he replied in an extremely sarcastic manner that he had ordered a beer 20 minutes ago. I must state here, again, that we all are regulars at this place. The bartender should really know our faces by now. Notwithstanding this fact, she made a smart comment back to my friend that was completely unnecessary. In response, he said, "What?", and she repeated her comment and then added on some. We were all caught very off guard and my friend responded in a serious tone that "He didn't appreciate her lip" and she responded that she didn’t “appreciated his lip eiher.” Now, I understand that he did not phrase his response well, but the bartender should have shut up by this point. But she didn't. She continued to hollar disrespectful comments across the room at my friend (with other customers watching). Finally, this "moment" culminated in her telling my friend that he could step outside- and he did just that (handing his card to a waitress to run his tab before he took off). At this point, everyone inside the bar was uncomfortable (you could have heard a pin drop). I did not even know what to do. I had never been so disrespected in a restaurant in my life by an employee, let alone a restaurant I visit at least two times a week. So, not really knowing what to do (talk to a manager or call corporate later) we all sat there and sipped on our drinks. When our waitress was going around cleaning tables, I pulled her aside and let her know how upset the whole event had left me and my party. She was a newer waitress there, so I very nicely let her know that we were regulars and that had I not been a regular she would have gotten a $0.00 tip (I did this in hopes that she might have a word with the bartender to shush and treat customers with respect after we took off). Keep in mind now that I did put a 30% gratuity on my check. After I shared my thoughts with her (truly in a calm voice cause I was still in shock), she agreed that everyone, even herself, was left feeling very awkward by the encounter. So, I thought all was done and she might have a word with her fellow employee to, maybe, be a decent employee (or something?). Well, it wasn't over yet. I'm sure it was clear what I was discussing with the waitress since I pulled her aside... so, 2 or 3 minutes later the manager appeared behind the bar with the bartender. They were openly talking trash about our entire party and the situation that had taken place in voices so that we could hear (we were the farthest party away from the bar so other customers could clearly hear as well). Can I state that again please- the MANAGER on duty as well as the bartender were talking trash about us and the incident with my friend earlier, right in front of our faces. Even though I didn't think I could be caught more off guard than I was before, it was horrible. I could not help but announce to them, "Are you serious?" The bartender responded, "You shouldn't come to a bar for customer service!" The manager laughed with her. [Let me say here that if you consider BWW a real bar, you have either no bar experience or just drink there every night (in front of the families that come in and eat dinner with their 2 year olds). If I was at a real bar and received this response I would have laughed because they would have "got me good" :-). And I do mean that whole heartedly.] My other friend then inquired, "Aren't you the manager?" The MANAGER responded in a yelling, animated, and unpleasant voice, "YES! I AM!" My friend and I who had split the tab of the table looked at each other, scratched out our tips (which, yes, were still on the check until this point), and walked out. When we got outside, we were still all dumbfounded as to what just happened. We stood outside and chatted about what had happened, and agreed that corporate needed a call tomorrow (today). From our chat I also learned that the MANAGER was outside smoking with another employee (a cigarette break, that's fine by me). But, while on this break I also learned that she was drinking a beverage that came from behind the bar (my friends had seen her get this; by the way- alcohol break, not fine by me). So, that wraps up my complaint. I have not yet delivered a complaint to corporation by phone or email, but thought this might be a good "brainstorming" exercise to help me figure out what I would say to them. Let me wrap this up by saying that I would gladly go back to BWW if I never saw those two employees again. It has been my and my friend's "watering hole" for some time now and everything has been fine until this. Please give feedback on any thoughts about what to do so that these employees receive more than a slap on the wrist. In my opinion they need to be fired (doesn't the manager do that? oh wait, that's right, the manager was included).


  • Al
    Al. B Nov 03, 2014

    BWW has crap service, horrible management and corporate does not give a crap about the complaints either. I was once a loyal customer too, but certain events and poor service has left me shocked and disappointed with them. I will buy they're sauces and make my own damn wings from now out. And to you guys bashing on the OP, you make me laugh because you've prob never worked in some sort of service job, and those of you who have and are still bashing, are prob terrible employees causing the same type of problems, remember, no matter what, you never treat a customer with disrespect. They expect nothing but good service and what they pay for. They're the reason you get a paycheck!

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  • Wh
    What313 Jul 28, 2014

    I would've kicked you out if I was the manager there. I love that you have to process this through an online article that does nothing but give clearly a biased account of the interaction. Bravo for being the mature one; you give me such faith in humanity...

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  • Be
    ben4632 Mar 08, 2012

    well just to let you know when you tip your waitstaff a % of that goes to the bartender... yes it is said to see the kinda of people they employ. were i work the gm is a money hunger ### there is no sanitation guidelines followed people who bust their butts to make the place better are treated like ### while the ones that make it worse get raises/promoted...

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  • Se
    seriously people.... Feb 06, 2011

    TO - We Will Not Be Back: I've found that many servers do not give back change if it is under 5 cents anymore. It is not about the small change due but the point you made - it's not theirs to keep! I have run into this at BWW, Starbucks and other places. I've even asked about my change and have been told with attitude, "it's only 2 cents, you really want just 2 cents back and are willing to hold up the line?"
    BWW service is horrible and their corporate line must be don't worry about repeat customers. The Deer Park, NY store is always packed at night so why bother with customer satisfaction? The managers have given plenty of excuses when complaints about service are made. It is never the servers fault (even if they refuse to bring change back that is under 5 cents). I have complained twice and the load of crap shoveled at me by the manager (Chris) left a bad enough taste not to return again. My advise, buy the bottled sauces they sell and make your own at home and safe yourself the hassle if it's the food you want. If it's the atmosphere, try Busters.

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  • Wi
    Will not be back Jun 28, 2010

    My husband and i go out to eat every weekend. This past Sunday we went to the Buffalo Wild Wings in Ashtabula, OH which we have gone to in the past and have never had great service but thought we would give it another shot. We knew from the get-go it wasnt going to be a pleasant experience. The waitress came over and took our drink orders, brought them back and we said thank you. No your welcome, nothing. Just an attitude of she didnt want to be there. Food was quick and good but then our waitress never came back over to see if we need anything or wanted dessert. She dropped off the check and walked away. The bill came to $34. 48...i gave her $34.50. She never came back with the 2cents. Now i am not worried about the 2cents but its not the point. It wasnt hers to keep. Needless to say she got a $1 tip from us (and we alwasy tip 20% with good service) and we will not be back.

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  • Lu
    Lucideyed_Chick May 10, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    DUBLIN, CA - DO NOT GO, ESPECIALLY NOT FOR UFC!!! The food is tasty, that deserves 1 star, however the management and customer service is Horrible, and the owner tries to justify the actions of the (in my opinion) Napoleon-Complexed manager, Lou. We paid $40 for the cover $10/person, and when we asked 3 servers to speak to the manager, he finally came to hear our request. Our table along with neighboring tables were trying to get them to turn on the fight on the big screen on the TV close to us. Where we were seated, a partition block my boyfriend's view, and it was also the area where employees congregate to place orders, fill drinks, etc., and the other TV that was playing it was flooded with sun. When my boyfriend got through 1/2 of stipulating how ridiculous it is to charge someone for fight and not accommodate, the (my opinion) Neolithic Little Man, whom I hope is incapable of procreation, said that he was kicking him out!!! The boyfriend was not aggressive (although he's a bigger guy, obviously intimidated because he stood behind a partition and the owner when the boyfriend went to discuss this with the owner). The manager cowered in back at some point to call the police on us, (I did have a few choice words for him by this point) after we paid for a meal that we never got to eat, that's all the owner was concerned about because he had other patrons - not that he's caring about reputation, consideration of those who are the reason he's in business. When this was explained to the officer, he said he couldn't take sides, but "That sounds ridiculous", even one of the employees we spoke with said that the other employees like the manager, but he's a constant issue with customers. We wasted over $100 + to be treated like [censor], and cherry on the dessert, when I came home and googled Buffalo Wild Wings Complaints - Across the board are dissatisfied persons pertaining to customer service, it apparently the restaurant you invest in if you are incapable of adequately maintaining quality service. Look at Complaint boards, my3cents, and the list goes on!! I'm having a [censor] made that says "Ask me about my experience with Buffalo Wild Wings, and why I will NEVER go back", and being the social person I am, have every intention of wearing it to each and any event I go to.
    GO TO WING STOP instead, the people are awesome, the wings rock, and you're not taking the chance of paying them to treat you like [censor]. Can you see the TV that has UFC on it???

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  • Jc
    jcqln10 Feb 13, 2010

    TYPICAL FRESH ANGRY, FISHY SOUNDING CUSTOMER COMPLAINT! does not sound ligitimant! It sounds like crying&WHINING. I am not sure but you could possibly over-dramatizing the situation, customer complaints are usually over exaggerrated by the anger they have when they really don't take a step back, think, relax, and put themselfs in the other sides "shoes" persay (golden rule: treat others how you would like to be treated, kindergarden!), because all the customer (you, pat? im assuming) is feeling at this point, that their title as a customer was violated in the "the customer is top priority" terms, which you are feeling wronged when you wrote this. Also alot of the time customers tend to leave out ALL complete honest details. How "sarcastic" was your "friend' when he first spoke to the bartender, be honest? It's human nature for the employee to stick up for herself if she is spoken to in a rude manor to a certain extent she is at her place of work I understand the food service, you didnt say specifaclly what she said...? Among many questions I'm coming up with after reading this, how intoxicated were you and your party? It's the employees of BWW everyday/night job to work at the bar/resturaunt and to deal with sober or intoxicated customers take that in account other folks reading this "complaint." To not tip your waitress was absolutely uncalled for, if she served the party drinks and dinner beginning to end, to her best ability there was no reason to take anything you thought of as rude out on the waitress. Ive read many complaints in the resturaunt business and made a few myself, but i always make sure i am just and have full purpose to make them. Your whole story sounds dramatic and self inflicted. You and your party aren't KINGS and QUEENS just because your in a resturaunt, we are all equally human, maybe you should re think everything, every facial and vocal expressions made by both sides to really see who deserved what treatment. Hope you get over this or if you have told all honest details in your story you have every right to not go back to that store or you and the people you were with should know not to speak or act higher than others, this is America hello?! dont' stiff your waitress! People that do that should not be allowed to go out to eat in a dinning/serving setting OR should put and appron on and experience the job themselves for a week...you would understand then, snob. thanks for reading my opinion :)

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  • Mi
    Miss Independent Jan 14, 2010

    I really LOVE how people think they can go into a Bar/Restaurant and treat the employees like crap. Forget the "customer's always right" because that's just a load of bull..we don't have to put up with people talking down to us or making us feel insignificant just because they have money and leave good tips. I'm glad the bartender did what she did, I would've done the same thing.

    I totally agree with LearnToRespectPeople, why go to the new employee to fix the problem, if you really felt you and your friends did nothing wrong then why not get the manger?? Sounds to me like you men (and i use that term loosely) just got all upset because you couldn't act like a bunch of jerks. Your friend could've shut his mouth but didn't, he didn't like the way he was being talked to and yet it's ok right? He was defending himself just like the bartender was doing..but I bet you never looked at it that way did you??

    AND to T-McGrew: yes, PROPS to the bartender..as a bartender myself, if some guy thought he could call me out and try to make me look stupid in front of my other customers, you can damn well bet i'm going to return the favor! You wouldn't want someone coming to your place of employment and treating you bad just because he/she is impatient. And, contrary to popular belief, the manager isn't there to always side with the customers, he/she is there as an advocate of the company and it's employees and to decide the best course of action. There have been times when i have disiplined employees after closing, but didn't let on in front of anyone.

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  • Tm
    T-McGrew Nov 16, 2009

    I usually do not butt in to others people's business's, one b/c IF I am not there to witness anything first hand than I have NO INPUT!! So, those of you that are commenting and bashing the person who complained ARE the ridiculous ones!!
    YOU WERE NOT THERE YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED OTHER THAN WHAT THE PERSON COMPLAINING HAS SAID, SO YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BASH THAT PERSON. People go into resturaunts to eat and get good service. The waitstaff work for tips too. In order to get good tips you treat the customer well. I have worked at both a resturaunt and a bar and delt with drunks too and you still DO NOT treat them bad.

    First off, NO NOT PROPS to the bartender. You NEVER treat a customer like that infront of all other customers NO MATTER what! NOT PROFESSIONAL at ALL! As a manager, that manager should have tried to resolve the issue not make it bigger. That's what MANAGERS are suppose to do. I have also been a supervisor and that is what I was taught. To resolve an issue not make a bigger scene. As a manager you represent your organization and your action reflect on that organizations business. I would have reported that Manger myself and let the Headquarter's Office know just exactly who they have representing thier business. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!

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  • Le
    LearnToRespectPeople Oct 15, 2009

    First of all, your friend should not have been a smart-### with the bartender! It was obviously not the bar-tender's section as you had a server to, well, serve you food and beverages. It sounds as though the bar-tender was simply trying to help out your server. As for the notion that you are a regular alcoholic at this place or that you always tip generously is really irrelevant. Restaurant/bar staff are not required to take such abuse from patrons. I'm sure that if your friend had politely asked the bartender for the drink that was ordered a while back, the bartender would have happily brought it. When I bar-tended, if a patron showed such lack of respect, I would simply cut them off! State laws dictate that all alcoholic beverage servers have the right to do so as this is a common sign of intoxication. You further escalated the situation by attempting to belittle the bar-tender at the expense of a newly-hired server! Pathetic! Common sense would be to seek out a manager in a professional manner. I suppose that common sense is not common at all! AS for B'Dub's not being a bar, I won't even touch this ridiculous assertion

    Really, learn to respect people! You'll find a lot of people will not put up with such ### for a few extra dollars. Props to the bartender for standing her ground!

    If you would like people to kiss your ###, try eating at a fine dining establishment!

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  • Bc
    BChal Aug 20, 2009

    So why would you not tip your WAITRESS, if the bartender was rude to rude to you? That's absolutely absurd. First off, it IS a bar, thus the name buffalo wild wings grill & BAR, and if you want excellent amazing splendid service where someone won't call you out, then... go to Olive Garden. This is ridiculously unnecessary, and who the hell are you to judge what the manager drinks and what she doesn't. Have you ever been to a bar? Do you know it's totally fine if you drink... Considering it is either 19, or 21+ after 9pm, depending on what state, it then having 2 year olds, does not matter. And you later learned it? I'm sure you made that one up.

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  • Cu
    customers_should_come_first Jul 10, 2009

    Regarding Buffalo Wild Wings - Port Chester: From July 8, 2009
    Things have changed for the worse. Recommend that ALL trivia players avoid this location like the plague. Recent new manager 'J' is horrific. Went through about 12 boxes and all were LOW Battery. This had been a problem for a few weeks now and they do nothing about it. Requested waitress to get manager. No one came, so our party got up to leave and the manager 'J' came over and accused us of throwing a box at the waitress and hitting her. It never happened. She was probably pissed cause she brought us 12 boxes and all were bad and now she would have to carry them away from the table. Manager 'J' told us to leave. He had no desire to hear the customer out. The waitress lied. They have cameras and if they bother to review the video they will see she was not touched. Manager 'J' did not care. Manager 'J' made it clear to us in words, and action that customers are not as important as his staff. Manager 'J' said that as far as he was concerned his employees are number 1. This is a good attitude as without customers there would be no need for staff. Then again, maybe he was communicating to us that this BWW needs to close since customer was not required. By the way, manager 'J' made the excuse that the boxes were used at lunch time and that is the reason they were not charged. Only a few problems with manager 'J's' theory, this BWW does very little lunch business, and at no time during the last few weeks when given these low battery boxes did staff or management offer this excuse. Rather, the boxes are not charged cause the staff does not place them back in the charging units the night before, or as one manager told us, they might have problems with the electrical connections. On many occasions we had witnessed the wait staff just place the trivia boxes near the charging stations as it seemed to be too much effort for them to return them appropriately so they could be charged. Manager 'J' must have on his bookcase the classic book called 'The Book of Excuses: Ways to Misinform Customers and They Will Be Gullible.' We had been regulars at this location since they opened a few years ago. This incident takes the cake for poor management, unprofessionalism, indifference, and bias towards the truth. We had just met the new General Manager the night before. He was pleasant, professional, and accommodating. The GM 'M' was informed about the problem with the boxes. One last note about the incident. Another manager 'T' was on duty, he knew us as regulars. When we were speaking, or rather being ignored about what happened by 'J' he came over carrying about 8 boxes. Manager 'T' told us he knew we were coming in and he made sure he had plenty of boxes fully charged for us. By his facial reaction after we were told to leave 'T' clearly knew something was amiss. Waitress and manager 'J' need to realize pushing a box to the end of the table so it can be removed and charged does not, and is not throwing a box at a waitress. Avoid this location... better off going to BWW-West Nyack where things have vastly improved under new GM 'P, ' who had been the prior manager of this BWW- Port Chester. Bring back manager 'P.' Time will tell to see how the franchise owners handle this serious problem.


    Well corporate BWW called and indicated that they retracted the notion that the waitress had a box thrown at her and now any contact was purely accidental. However, nothing ever happened. No contact was ever made. If the waitress had been hit she would have yelled and screamed at the time. Since it never happened she had no reason to respond as such. They have cameras all over this location and if management had commonsense and took the time to review the tape they would learn the truth. Also, there was absolutely no apology from the managers and/owners. But these owners do not seem to be concerned about customers as noted by others recent actions by them. For instance, unlike 99.9999% of the other restaurants in this country they decided to NO longer offer decaf coffee. This means that if you are someone who is on a caffeine restricted diet you have no options regarding hot drinks. And if you are caffeine restricted and on a diet you are totally screwed.

    More problematic is there new promotion that reportedly begins on Saturday, July 11th at 7PM and runs for 6 weeks. Women will be able to order alcoholic drinks for One Cent. Yes, thats 1 Penny for each listed drink from 7PM to 10PM. I am sure many of these drinks will work their way into the hands of men. Anyone driving in the area should be concerned when these patrons leave BWW on these nights. BWW management and owners seem to not care how their attempt at a money grabbing promotion will impact the community. But, then again, they are the same management team that is indifferent to customers and are concerned only about their own needs. Corporate narcissism at its worst. MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers was notified about this promotion.

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  • Bb
    BBW's girl May 02, 2009

    I went to buffalow wild wings last night with 3 other people. My boyfriend ordered a beer and they ended up carding him. (we were use to it) but we go there 1-2 times a week. in the state of kansas, if you are under 21, the DL is vertical instead of horizontal. When you turn 21 your DL is changed to a horizontal card. Before they made this change, my b/f got his DL and it has not expired yet. He still has the vertical card and he is 23. They would not serve him because he has the "old style DL". I think it is crap; we got up and didn't eat there. We drove down the road to chili's and they served him fine. I think BWW's doesn't care about loyal customers.

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  • Ge
    get over it Oct 28, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Boy you really showed them not goig back to your favorite watering hole because a couple of little girls got to you! I just love people who think because they tip you, in return you have to kiss their ###!!! Now understand I have dealt with drunk people or drunk patrons when trying to close the bar down!! last call is last call for a reason it dosent mean order your drink and take 2 hours to drink it. You dont have to go home but you cant stay here!!! thats usually the remark we like to use... My advice to you GET OVER IT!!! your in a bar and must i say drinking !if you get so offended dont go out... and yes typically a place that stays open past 10 and serves alchol is considered a bar and no child should be in it. Please use your time to be more productive with yourself, instead of trying to get people fired... I'm sure they were rude to you for a reason.

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  • Pa
    Pat Aug 23, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was at the new location of the restaurant in Henrietta NY(may have a Rochester address) on the evening of Aug. 15 . Had received info that it had opened the 11th.
    I have never been so insulted or rudely talked to !
    I was asked if I had a reservation and said "no". I was then told I could not come in, I needed a resrvation.
    I was informed rudely that only friends and family of the workers could come in.
    I looked around and only saw the sign saying that they were training that night. I asked where the sign indicating "reservations only" was and got no answer.
    A man I assumed to be the manager, joined the young gal and guy "guarding" the door and he wasn't pleasant either.
    I know others have complained, too.
    I would like to know IF this situation is resolved and IF it is "safe" to go and be treated with respect ??????
    I love your food and the variety the menu offers and would really like to go again WHEN and IF the staff treats customers the proper way.
    I also took it upon myself on the 15th to warn incomig patrons---they were not happy either.
    A friend of mine was there during that week and had POOR service and waited for over an hour to get their food and finally walked out and REFUSES to ever go back.
    I would be appalled if this were my business and my staff caused so much frustation and unhappiness.
    Please let me know when the situation has been corrected.
    Thank you for your help.

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