Budget Suites of Americado not be phished

E Jul 23, 2019

I have read many complaints on this review feed. Let me notify all of you... This feed means nothing, obviously!!! What you want to do is file an online complaint with the attorney generals office (in your area) consumers complaint department. It is easy to file online, and they investigate!!
My complaint is:
Phishing!!! On cl, budget inn suites advertises a rate of 229.00 per week. However, when I spoke to "corporate line for reservations," I was told something bery different. The agent attempted to confuse me, however, I can add simple numbers in my head without too much of an issue! I was told the "up graded rooms," are all that are available at this time. 07/23/2019 @ 10:42 am third floor, with microwave and tv. I asked for a rate (monthly) I was told 1, 046.00. Including tax. The brake down would be 282.00 a week. What happen to the 229.00, I asked can I have a room without a microwave and tv, "no," was the answer. I asked what happen to the 229.00 per week, the agent explained, "there are no rooms that are not upgraded available." I asked, "are there ever rooms for the 229.00?" she said, "no that is the cl rate, but we don't have rooms for that rate!!" I said, "so, it's phishing!!" she said, "no we don't have that room, just rooms for 243.00 per week." I said well with tax of 2.3 % at the monthly tax residential rate it would only add up to 980.00 your quoting 1, 046.00 how is that working out?"she said,"we only have upgraded rooms and one is available on the third floor." so basically, the rate is 289.00 per week.$ 60.00 $ more than the phished rate!!!

do not be phished

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