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Booking Ref. T287523. Arrival 26 June, for 4 days/ 5 nights on Dinner, Bed & Breakfast.

Arrival at Hotel Dinner was agreed for 19.00 every night & Breakfast 08.00 every morning. I have Diabetes so it's important my meal times are correct & another medical condition, so eating late is not an option.

Tonight our second evening, we went to the restaurant at 19.00 to be told we could not eat, as there was only one chef, so our dinner would be now 19.45. I explained we had a set time due to diabetes but even though Restaurant manager explained to Chef the answer was No, you have to wait till 19.45, because there was a function on in the other room, and they had to feed the Coach party first. I was offered a little food to tire me over for my meds. We then waited and returned at 7.45. It then took 20 minutes for our starter and we did not get our main course until nearly 21.00. By now it was to late to finish and main meal or to even accept a Desert because it's too late to eat before our bedtime at 22.00. All the dining staff were so sorry, and we felt sorry for them. I am absolutely disgusted that the guests paying the cheapest prices at this Hotel, were put before the other higher paying guests in relation to food! How disrespectful, to the point I could not accept my food, because it was to late, and I have the medical problems. My husband and I did not Travel 6 hours in a car to be treated like this. I can not discuss this with the Hotel manager James as he is off sick. Room 409 that we were given on arrival yesterday, is absolutely spotless, compliments, but I had no sleep last night due to the Springs in the mattress digging into my body, I was in agony! The lovely receptionist this morning has ensured that a topper has been put on today, so at least I may sleep tonight. So between sleep and food within 24 hours, believe me I am very upset, as is my husband. We are meant to be having a wonderful time here, and it's just been so sad. The staff seem to be under immense pressure and with no manager available to discuss this situation with, I do not know what to do. I am available to call on [protected]. I am from Hotel Background in the past a previous Manager with MacDonalds group, and Marston's Inns, and I am shocked that there was no information given to guests in relation to the dining problem in advance, especially when there are people who stay in hotels with medical requirements around their diet.

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