Breyer's Ice CreamI wanted ICE CREAM! not this!


Recently there was a sale on Breyer's ice cream for buy one get one free. Little did I
Know that I was picking up the flavor that was not even real ice cream!
When I opened it, it looked too soft and it was way too easy to scoop out.
It was in the freezer for awhile so it wasn't that it was just melty.
While eating it, I noticed that it is way too soft and melts way too fast!
I felt like I had to eat it quick before it turned to liquid! It also has a weird texture.
And it leaves a bad aftertaste! Why are they making fake ice cream now?
I just wanted some real damn ice cream and this is what I get? I will never buy this
Frozen dairy dessert crap ever again. I hope they realize WE DON'T LIKE IT!

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