Bravofly / Bravonext SAcancelled flight and customer service

I booked a flight through Bravofly and then was notified the airline canceled the flight. I emailed Bravofly asking for a refund of the $2, 100 we spent on the flights, which they said they will request for me and I'll hear from them soon. I have been chasing Bravofly for months with absolutely no progress being made on my refund! My emails would take a week to be replied too, and all replies were generic robotic emails saying they have requested it. I got over waiting, so I started calling them (this is after 2 months of lies in emails from them). Every staff member I spoke to said the same thing, they have requested my refund, I finally found out from the 5th time of calling, that they hadn't actually requested my refund and they are doing so now. 2 months wasted! The airline responded and said that Bravofly has contracted the wrong department and they need to contact this other department. So now Bravofly are supposedly contacting this other department. I decided to speak with the supervisor at Bravofly and he promised me he will get it sorted and contact the airline and fast track my refund for me, this is the supervisor! He then promised me he would email me and update of his progress that same day with what he had done. Well I never got an email or heard from him again! The other 5 staff members I spoke to over the previous weeks all said they would email me an update as well, and guess what, nothing! No emails, no phone calls, nothing! They have even stopped replying to my emails! I am beyond furious! I have my honeymoon in 6 weeks and they have stolen $2, 100 from me! Don't not book with them, they lie through their teeth and don't ever call or email you back! I am seeking legal advice to go after them!

Oct 02, 2019

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