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I was sent a book that I did not order. I sent it back unopened. I DIDN'T WANT IT! They have since been sending increasingly demanding payment notices. Their notices come with absolutely no way to contact them other than a pre-addressed envelope. No phone number, no email, nothing. This is getting ridiculous!

I didn't order it, therefore, I REFUSE to pay for it! I am a widow on a fixed income. I don't order any kind of book or magazine. So it would be nice to be rid of these silly 'bills' that I keep receiving.

If this was a serious company, there would be a simple way to contact them, not jumping through all these hoops! That in and of itself warned me that they were trying to swindle me. So I got on-line... and presto... other people just like myself who are being harrassed!


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      Sep 10, 2018

    I, too have received collection notice from North Shore Agency for a book that I have never seen Ency of Healing Foods.
    I have another book that they sent me before. I paid for it not wanting to go through the process of having to go to the PO to return it. I don't want any unsolicited books from Bottom Line!
    What can we do to avoid these unsolicited books being delivered to our homes. I am a senior citizen, over 80 years of age!

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