At approximately 13.30 today myself and my mother (who is in her 80s) visited the store for shopping this was fine no problems and lady on the till was lovely and very helpful
We decided to use the cafe and so I picked up a wet tray (all were wet) got my order sorted and was asked if i would like my soup when the lasagne came out i said yes please
When i got to the table where my mother was sitting if was full of dirty crockery pots etc so i had to place my tray on the seat nearly spilling my bottle and proceed to clear the table onto another dirty table one of a large number
After waiting for a long time my mothers lasagne finally arrived with her chips (which was very nice ) I waited then had to dash to the toilet and stand it quite a large queue and on my return the soup had still not arrived by this time my mother said you finish mine which I did then got up and walked over to the counter and explained the situation saying I would like a refund
This was refunded onto my mothers card
I then proceeded to the cigarette counter to see if it was customer services he got a gentleman to come and see me
I then explained what had happened and he took my details and said someone would contact me
I am still waiting for the call
Not happy at all with the service or lack of service recieved and the cleanliness leaves a lot to be desired
I appreciate the cafe and shop do get very busy in which case staff should be more attentive to the sitting/eating areas
Like I told the gentleman i let the clearing of the tables go bye the bye although not getting my order was sheer poor service

Sep 28, 2019

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