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Boost Mobile Complaints & Reviews

Boost Mobile / manager living in store

Elizalyd on Jul 24, 2017
I recently went to a boost store the adress is provoded below. Whu I was there I had to use the restroom, the young gentlemen was nice enough to let myself use theirs. I noticed a huge garbage bag of beer cans and a foul order comong from their back room. I joked with the young man that it...

Boost Mobile / services

Cstearns1993 on Jul 17, 2017
So i just want to say the customer service sucks like my feelings are so hurt i pay my bills on time but how ever boost mobile reps are ver disrespectful and instead of helping me they want to tell me what they think how and much they dont value there customers the experience had been hell...

Boost Mobile / store employee

Tahiry Gutierrez on Jun 30, 2017
Friday June 30 at 11:am I had my 3nd bad incident with this same woman, I have been attended by other workers there and they happen to be very respectful helpful and nice but every time I go and this woman is working I had bad experiences, she's super rude, when I ask for help I'm not...

Boost Mobile / device swap

CathyAYoung on Jun 26, 2017
6/26/17 Phone#718-637-9478 I received a new phone today and called in to swap my device. The woman I spoke to advised the she could not help me because my account was in a port out status. I never authorized my number to be ported out and so I asked who was the number being ported out to?...

Boost Mobile / cell phone $35 plan

angela747 on Jun 21, 2017
Bought a cheap phone and Target and wanted to try Boost Mobile. I also signed up for $35 unlimited plan but after 4 days, I found out I would not need this cell phone and called to get a refund on the service. After an hour with the support person, my call was dropped? and service shut off...

Boost Mobile / services

Lulu1990 on Jun 17, 2017
I have not been able to use internet make or recieve phone calls or text messages for two weeks today. I have called customer service everyday for two weeks and today was only day that customer service was able to fix my phone. They reimbursed me $10.00 for the whole two weeks. I feel that...

Boost Mobile / cancel order

Yolanda Whiteside on Jun 8, 2017
Hi my name us Yolanda Whiteside. I writing again i cancel my and my order came in anyway. No Don said is going in 7-14 business days. It turned 24 -48 hours. And now she says that i have to see the phone pay my money to sent it back. You people think I'm dumb no im not. I sick will heart...

Boost Mobile / boost mobile dealer anthony yancy

Guerrero Jess on Jun 1, 2017
Hello I'm a business owner at a retail store at 655 Main st brawley ca. Today my landlord made me aware that Anthony yancy owner of boost mobile from 119 n 8th st brawley ca is selling Telcel, simple mobile, net 10, page plus and many more cellphone company in the establishment provided by...

Boost Mobile / boost service

Jenny Gregory on May 29, 2017
I bought my phone online. It's a LG Stylo. I got Boost service for 7 months and got an opportunity to switch my service to T-Mobile and save money however Boost locked my phone and is forcing me to start over as a customer. They say I need service for a year before they will unlock MY...

Boost Mobile / employee complaints

Jessica Polk on May 29, 2017
My name is Jessica Polk. On march 27, 2017 I was hired by a young man at a boost mobile location 5039 Bayou Blvd Pensacola Florida. I never filled out an application, he took my name down and told me to come in at 2 to train. We discussed my pay and said he would start me off at $9.00 hr...

Boost Mobile / ZTE Warp 7

B.waggs on Mar 23, 2017
I had just gotten this phone March 14, and one week and two days later I went to just exchange it for a new phone, because the sound is horrible when music is loud with facebook live, snapchat or instagram. I didn't know about the 7 day period, which is a horrible hing because people...

Boost Mobile / Galaxy J3

Tycutie78 on Mar 17, 2017
30 days after purchasing the phone, the phone stop working. It would not turn back on. The insurance would not replace because they stated I had to contact the manufacturer. I walked in a boost mobile store in Baltimore, MD (Walbrook Junction) to see what my options were and was willing to...

Boost Mobile / Employee was rude caused my phone to get 24 viruses and refused to fix it

Jaymegurl on Mar 14, 2017
I brought my phone in because it would no longer show any service even though my bill is paid in full the guy who had dreadlocks that works there accused me of being a sellsman that comes into that boost location which is located on west Raleigh road in rocky mount called a to z wirele...

Boost Mobile / Selling discontinued phones

WhatsItToYaBud on Mar 13, 2017
I bought 3 Galaxy S5s in 1 year because after 3 months the phone would utterly stop working. After I looked it up, the model has been discontinued by Samsung. It answered my question why Boost refused to give me a new phone under my insurance I pay for, and why they told me to "send it to...

Boost Mobile / Customer service

chandell moore on Mar 6, 2017
I have received the most disgusting customer service that has every existed. I was hung up on by one of your so called supervisors. I was bounced around from department to department and left on hold for long lengths of time. And still nothing had changed. After all of that I have...

Boost Mobile / Very bad customer service

Akeeno on Mar 5, 2017
I went into a boost mobile store for them to unlock my phone because I wanted to switch to a different company. The customer service is awful, but anyway I was told at first that he didn't know how and then he changed his story and told me it would be $40. I asked him which is it, you...

Boost Mobile / Customer service

Joyce Reeves on Feb 6, 2017
On feb. 05 2017 I visited your store in the northwoods mall in peoria illinois and when we walked up to the service desk your young female employee was watching pornography on her phone and left it running while dealing with us. On top of that she had a very snippy attitude with us and...

Boost Mobile / Customer service

pablobeach on Jan 30, 2017
In the beginning of December 2016 I asked to change my payment date from the 7th to the 23rd of each month. I was told it was all set and my payments would be taken out on the 23rd of each month starting in January 2017. This didn't happen in January so I called and was told it would...

Boost Mobile / Privacy act

Jeremymont on Jan 23, 2017
I have a strong reason to believe that boost. Metro pcs dealers are tak8ng beibes to watch and solicit personal information from peoples telephone devices. My phone is at a high risk and has been at risk for as long as i have been with boost mobile. I want to contact my attorney but first...

Boost Mobile / Boost mobile

Elizabeth propst on Jan 12, 2017
I went to transfer my old phone to boost mobile and put it on my daughters any family planning thats the olny way u get the phone free well they said i could not do cause i didnt have the account numb er to my old phone i tryed to explainthat my friend gave me the phone he brought the...

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