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Boost Mobile Complaints & Reviews

Boost Mobile / Privacy act

Jeremymont on Jan 23, 2017
I have a strong reason to believe that boost. Metro pcs dealers are tak8ng beibes to watch and solicit personal information from peoples telephone devices. My phone is at a high risk and has been at risk for as long as i have been with boost mobile. I want to contact my attorney but first...

Boost Mobile / Boost mobile

Elizabeth propst on Jan 12, 2017
I went to transfer my old phone to boost mobile and put it on my daughters any family planning thats the olny way u get the phone free well they said i could not do cause i didnt have the account numb er to my old phone i tryed to explainthat my friend gave me the phone he brought the...

Boost Mobile / Keeping my credit balance is not acceptable

Boost sucks on Jan 12, 2017
After negotiating the endless prompts on your phone customer service line, I reached an agent. The reason for my call was to get my account number to facilitate porting my number to a different carrier. I had no issues with Boost besides access to customer service, but Sprint network ha...

Boost Mobile / Mobile hotspot

James Forbes on Jan 8, 2017
I spent two hours on the phone, trying to add ten dollars to my data plan. The representative, was unable to add it to my account. They told me they would give me a credit of two gigs, for the time and trouble I spent. They lied. No credit, and I wound up having to fix the problem myself...

Boostmobile / Cell phone

christopher avery on Jan 7, 2017
On Nov. 25, 2016 someone went inside boost mobile on 1908 m.l.k. Blvd and they used my debit card ending in 7237 and they put a phone in my name and when I contacted them and told them I don't have service with them they told me it want they problem and they owe me $118.86 but they...

Boost Mobile / Boost mobile of ionia, michigan employees

Melissa Kincaid on Jan 2, 2017
Purchased new lgx power phone at this location (the last one they had) , on january 2 2017. The representative was more worried about putting the stupid, annoying, not needed advertising app on my phone than actually transferring my well over 500 phone numbers (which I paid extra for her...

Boost Mobile Llc / Iphone 5 return

Destiny Arnold on Dec 28, 2016
Boost mobile. I have been using your services since 2011. Never have I had such a horrible experience as I am having now. The first thing I will address is your customer service representative Anne. She is very rude and unwilling to listen or look into the issues. I purchased an iPhone 5...

Boost Mobile / Data speed

Alex Roman on Dec 22, 2016
Hi my name is alex roman phone number 4848601584 address 36 s howard st allentown pa 18102. And I been with boost mobile for 3 weeks already and im considering move to another company the srvices is no good. My data I very slow evertime I go either on youtube or the web browser the video...

Boost Mobile / Hey

averychris12 on Dec 16, 2016
Well my name is christopher avery and on November 25 i went inside of the store and i payed $118.20 for two prepaid phones and come to find out my brother is having his phone number remove and he is putting on another company well then they told me they was turning my phone off on Monday...

Boost Mobile / Overdraft

Moonraker.1983 on Dec 12, 2016
I got overcharged by $111.03 Buy Boost Mobile on my account my NetSpend card. My card number is 4817-7508-9767-8699 I need my funds available as soon as possible. I've already told boost about their overcharge. Please call me David Keen if you have any questions at all. Like I said I have...

Boost Mobile / Boost mobile

Sjqtour on Dec 12, 2016
Hi my name is joseph ross. On november 30th 2016, I went to a boost mobile store on 11386 tara blvd hampton ga suit f to purchase a cell phone.In the process of the sale agent getting my purchase in order I later decided while I was still in the store that I did not want to go any further with...

Boost Mobile / It's cold outside waited 2 hrs to open

joe dirty on Dec 10, 2016
it happens every month late late waiting for store to open and they always late not 10 minute but an hour plus all the time 1115 liberty avenue brooklyn ny 11208 opened at 1126 am today when sign says 930 am people have to go to work and its freezing outside to wait all that time to open...

Boost Mobile / Very horrible customer service

ShearsFamily on Dec 4, 2016
I bought a new phone from boost mobile just for it to not properly work. When I try making a call it's drops, waseem said it happens on saturday because of tower updates but its not just on saturday this occurs more often then not. He told me when he looked up my address for service...

Boost Mobile / Lack of service

Charlie Spink on Nov 26, 2016
I purchased a phone from boost mobile. This phone has been nothing but a piece of junk. When I call the store where I purchased the phone, no one ever answers. I can't even get it to connect to the wifi in my house. It will not make phone calls, freezes up, and just pretty much won't work...

Boost Mobile Llc / iPhone 5

Plharris on Nov 14, 2016
402 213 5333 10 24 1980 Good Evening, I am filing a complaint as I was provided misinformation after I purchased a iPhone 5 November 8th 2016 at location 7208 jones at Omaha Ne 402 315 1541. Myra was the young lady that assisted me that day. I asked Myra what If I don't like the phone, Myra...

Boost Mobile / Everything

Shirlwurld on Nov 5, 2016
I do not know where to start. I have called, asked, tried to get this resolved and they either cut me off or are rude to get rid of me. Ntelos sold out and boost mobile took over. My voice mail always says "disconnected so cannot retrieve my voice mail. " if I pick up phone can get call...

Boost Mobile / The costumer care and supervisors

Lori88ann on Nov 3, 2016
I change my service 3 months ago and when I did your second month was suppose to be free well I still haven't received it and it's been 3 months ive been in the hospital for Brian cancer. All month today I was on the with them for 3 hours and they still didn't fix my problem or let me talk...

Boost Mobile / Boost deals

rico mitchell on Oct 20, 2016
Subscribed to boost deals in March everything was gud .was getting the five dollars looking at the ads 20 days prior to 30 as qualified. Then the 5$ stopped going into my account. Called those blood suckers took me 4 calls just to be told I wasn't getting the credit s I deserved. Before...

Boost Mobile / Unethical behavior

EddieBrodie on Aug 29, 2016
I was with Straight Talk for the last few years. Always paid for the unlimited plan with 5gb of data. Had to call customer service and that alone made me switch to Boost Mobile... wow, seems like the same customer service reps. Rude on the phone, won't get a supervisor, can't understand...

Boost Mobile / Phone has no coverage anymore galaxy s3

Manuela Garcia on Aug 24, 2016
September 26, 2015 was the last time I had coverage at my home. I called Boostmobile and they had me turn off my phone turn on my phone, enter codes, take out battery then I got dissconnected, this has happened twice, then one time they told me the would give me a call back, Im still...

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