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Bojangles’ International / Becajun.com Complaints & Reviews

Bojangles / breakfast sandwich

Aminta on May 17, 2017
I normally don't make complaints but this particular store needs help. I usually stop by Store#000565 in the morning because I pass it going to work. Out of 5 times that I have ordered a steak biscuit from there, I've only had one good one. This morning 5/17/2017 I stopped at Store#000565...

Bojangles’ International / Becajun.com / Order wrong, cold, and never get silverware

Andrea Aiken on May 10, 2017
Every time I go they either miss something on my order, the fries are literally cold and stale, or they forget to give me anything to eat with. I always go by on my way to work, so I can't turn around and get what I was missing. It's getting really old!!! The only time my fries were ever...

Bojangles’ International / Becajun.com / bojangles store at 2011 e. cone blvd. greensboro, nc

FthisSite on May 4, 2017
This store is consistently the most inept representation of professionalism that I have ever witnessed! At 8am, your crack management team has one, count them, one employee on the whole front counter! She will take 3-4 orders, then, she has to stop taking orders, so that she can go over...

Bojangles / They never get my order right

Christie Matthews on Apr 1, 2017
Every time I go to bojangles on Andrews avenue in Henderson nc they never get my order right...tonight I order the 12 piece super tailgate meal and only got an 8 piece I order mashed potatoes and gravy and didn't get my gravy ...i love 30 mins away I could not just go back up there and get...

Bojangles’ International / Becajun.com / Manager at lafayette ga store location

RachelKilgore88 on Mar 28, 2017
The manager Annie Skidmore is RUDE. she isn't very professional. Cusses teenage employees. Threatens them over their job. Allows other team members to threaten and curse them also. If you look at her Facebook account she is NOT very professional at all in representing BoJangles at all. I...

Bojangles’ International / Becajun.com / Employee

Kayburks on Mar 23, 2017
An employee by the name of Kadazha Berger at the rustburg Va Bo'Jangles was very rude. She also proceeded to take her clothes off and strip at the front register. She also had a cup labeled "tips". The manager by the name of Occtavia Hairston yelled at me across the Bo'Jangles parking lot. I...

Bojangles’ International / Becajun.com / Cajun fillet biscuit

Samantha Moss on Mar 5, 2017
I got my food from the bojangles in Aylett VA this morning and my chicken biscuit was completely uncooked. The meat was cold, slimy, and purple. I took it back inside and they apologized and remade my biscuit however this isn't the first time my food has been uncooked at this brand newly...

Bojangles’ International / Becajun.com / Management

Mawmawjozie on Feb 13, 2017
I visited rhe store on Bessemer Road in Gastonia N.C on 02/05/2017. As I entered the store I noticed an employee smoking by the door. I proceeded to order. The employee came in and did not wash her hands and put her cup by food that was being served. The cup had been sitting on the...

Bojangles / Management

Mike Mike 14 on Feb 11, 2017
Your closing manager tonight was absent for a while when I asked to speak to a manager is was told she was not here I asked her name was told. I don't know her name maybe you can find out the time was between 5:40pm- 7:00 pm. My wife said her order was wrong so I had to drive from downtown...

Bojangles’ International / Becajun.com / Chicken

Isa213 on Feb 11, 2017
I'm really disappointed on recieving hair on my chicken apart from that the workers were about to not give us our biscuits that were already paid for, they were rude, and they also took forever on just giving me my food. I hate to say that this isn't my first time recieving bad food, the...

Bojangles’ International / Becajun.com / Bojangles in cleveland tn 37312

Heath works on Feb 8, 2017
Went and got breakfast for my kids this morning got home and everyone of my biscuits was hard and was cold and they left one of my biscuits out of my order this happens everywhere I go people go to any fast food restaurant and spend there hard earn money and get cold food are something i...

Bojangle / Supreme combo

smithr1998 on Feb 4, 2017
On February 4th, I went to Bojangles to get me a chicken supreme combo. Once I got my food I went home. I did not open the box until I got home. Once I got home and open the box I start to smell an odd smell. That's when I realize that they had cooked the chicken tenders in old oil. I...

Bojangles' / No pies cooked

No Pie In Versailles, KY on Jan 24, 2017
I have been loving Bojangles chicken for years! I lived in Ky., but the company I worked for was based out of NC. So every time I would go south I stop a Bo. and eat. I have never liked sweet potato pie until I tried it at Bo. and loved it. From that point forward I would always order two...

Bojangles' / Biscuit

Bonnie Simmons on Jan 14, 2017
My husband visited Bojangles Friday morning in Denton. He ordered BEC biscuit combo. Ate his bo rounds on way to work. When he got to work to eat his biscuit (he always looks at his food before he eats it and I'm glad he did this time 'especially')he found a noticeable sliver of metal on...

Bojangles' / Wait times

Bojangles Winston Salem on Jan 14, 2017
I frequent the bojangles on university parkway in winston salem, NC ... the service is ALWAYS terrible... average wait time in drive thru is about 10 to 12 minutes .. average wait time inside for dining in...20 to 30 minutes... and it keeps getting worse . Heaven forbid you order a...

Bojangles' / Service

Angrycustomer123456789 on Dec 27, 2016
I walked into the Bojangles in Greeneville Tn, around 930 a.m. on 12/27/16 and after ordering I was, once again, completely offended and quite frankly, disgusted by the way the general manager "Kurt" was speaking and treating his employees. I find it hard to believe that you keep any of...

Bojangles' / The bojangles on belair rd. (Steak biscuits 2 for 3.33)

Crystal Carlyn on Dec 4, 2016
Asked for 2 of the steak biscuits for 3.33, and add egg and cheese. The lady at the window said she couldn't do it like that. I had to pay full price. 2 for 7.73 when I could have paid 5.53 which is still high. But I just love your steak egg and cheese. No one beats it. So how come I...

Bojangles / Service

stormy20140 on Aug 21, 2016
On Wednesday, 08/17/16 I stopped by my local Bojangles in Kernersville, NC located off NC Hwy 66, Store#000407 to get some food. I normally eat there 2 -3 times per week. I recently started having long wait times going through the drive thru ordering and actually getting my food. I am not...

Bojangles' / Not clean messy

Felisha B on Mar 26, 2016
I went to the bojangles' in Roanoke Rapids N.C on 3/26/2016. I was not please at the service that I received as well as the things I had seen. The cashier was ringing up customer and fixing food without washing her hands. The manager name Sarah was in the back fixing food and on the phone...

Bojangles' / Drive Thru Service

Reviewer68051 on Jan 31, 2016
I recently stopped at the local Bojangles on my way to work. The are usually pretty efficient at the drive thru, however this morning that were extremely slow and it has happened continuously since. pulled up about 6:15 a.m. behind another car and a truck at the speaker waiting to order. After...

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