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Bojangles’ International / / attitude of manager

May 30, 2019

I Joe Martin, just visited Bojangles in Sylva, NC., where i had the most horribke restaurant experience ever. I stood inside at register for approximately 10 minutes before anyone took my order. 2 orders of boberry biscuits and a large fry. Then it took approximately 30 minutes for me to...

Bojangles’ International / / food not good & always out of drink products

Feb 12, 2019

My husband and I have been going to bojangles that is located on 7819 timberlake road, lynchburg, va for several years. Within the last 1 1/2 years the service at this bojangles is awful. The food is not good, they are always out of drink products, the employees are rude and very...

Bojangles / employment fraud

Dec 15, 2018

Someone filled out a job application at a bojangles in chattanooga tn. Thus was in the summer of 2017. It was a paper job application. I have never worked at a bojangles. This is employment fraud. I have complained to the ftc and as well. I would appreciate this websites help...

Bojangles / employment fraud

Dec 13, 2018

Someone filled out a bojangles job application in chattanooga tn around June of 2017. I have never worked at a bojangles. It was a paper job application. It was not filled out by me. I was not living in Tennessee at the time this happened. I would appreciate this websites help on this issue. I have been dealing with this issue for over a year now.

Bojangles’ International / / on a manager

Nov 07, 2018

I don't want to give my name or none of that but I was in Bojangles in Canton on Monday and a manager name angel was really rude an disrespectful to a very sweet and kind and respectful young lady I think her name was Shirley but the manger pointed the biscuits tone's in her face I felt...

Bojangles’ International / / my bojangles breakfast made me sick (food poisoning)

Aug 21, 2018

On Monday August the 13th I had only two things to do, get my hair cut and grab something for breakfast. I have waited until today to register my request because I wanted to be able to censor myself and stay on point. The first part is awkward because I don't want to be cruel. I was waited...

Bojangles’ International / / unhealthy environment

Jul 22, 2018

My husband and I visited Bojangles in Rockmart Ga on Sunday July 22, 2018 while traveling . Your workers had no hair nets, gloves etc while serving food. Rude and hateful while ordering and more than two workers were sticking their unclean unwashed hands down in the food on the bar up...

Bojangles’ International / / cajun chicken biscuit was raw

Jul 13, 2018

I went to the bojangles located at Peters Creek Road Roanoke, VA 24012 at 8am this morning (7/13/18) and not a joke. When I got into work and sat down and bit into my biscuit the chicken was RAW, my fries were also ice cold. I have never had this happen at a bojangles before. I would love...

Bojangles’ International / / the manager in customer service

Jun 24, 2018

First of all I know that they had a lot of customers okay I have my order taken which band in the fast food business should have no reason for what was going on there was people waiting there food was no food at all what they gave me was to the point where she got every little fire out and...

Bojangles’ International / / television ad for bojangles cajun chicken sandwich offer

Jun 06, 2018

One day last week I drove up to the speaker at the drive-thru lane to purchase the cajun chicken sandwiches that were advertised on t. v. ( 2 sandwiches for $5.00). The guy on the speaker informed me that there was no offer of that nature there at that store. I told him that I seen the ad...

Bojangles’ International / / service

May 14, 2018

I went to the Bojangles in Mount Airy NC. Went through the drive-thru. Ordered my food. The young lady told me my total. When I pulled up to the window the car in front of me didn't get their food. They drove off. So I pull up she then tells me they aren't taking cards at this time. I...

Bojangles’ International / / management at store 603 winchester, ky

May 07, 2018

I worked briefly at this store. It was very dirty. I got food poison from my employee meal. I was hired for mid shift, then moved to mornings. Upon telling the manager, Corey, I never heard another word from him. He did not call me back to work. So, I found other employment. My 1st day...

Bojangles’ International / / check number 116380

May 05, 2018

I went to store in Thomasville NC and went inside to order and I ordered 2 breast with green beans and macaroni and cheese and 2 large teas and it cost me 16.86 and I went home which is 3 minutes from the store. when I got home the tea was soured and the chicken was cold. I called store...

Bojangles’ International / / employee peeping tom in women's restroom

Apr 21, 2018

husband and I visited this Bojangles on April 21, 2018 from around 12:00 to 1:00 PM. I had been watching this one employee that was replenishing the napkins, straws, etc. I noticed that he could not do his job for watching the young women coming and going. Just before we got ready to...

Bojangles / employee fraud

Apr 07, 2018

someone has used my information illegally to fill out a job application at a bojangles in chattanooga tn. i have never worked at a bojangles. it was a paper job application. the email is closed. i appreciate your help in this matter. this was in june or july of 2017...

Bojangles / employee fraud

Apr 06, 2018

Someone has filled out a bojangles application at a bojangles Chattanooga tn. This was in June or July of 2017. I have never worked at a bojangles. I would like the job application destroyed. Your help is greatly appreciated. The bojangles hq is in Charlotte nc. I need you to look into...

Bojangles’ International / / manager

Feb 25, 2018

I was visiting the Bojangles on lovell road in knoxville, tn about 11:00 am Sunday feburary 25th. And the manager i think her name Danielle she was very rude to her emplyees and went to the restroom 4 times in a hour. and not very manager type. I will not visit this store again until...

Bojangles’ International / / management

Jan 09, 2018

Hello. I have been with the Bojangles store number966 since August. Since I started I have had a leader put her hands on me. Ive witnessed fake temp times being written. We do not get breaks cause we are not minors even working 9 to 10 hour shifts. I have watch shift leader clock people...

Bojangles’ International / / management

Dec 08, 2017

Hello, I worked for the jasper bojangles location about 10 months ago. I am just now filing this complaint because I now have at least three other credible employees who work for this location who are stating the same complaint against the general manager, Kandi. To give you some...

Bojangles’ International / / employee pants sagging

Dec 06, 2017

I thought Bojangles took pride in their employees appearance. I'm at the Bojangles at the corner of Mt. Holly Huntersville and Brookshire Frwy (Hwy 16) and had to look at bright neon green underwear worn by a young black male employee WHILE WORKING in the kitchen. He had on a blue shirt...

Bojangles’ International / / staff

Dec 05, 2017

We ordered Chicken Tenders and Mac and Cheese and have waited over 15 minutes for it to be brought to us in the parking lot. We witnessed the woman named Crystal, delivering the food talking to someone in the parking lot about her personal life instead of doing her job. She served two...

Bojangles / complaining about the biscuits.

Dec 03, 2017

Bojangles several years ago had the best biscuits of any fast food. Not today! they are too crumbly, the biscuit crumbles and falls all over you or onto the napkin. We have eaten at several in the Athens, GA area and they all crumble. This week we had a biscuit at McDonalds and they have you...

Bojangles’ International / / damaged coffee cup

Nov 29, 2017

I went to store number 768. Check#483180 Time 7:54 am. on 11/29/2017. I ordered a combo with coffee. When the cashier in the drive thru window handed me my coffee it spilled onto my legs. The only reason I was not burnt worse was because I had on 2 layers of the clothing. I live right down...

Bojangles’ International / / manager

Nov 25, 2017

Hello my name is Malik Carr and I am an employee of Bojangles here in Elizabeth City North Carolina I'm here to make a complaint against a manager name Lacey she's talking behind my back and I know this because I be hearing the things she says about me she calling me slow she...

Bojangles’ International / / no changing table in men's restroom

Nov 16, 2017

Stopped at a bojangles restaurant today with my 1 year old daughter while I was there my daughter spoiled her dipper and it started coming out of the sides of it so I ran to the restroom to change her and to my surprise no changing table in the men's room had to leave my food and go...

Bojangles’ International / / cheddar bo biscuits

Nov 12, 2017

I went thru the drive thru today to order. I ordered cheddar Bo biscuits and the guy said it's a 5 Minute wait and I said that's fine I don't mind waiting the 5 minutes. Literally 20 minutes later I had to pull back up to the window and I heard the employee say what she waiting for after...

Bojangles’ International / / manager and cashier cussing my in front of our 11 year old child

Oct 28, 2017

This in reference to bojangles in cedartown ga. 30125 the manager Kurtis and the cashier Tianna. Tianna called my wife a [censor] and asked what her [censor]ing problem was. This came after she was rude and argumentative. All we wanted to do was upside our gravy and she treated us like we...

Bojangles’ International / / service

Oct 18, 2017

On the evening of 10/18 and many other nights, the service from this bojangles has been horrible, employees talking about personal problems loudly, brushing off customers and being rude, someone in line mentioned something about it to me and that's what made me complain because it really...

Bojangles’ International / / product

Oct 06, 2017

Good Afternoon, I purchased my usual order of two egg and cheese biscuits and a bo-berry biscuit last night. I love that Bojangles serves breakfast all day. It was approximately 830 p.m. when I purchased these items in the drive thru on October 5, 2017, at store #1227 7413 Midlothian Tnpk...

Bojangles / unprofessional service by a manager of all people

Oct 03, 2017

I was a regular customer that stopped on a regular basis, I stopped into the bethel store to place an order thru the drive thru, the speed of service was not acceptable, nevertheless, I decided to stay and place my order, the manager lyndsey took my order, I ordered 2 large dirty rice...

Bojangles’ International / / bojangles # 1150 (12121, bermuda crossroad lane chester va 23831)

Sep 30, 2017

I went to Bojangles this morning (September 30, 2017) around 8:22am, and went through drive-tru. I ordered 2 sausage, egg, biscuits and 3 hash brown rounds. But, the lady interpreted my number of hash browns as 6, and I said 3. I let the lady know that I said, 3 and not 6 orders of hash...

Bojangles’ International / / job

Aug 25, 2017

I got a job at Bojangles in Rocky Mount, Va . The lady told me i had to remove my nose ring I just got my nose ring a week ago but I still tried well it didn't work so I called the manager Nancy and told her my issue and asked if i could put a bandaid and makeup over it and she said no...

Bojangles’ International / / food appearance and taste

Aug 20, 2017

Went to Bojangles in Durham NC an asked if they serve supreme chicken tenders she said yes okay very happy so I ordered that with fries and upsize sweet tea. Service great fast and quick for my liking.. pull off look at food biscuits is dark chicken is dark and crispy fries looked good...

Bojangles’ International / / worst customer service ever at drive thru

Aug 19, 2017

We love Bojangles but the new branch off the Country Club Road, Winston Salem, NC that just recently open has gave us the worst customer service experience we ever had. On 8/18/2017, we were at the drive thru line getting waiting for our turn to place a take out order. We sat at the line for...

Bojangles / customer service and product

Aug 15, 2017

Hello, I am writing because I've had two visits to the below mentioned store and both visits have been disappointing and discouraging. On my first visit, I was met with terrible customer service via the drive-thru window. The individual had an attitude, no greeting whatsoever, when...

Bojangles’ International / / worker attitude

Aug 09, 2017

Store 956-Florence SC. Went through the drive through this morning, first one at opening... and whoever was working the window (white lady with a long ponytail/black hair)was extremely rude and mumbled about me under her breath because I asked for jelly after she had already asked if l...

Bojangles’ International / / customer service

Jul 27, 2017

Tonight I order a family picnic mean from the Bojangles on Augusta Rd in Piedmont SC. To my surprise as I was getting the food out for my family I noticed the sides that were in the box were incorrect. I called over to the Bojangles location and explained to the employee what happened and...

Bojangles’ International / / drive thru

Jul 21, 2017

Waited this morning July 21 about 30 mins and still had to leave the Bojangles on #1 Augusta Hwy in West Columbia because I was then late for work. Waited a long time to get to mic then was told to hold and I waited and waited, then I asked if it was going to much longer then she took my...

Bojangles’ International / / service

Jul 18, 2017

The service and drive through window times at this location are completely horrible. Took me 25 min to get an order of mashed potatoes at the drive through. This is every time I have been tjere for breakfast or lunch. The employees are in tjere just hanging out talking in plain site. The...

Bojangles’ International / / issue with drive thru

Jul 13, 2017

Bojangles at 1000 Claren Circle, Morrisville, NC 27560 This morning I stopped at the location listed above and placed my order in the drive thru. This is the second time I have experienced rude behavior at this location. I got to the window and paid for the order. She told me the bo-round...