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BodyplexMembers rip-off!

I just went to work out at Bodyplex Athens, GA. I have been a member there for over 2 years. The first thing I find out is they have suddenly sold their business or run away from their business as the case may be. While standing at the desk with the unfriendly, defensive and uncoopoerative employees, who by the way seem as panicked and scared as the members, I overhear a member asking if they will still get their $19/month dues rate.

Sounds like no big deal right? Sounds like a great deal right? WRONG! Myself and all the other long time loyal members have been paying $35+ per month. So if you've been around they rip you off if you walk in the door for the first time they give you have price. Apparently this horrible strategy of running a business isn't working. The club is filthy, poorly run and the equipment is broken constantly. Now the owner is running for the hills and selling out. I asked to have my dues lowered to the current rates (I am month to month) they said they would if I signed a 3 year contract!!! Anyone signing a contract with this unstable, poorly run and apparently failing business is making a big mistake.


  • Da
    Daisy Teacher Nov 13, 2014

    Candice at Body Plex is a horrible regional manager. My daughter has been going to Santa Barbara State Univ. for 2 years now. Candice is stating a mixed policy on membership. My daughter let them know she moved but apparently did not go through some long process. After checking my money market account occasionally - I see they continue to take money out. I have records of several calls back in 2103 from me and my daughter. I now had to close a money market acct. that I have had for years due to this rip off. Good luck trying to get my money now. I wish I had closed this acct. years ago. Hellllloooo Candice- if we say we don't live there and you see she has never been there - then it only seems fit to stop charging us and reimburse us the $480 you owe me. You seem to thrive on ripping of the parents of college kids. Who do you think pays for these dues? You should be ashamed of yourself. You now finally cancelled with a simple phone call stating she is now on a month to month yet you refused to cancel via a phone cal 2 years ago. How exactly were we suppose to even know this month to month policy you made up. Myself or daughter have never received anything from you and your company. My next step is to contact better business bureau. You will be hearing from them.
    Hey people- there are plenty of clubs that treat their clients with respect and this is not one of them……stay AWAY

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  • Le
    Lesburd Jul 24, 2014

    June 4th, 2014

    National Fitness
    PO Box 497
    Layton UT [protected]
    Account #: [protected]
    Member No. [protected]
    To whom it may concern,
    I am sending payment requested, given the fact that I am sick and tired of the harassing calls and threatening letters to affect my credit. This payment, which originally was made in February 2014, has affected my daughter’s college semester payment thanks to the incompetence of your staff. I was a member for about 6-9 of months at BodyPlex Plaza Caparra 1498 Ave. Roosevelt, Suite 201 Guaynabo PR [protected].
    My overall experience was a total disaster. I was unhappy with the amount of unsupervised kids running around. I witnessed children between the ages of 5-10 running through the weight room, being loud and disruptive. Also, the children’s room was ALWAYS unsupervised, which regarding insurance issues is something that should not be taken lightly if you are not interested in getting sued. This made my gym time unpleasant. I mentioned the situation to various staff members, however, nothing was done. I frequently saw these children running around between 5:30 - 7 pm. It was not only a nuisance for me, but I was concerned for their safety.
    The bathrooms are appalling, always flooded because of the showers and no one taking care of member safety. One fall and that could be major damage to your gym.
    My intentions of going to a gym are to help with stress as well as take care of my health. Having unruly kids running around was distracting to my exercise routine.
    I chose this gym because of the location, all the classes offered and the price, but it seems your policy is that ANYONE can get in, also having bad experiences with men making crude sexual remarks to me or my daughter. Scheduling a PT is the worst dilemma ever, there is no time on their calendar and insisted I worked around their schedule, I work, what kind of disrespect is that, are you serious????
    The staff is very disrespectful, specially your manager Ms. Carmen Díaz, which is never there, always on a break or out to lunch. I have gone by the gym taking time from my work schedule for her not to be there? Numerous times I have called to speak to her and she never calls back and the last two times I try to speak to her she left me on hold for thirty minutes and most recently last week she hung up on me.
    Since I had already canceled my membership and had paid the penalty, to my amazement she kept debiting my bank account and never reimbursed the expenses even though I provided all the evidence requested of cancelation, but nobody would help always using the excuse “That they installed a new computer system and they don’t know how to work with looking up information or accounts”. In my opinion I suggest you hire people with more skills.
    A lot of the equipment is out of order or obsolete, many times, two of the five treadmill machines had "Out of Order" signs posted or no sign at all. Since the other three were in use, I had to wait for a treadmill. I do understand that waiting is necessary sometimes, but if the machines were working I would not have had to wait. The treadmill machines every two days were out of order. In addition, several Elliptical machines are in need of desperate repair. They do not seem to offer as much resistance, and/or the screens are cracked or broken. I told staff members, who said they would look into it, but nothing was done.
    My overall experience in this gym was a total nightmare. There are four other fitness centers right next to yours but by the persuasive, constant telephone harassment just because I asked for a tour and the annoying sales pitches given, which in fact were FALSE ADVERTISING, I FELT PRESSURED TO.
    After 5 years as a club member at Zona Activa, which is right across the street from your gym I was faced with the situation of having to change Fitness Club, since Zona Activa closed on 2013.
    I am sending this complaint letter to you in hopes you better supervise your facilities and to obtain full cancelation of my membership and refund on my money invested.
    Do have in mind I will share all negative reviews (since no immediate action was taken regarding my complaints or requests) on any social media platform, as well as Consumer Reports and DACO (Department of Consumer Affairs in Puerto Rico) which protects consumers from companies which participate in fraud and false advertisements.
    Since working in the Advertising and Public Relations Industry for over 20 years, I have learned that word to mouth is the most effective promotion a company can ever encounter. This type of advertising can make or break you.
    Copy of cancelation, evidence of payment and bank statement will be provided upon request, given the fact that Ms. Diaz apparently misplaced, lost or threw them away given her nasty attitude making client relations/support a total disaster and I am not in the position to have someone loose the documentation again.
    Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter. Hope you look into these observations made for your own benefit as well as other members.
    Leslie A. Burden

    CC: BodyPlex Caparra/ Ms. Carmen Díaz

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  • Mi
    Michael Morton Apr 30, 2014

    To all Body Plex potential users. Realize when you sign your agreement and initial a few boxes that you just signed a life time contract. You have to go back to Body Plex and/or ABC Financial to terminate your contract. My year contract ran out and I continued to be billed on a monthy basis. In fact I was over billed on a monthly basis.

    Michael Morton

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  • To
    Tom Collins1 Feb 28, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Athens West Complaint - It was my last day at the Bodyplex Athens West, and I was saying goodbye to the front desk people. I was never the type to stand up there and talk, maybe 4 or 5 minuets tops. On the last day, i stand up there longer, say 10 or 15 minutes. I'm leaving Athens for good. I had made some interesting acquaintances, and I like to converse. Candice, the manager comes rushing up to me saying, "You need to leave now." She repeated herself. Nothing else. No explaination. She didn't ask me to come in her office. Out in front of everyone, she did this most embarrassing act. I normally handle things diplomatically, but it happen so fast. I said, for what reason do you want me to leave. She repeated herself again. I said, "I will leave when I get ready." Yes, I know it didn't handle myself correctly.. I told her I was going to take a shower, then I would leave. The cops were waiting on me when I finished. They escorted me to my car. Before I open my car door, they asked could they search me. I said, "please do". They were looking for a camera. They asked did I ditch the camera in the gym. I laughed. "What are you talking about?" I said. The cops gave me there phone number and case number. I didn't get in trouble, but I was asked to leave the gym for 2 years. ha ha. Now, most people don't tell you the entire story, so let me say this. About 10 to 12 months prior, I did bring a camera in the bodyplex. I only took it to the front desk and filmed 2 girls that agreed to let me film them. I have a you tube channel, and I get random people to say the name of my channel. It takes all of 5 seconds. I normally use people off the street. This was the first time I thought I would get some nice looking girls to do the opener for me. they bothed agreed, and they knew what I was using it for. That was a one time deal

    Tom Collins

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  • 87
    87429 Apr 14, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Joining Bodyplex has got to be one of my worst decisions. I am 18 years old and decided to try out Bodyplex for ONE MONTH because I needed to get in shape a little bit for an event I was attending. When I went to sign up for a month two men helped me out. They told me one month would be 40 something dollars and that I HAD to get a personal trainer and DIDN'T give me an option to opt out of the trainer so it ended up costing me $60 which I paid in cash, I never gave them my card. I only saw my trainer once. Within that month I only went to work out FOUR times because every time I went I felt very uncomfortable. The staff literally just sits there and judges you the whole time. Once my month was up I stopped going because I was lead to believe that if I wanted to stop after one month I could and they told me NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING about having to cancel my membership. Later on Bodyplex started calling me once a day, everyday during school hours so of course I'm unable to answer. Then they stopped for awhile. Now recently they started calling literally TEN times a day, once again while I was in school. They left very rude voice mails about how I needed to answer their calls and such. Finally I was able to answer and they claim I was signed up for a six month contract. Which is weird because I told the men that signed me up that I only needed a month...And it doesn't even make sense that I would agree to a six month contact seeing I will be moving away to college this summer. So now they claim I owe them money and they were so RUDE to me on the phone that I was in tears. They are RUDE, MONEY HUNGRY, and you should NEVER sign up there! There are SOOO many other gyms! I moved to Workout Now which is $25 a month and it has really nice free tanning beds! Bodyplex is a scam and will steal your money. I know people say read the contract but the employees went over the contract and read it with me in a way that made me believe I could stop going whenever. They took complete advantage of me.

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  • Tl
    tlccola Sep 26, 2012

    Commerce has some poor customer service. My daughter has had some issues there and the girl named AMBER was screaming and yelling at her. I hope this place goes under!!! They are a rip off.

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  • Tl
    tlccola Sep 26, 2012

    BodyPlex in Commerce has some of the rudest people. My 17 yr old signed up there and has had a few problems. She called up there and the girl named Amber was screaming at her on the phone. Thats poor customer service.

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  • Im
    ImAlwaysPissed Jul 02, 2012

    This health club is ran by a predatory financial group by the name of ABC Financial. (http://www.abcfinancial.…) Their priorities according to their website: "Maximize revenue, make club management easier and ensure member satisfaction."

    They would be better off scratching number three off that list because it's quite obvious they don't care at all about customers. It's all about the money.

    I signed up for this gym in February and decided to do a month-to-month option. After a ridiculous $99 sign-up fee, I signed an electronic signature pad and started shelling out my $39.90 a month. They were also kind enough to let me know that I would be hit with a $20 "facility improvement fee" a month or so into my membership. What they failed to tell me was that I would be required to send in a written request to cancel my membership with 30 days notice. I sent one email to their member services department, but never received a response, so I mistakenly assumed that my membership was cancelled.
    I get a call later saying that my payment wouldn't process (I had changed banks). They took the liberty of charging me a $20 late fee / service charge for my payment not working and proceeded to tell me that even if I cancelled on the day the payment posted I would still be liable for the next payment.

    Here's a timeline:
    May 1st - Visited gym for the last time before moving out of town.

    May 5th - Sent first cancellation email (it was "probably incorrectly formatted" according to their terribly unhelpful customer service phone line.)

    June 22nd - Received phone call telling me I was being charged a late fee and that my payment wouldn't process. Sent second cancellation email and called to verify it was indeed cancelled. I was also told that my late fee would be reversed because I was "such a good customer". (It wasn't reversed.)

    July 20th - Date of my next payment amount of $39.90.

    August 19th - Contractually, I am a member of this godawful place until this date.

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  • Co
    Cory Sontag Jan 18, 2012

    I must also work out at a different bodyplex in grayson, yes it appears to be all younger people working there and I am sure at some point there is some joking around with one another staff members but I have nothing but great things to say. I have only been a member for a short time but made two trips prior and used the gym for one week each time. so maybe the people who complaints about the Grayson location being messy or what have you might be the issue.

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  • Cu
    cutegirl28 Jun 28, 2011

    Body plex in Athens on alps is a total rip off. Frauds to the heart. They tried to take money out my account so the bank change my whole account due to that and said it was fraud. The people are unprofessional and not friendly. Please research before joining, all my friends are canceling their contract. Horrible place.

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  • Me
    [email protected] Jun 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We regret to hear your recent experience with ABC Financial Services and Bodyplex was not a satisfactory one. I would like the opportunity to review your account and see that proper action has been taken. We strive to address all consumer feedback, positive or negative, and want to make your situation was handled properly.
    Should you have any further comments please feel free to email me at [email protected]

    Stephanie Cook
    Data Research Analyst
    ABC Financial Services, Inc.

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  • Ma
    macktight Jun 13, 2011

    Worst customer service ever. I tried to cancel 3 months ago and did exactly as I was told through ABC Financial. Well they didnt get the email so I have been paying for 3 months. I hope the Omni shuts this place down. How can you continue to charge a person after you can prove I tried to cancel. Whatever. Service can shut down a business.

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  • Re
    Redmh May 24, 2011

    I've been at the bodyplex in Grayson since January. So far I've had no problems. Like most gyms if you go right after work or before, it is busy. Bit I've never waited in line for anything. Most members during that time are more than willing to let you work into a machine. I tend to go later at night, after 7pm and it's not crowded at all. So far the staff has been nothing but friendly and helpful. I can tell you the do clean the gym because every night around 8 a woman starts cleaning - vacuum, mop, etc. It doesn't smell, trust I've got a terrible sensitive stomach and wouldn't be able to stand it. I noticed some of the post are a while ago, so perhaps improvements have been made recently. They just bought several new machines- but I do hate that the normal elliptical is gone. There is only one left, which I can get on when it's not busy. I don't like the machine that replaced it. But I just use the bike and treadmill instead now. The price is a bit more then something like fitness 19. But I did a trial there and though the gym was dirty and packed no matter what time I went. There is a yearly fee at bodyplex in addition to membership. They told me up front before signing up. She also told me about the $5 fee if you go to a different bodyplex. Something about how thy are all privately owned. I never plan to use another one so it didn't bother me. But i can see if you used it how this is steep and bothersome. Don't know about canceling. In on month to month and will be moving out of state within 6 months. I was told to do it 30 days in advance to not get charged for another month. Overall, depends on what you want to pay for a gym. Read your contract. If you don't want a trainer then say NO. Don't complain about a trainer fee when you didn't have to say yes! I was never pressured into getting a trainer personally. Though you get free sessions upon signing up, I think 2 or 3. Don't sign a 3 year contract! Use common sense, what if you move.

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  • Hm
    hmmmNO May 28, 2010

    I should have been more careful before joing EF. Getting a membership at BodyPlex is one of the biggest mistake I've ever made. I was also tricked by the staff on the membership monthly fee and upon arrival at the club, they kinda give me pressure to buy more stuff from them. Remember it's all about the MONEY. Luckily, I never gave them my credit card information. I signed with my personal bank checking account. They charged 300~400dollars/month(This includes personal training fee). Before 10 days, I then realized this fee was somehow too overwhelmed for me. So I decided to cancel. 10 day cancellation will not WORK. I told them I was leaving the town and showed them a plane ticket to cancel. Afterwards, I directly closed my bank account and since then I hear no word from them. I agree that BodyPlex staff people are little pushy about taking money away from you.

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  • Ex
    exstaffmember May 28, 2010

    okay so surely you all have had the [censor] end of the stick with this gym, but please take it from myself i used to work there for a long time and all i can say is WATCH OUT!!! I bet you all the nice things that are being said are written by the staff just to try to make BodyPlex look okay. The place is a [censor] hole... All they care about is money, be really carful with your details, if u feel u need to join the crap hole then pay cash up front to bank details. And for you inocent people out there who have never worked out before please dont let the bully you into buying personal training. In case you dont know the sales people make commission off of you and if you buy personal training they also get a piece of the pie, so dont let them fool you into buying it. And try not to be to angry with the sales people, although most of them are scammers there a a few that are genuine but unfortunatly get brain washed when working there, and i guess they need to make a living as well. Its dirty alot of pervy staff and just a total rip off. Goodlife much better and so is just some weights at home

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  • Sy
    sybian55 May 28, 2010

    Start with the positive - the equipment is good. Negatives overwhelm this. The staff is the worst. Holier than thou. I'm in shape, you're not so you're [censor]. It kills me how they wander around, watch members work out poorly on equipment and not offer 10 seconds of advice, like "keep your elbows in" or "this would be better for you if you kept your back straight". Their offers that come in the mail are a joke. Nothing is free or 10$ a month like promised. I'm out as soon as my mandatory period is up. Hope I don't have the hassle of cancelling like most have written about.

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  • 70
    70sbig May 25, 2010

    A few months ago I went to work out only to find out that Gold’s has closed it”’’s doors. Instead of an apology for no notice there was merely a letter saying our memberships were transferred to Bodyplex FITNESS ADVENTURE in mother[censor]ing Grayson.

    I went anyway. I was nothing if not disappointed. I weigh 215 lbs at 6’2”””” today, and there is absolutely no [censor]ing reason I should be the biggest guy in the gym. Ever. At any time. In Bodyplex “fitness adventure” there is ONE power rack, which I assume should suffice for anyone wanting to squat and press, but forget deadlifting. There are 2 benches, and there are several benches for free weight exercise – however there are no free barbells. I attempted to deadlift, which I was probably doing wrong, when I was asked by an employee to “not bang the weights”. On top of this, I was attempting to bench 245 for 3 sets of 5. After my second set – I returned to my bench and there was a guy in some sort of superhero complete body spandex doing step ups or quasi-lunges on my mother [censor]ing bench which was loaded and had my belt, keys, and humility beside it. I’ve always wanted to be in a sober fight, so I stopped him and said, “Hey man what the [censor]?” and pointed to my bench. He said “Oh my bad bro, didn’t know you were using it.” After hearing this I had a small seizure and went back to working out – only to be interrupted by another employee. This employee walked up, leaned over while I was on my 2nd rep of 245 and said “Excuse me sir, you are going to have to keep it down.” I think we both know I left directly after saying, “What a bad [censor] gym”.

    I came home to realize I have no gym to go to. As I perused the internet to find a decent and affordable power rack along with barbells, plates, and a bench. [censor] bodyplex, and more importantly [censor] gold’s gym for being complete [censor] to their loyal patrons.

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  • Ka
    katie5656 May 24, 2010

    First and foremost I would like to take responsibility for not reading what I was signing with more scrutiny.

    Here's my situation. Early September, I signed a Once-a-week personal trainer contract for $120/mo. This is fine, this is what I wanted. On September 24th, 2009, I decided that I wanted to train an additional day a week. I was informed that this would be an additional $120/mo, which was fine at the time. I was expecting to pay $240/mo until next September for a personal trainer. Instead of upgrading my current contract to the 240/mo, they told me that they had to set up an entirely new contract.

    I was surprised yesterday when the BodyPlex personal training manager (Jason) called me to inform me he tried to run a charge on my account and it came back as "Do not honor". When I asked what charge he tried to run, he informed me that they attempted to charge $1, 440 for the personal trainer contract. I was quite taken aback. Later on that day I went into Gold's and reviewed my contract with my trainer, and we discovered that Jason had set the contract up did so erroneously. He had set it up for a pay-in-full instead of month-to-month.

    I don't want to shift blame for myself not reading the contract, but in all honesty, with my assumption that he set up the same thing, and the final page looking exactly the same, I didn't catch it. The first payment was supposed to happen on the 10th of October. I then called BodyPlex corporate office to see if they would adjust the contract. Nope. It was like a broken record was playing the statement, "Well you signed it" over and over again. It's not like I'm trying to cheat them out of any money, I just needed it adjusted and they totally refused to help me.

    I'm conflicted at this point as to whether to: Get a lawyer, Get Clark Howard, or just pay it, learn from it, and never step foot in a BodyPlex again after the contract is up.

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  • Du
    duffie May 24, 2010

    Recently I switched BodyPlex locations simply because the one location I was going to was run so poorly and the equipment wasn't kept up well. Shortly after I had joined the original location I had billing issues and had to contact BodyPlex Corporate, which seems to be a "bulls**t" way of giving you the run around. I've now been at the new location since the Winter and all of a sudden this month I was charged twice, once for the old gym dues and once for the new gym dues. I don't understand the fraudulent billing and how this can occur. I'm sincerely ready to contact the BBB also. It appears that many others are having similar issues with billing after reviewing your site.

    At ABC they say they can't do anything, this is a club thing. At the club they say not to worry, they'll fix this - they just have to do it through "corporate". There is something fishy going on with all these arrangements; seems all too convenient for the club. Who is ABC Financial anyway? Is it just a company owned by BodyPlex so that the independent franchises can keep on bouncing responsibility from one place to another? I take it very seriously when someone starts taking money out of my account - using a fraudulent document - and then starts sending threatening letters when I put a stop to it.

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  • Ja
    jack201 May 23, 2010

    The fitness equipment has spills from client’s perspiration, sports drinks, dirty shoes, etc. and hasn’t been cleaned in months or if it has it’s done very poorly. Vacuuming does get done on the main walkways however under and around the exercise equipment is a mound of dust, bottle caps and hair. Both restrooms have a foul constant smell, and the toilet commodes have hair, urine and dirt caked about the commode stool. The floor is often “sticky” with urine. The restroom floor is frequently littered with bits of toilet paper and balls of dust/hair. The ceiling fans blades are thick with dust and hair. The front desk staff appears to be ill equipped and untrained to maintain such a revolving door operation that involves the loss of human body fluids. The owner/manager doesen't care about how clean this facility is and I'm sure the health department would really like to know what's really going on here!!!

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  • Lo
    lowexpectations May 22, 2010

    Joined in January, cancelled in May. Got "sold" by the "Experience Bar" and realized it was a scam intended to sell personal training time, diet workshops, memeberships, etc. As BodyPlex gyms are independently owned and operated there was no consistency with regards to costs, program requirements and rules and guidelines.
    This gym was more about sales and marketing gimmicks than actually caring if people were successful. Thats ok, if you know what you are doing coming in as equipment is nice and clean environment, but don't expect much help without paying for the personal trainer. They are very cheap. No towels, hairdryers in mens room are always broken, and when scale went missing, they wouldn't replace it, (a member brought one in). Personal trainers are more like cheerleaders. Have A/C, but not turned on when 85 degrees outside. People are click oriented, including the staff. Not very people oriented and I've seen friendlier business settings in other gyms.

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  • Rw
    RWJohnson May 22, 2010

    Okay so once I was told that it takes an act of God to get out of a BodyPlex contract. I didn't believe it because Initially going into BodyPlex Grayson and signing up for a 2 year contract was a good experience. The gentleman that signed me up for the membership was nice and friendly and made it seem like when my contract was up it would expire and I would need to renew it if I would like. Little did I know that this is false. They automatically will keep billing you if you don't call them. I initially contacted them on December 27th of 2009 and told them that my contract was up and that I wouldn't like to renew my contract. The lady I talked to said I needed to send in a written letter to the coorperate office and cancel my membership. She told me that I would not be charged in January of 2010 and that I could go to the gym until January 22nd of 2010. So January 26th rolled around and a charge from them appeared on my credit card. I called the people who are in charge of billing because heaven forbid they are the same company or they claim they aren't, and they tell me that they recieved my member cancellation on the 5th of January and that there is a 30-day notice period. I then contacted the woman I spoke with in December and she said that she told me about the 30 day notice in which she did not say a word to me about. So I made sure it would cancel on the 5th of Feb, so let's cross our fingers that it actually happens. I then called the billing company, ABC something or another, to tell them to please delete my card # so they wouldn't be able to charge me. The lady then said I had to send in a written request to be taken off automatic billing and that she couldn't actually do that. I've really tamed down my review but I am telling you right now that the representatives are rude, arrogant jerks. I have never been treated so poorly in my life while working with a company! It makes me sick how they could actually treat their customers the way the do!

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  • trxlady May 21, 2010

    I am writing b/c my husband and I have been battling with BodyPlex Grayson for three months. The situation has become drawn out and the wild goose chases they are sending us on has become unbearable. For the record, we have complied with all of their requirements (none which are standard or mandatory), made up rules, rudeness, and still to no avail they are ignoring us, claiming to fire employees who have been helping us, and most recently hanging up the phones on us mid conversation.

    Two years ago in May, my husband and I joined BodyPlex Grayson located at 2445 Moon Rd in Grayson, Georgia. Their phone number is [protected]. We signed a 2 year contract w/o the authorization for an automatic, month to month renewal. This is clearly stated in our contract and up until 2 weeks ago was confirmed to be in their computer system as such by an employee named Gene. When our 2 year membership was up in May 2009, according to our contract, we we no longer responsible to do anything to verify cancellation. Surprisingly, we were charged for the month of May and so we contacted ABC Financial who handles their billing.

    They said we needed to send a certified letter to cancel even though this is not stated in our contract, but either way we followed their procedure. They claimed to receive it in June. Having done this, they still did not cancel our membership as promised and charged us for June. When I called back they said their policy is to receive OUR cancellation letter, wait for confirmation from BodyPlex to authorize the cancellation at their leisure, and when they receive the okay from BodyPlex Corporate, they will then officially cancel our membership. Until this is done, they will continue to charge us for another 60 days after the official cancellation (2 additional months of payments). I contacted BodyPlex and said that this policy (writing a letter and the additional charges) would ONLY apply to someone who signed a contract with an automatic renewal to go month to month once their 2 year membership had been met, NOT US!

    We were just being nice and complying with their rules to help further this along. The two women (Linda and Gene) I spoke with at Gold's confirmed that I did not have any renewal requirements on our memberships. Apparently they are now claiming that Gene no longer works there to verify this and the kid at the front desk will not allow us to speak with Linda about this issue. How convenient BodyPlex said they would email the gym owners of this situation b/c they don't have their phone numbers...this was over a month ago.

    It has now been a total of 3 months. Linda put us on hold today, then another woman picked up and we said we were holding for Linda. The man said Linda was in a meeting with the owners and so we called her bluff and said we were just on the phone with her. A minute later Linda picked up and tried to turn the tables and yelled that we hung up on her. She keeps telling us that we need to send additional information (copy of our contract and a write up on the entire situation) and not ask to why she wants it and to not ask why she didn't ask for this months ago. She was hostile, threatening and extremely rude.

    Linda is claiming that they have new owners, but Gene says the owners are the same but the investors are different. They say they want a copy of our contract since they no longer have any of their clients contracts when the gym is going through a transition this month. I find this hard to believe that they don't have a single contract for their members, but if this is the case, then they have no leg to stand on. They are claiming no contract says there is not an automatic renewal, but they claim to have no contract to back this up.

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  • Js
    jsmitty May 21, 2010

    Hello, I'm the PT Manager at the BodyPlex in Grayson and I can't believe what I'm hearing. I do a great job and don't really care about the staff, also if you sign a training contract with me, you bet you're gonna live up to it. I'm not getting my pay cut because you're having money problems. I agree the staff is rude, but I'm just trying to do my job-don't kill the messenger. I've been in this business a while and I think I know more than you.

    2 Votes
  • He
    hextrap May 21, 2010

    I agree with most of the comments. BodyPlex Grayson is going down fast. They cannot even keep their staff happy, the turnover rate is riduculous! Trainers and staff are leaving everyday. The machines are always broke, the water fountain has been broke for 6 months! I tried to cancel my membership last week and the older blonde later said that they refuse to let me out of my contract. From what I hear, I bet if I slept with her, I could have gotten the deal done. Buyers beware, BodyPlex Grayson treats you like your inferior and that its a privilege to be working out there. Sorry to tell you BodyPlex, but I think I will check out the 20 other gyms within your business radius. Beware of the lady below.

    16 Votes
  • Fi
    firstdays Apr 22, 2010

    I have been a member of BodyPlex Grayson for about 3 months, I am only a member due to the location but man is that place shady. I have personally been approached by the older blonde that runs the place for sexual favors. The trainining staff uses that place for their own personal hook up club. Females having affairs with male trainers, males having affairs with female trainers. I just come and go but beware of the place.

    16 Votes
  • Jj
    JJohnson1 Mar 22, 2010

    I just have to laugh. Had similar experiences with multiple Bodyplex locations. These are just little franchisees. They have no experience in the industry and they don't care about the name of the business. They essentially pay Bodyplex corporate for a job. They probably got into the business because it seemed so easy and cool to "own a gym". Try something more professional if you want the best.

    16 Votes
  • Ka
    katie0418 Mar 21, 2010

    I tried a free week at Bodyplex Athens and was a little disappointed. BodyPlex westside is the worst!! The free weight room looks filthy and most of the equipment is old. I didn't work out at BodyPlex eastside, but it seemed a lot cleaner and newer. The manager said another location was supposed to be opening but I haven't heard word of that again. The fitness class schedule though is minimal at both locations.

    However, BodyPlex Suwanee is probably the best gym I've ever been to. The atmosphere is awesome, and the class instructors are the best. You don't have to wait for machines or anything if you go at awkward times, like early in the morning, mid-day, or after 8pm. Parking does suck at peak hours, but I just avoided those times.

    Omni Club in Athens is the most horrible run gym ever. I had the worst time canceling my trial month with them and getting my money back. Don't bother going there. The staff is snobby, doesn't give a crap about customers, and, although the gym itself is nice, the environment has no personality. It's a total rip off.

    -2 Votes
  • Cl
    clevesucksballs Mar 03, 2010

    We are not complaining about Gold's people you ignorant noob. Read the post idiot!! Its about the below par, well below par, customer service of the soon to be non-existent BodyPlex. BodyPlex is like a club from the 80"s, so behind the times that is isn't even funny.

    Wake up BodyPlex, times are changing, lets lose the carpet in a gym. Don't try to be too cool and just give people what they want. Take a look at your trainers, they are out of shape, unexpierenced, and clueless. Its just a cookie cutter facility.

    17 Votes
  • Dd
    ddnlj Feb 21, 2010

    I'm one of those "Gold's People" you seem to have a problem with. Too bad you feel the Grayson Bodyplex was your personal gym. It's not. I'm paying my memberships just like everyone else. We didn't ask to have Gold's shut down on us. It's certainly more inconvenient for me to have to drive to Grayson now to work out, but I have no choice.

    I can't figure out what all you people are complaining about. The Grayson Bodyplex is a very nice gym. It's very clean, has good equipment, and the people have been friendly and very helpful during our transition. I have no complaints about the place at all. If you think it's too crowded, learn to take turns or go somewhere less crowded.

    0 Votes
  • Lo
    longisshort Feb 20, 2010

    Good Luck buddy! That crap virtual trainer they have is riduculous! The whole gym is a joke, the owners are a joke, and the staff and trainers are a joke. This place is like a sterotypical gym, with meatheads, rude staff, dirty bathrooms, and crappy childcare! Please take my word, join another gym.

    18 Votes
  • Vi
    VinesD Feb 08, 2010

    Bodyplex Grayson seems to be run the same way, its all about the money and not services given, and forget about being able to cancel the gym service.I actually paid for an extra computer service at Bodyplex Grayson, that they charged me $89 a year for, besides my $39 a month membership fee and set up a training seccession to be able to use the service and when I came into my appointment, the trainer was not there. I left a message at the desk for her to call me for a new appointment and called in a couple times trying to get the appointment resceduled and it took her a month to call me back. By that time I was trying to cancel my membership.Bodyplex does not allow you to cancel the service at the gym or over the phone, I had to cancel my credit card to stop the billing and then the gym started calling two to five times a day on two phones, driving me crazy, with messages, wanting money for a service I am not using and don't want any more from them. I want my money back for the computer service and and cancel my membership and no one has been able to tell me how to do that. [email protected]

    18 Votes
  • Bo
    bodyplex is gross Feb 03, 2010

    Body Plex Grayson sucks now that there all all the Gold's Gym members. You can barely move in there now, and you have to stand in line to even get into a group fitness class. I have been at Body Plex for over a year and now it is so crowded. Body Plex is a money hungry company, of course they accepted Gold's Gym people, more money for them.

    The bathrooms are so gross now, the equipments is dirty, and a lot of it doesn't work properly. The showers are broken and nasty.

    Good Luck at Body Plex Grayson. I plan to move this month.

    18 Votes
  • Su
    susiequint Jan 26, 2010

    I signed up for the free training assessment that every club offers through their BodyPlex training program in August 2009.I talked to the trainer, Dani, and she told me it was a six month training, twice a week. I didn't sign up but she called me a couple days later to see what I thought. We talked and her manager (Jason?) was talking to her in the background. She said it would be $360, and I said that was too expensive. She then talked to her manager in the background and he said he would throw in 17 free sessions that I could use in the next six months. Hence, that would be 6 months x 8 times per month plus 17 more sessions, and it would be $160 to sign up and $200 more in two weeks, for a total of $360. So I agreed and the training started the next week. I asked at the first session if there was something to sign and she said no, it was taken care of, so I never saw a contract, never signed a contract, and the $360 was charged, which is what we agreed to. However, then I got a $211 charge in September, and another $211 charge in October. I tried to call a phone number from the website ( which told me nothing, I went to the club which referred me to the trainer, and the trainer told me she would email them and they would contact me because that's the only way she knew how to reach them. She had no phone number for them. When they finally called, they informed me that it was $200/mo in addition to what we agreed on, and didn't I know that? NO, I didn't. I had them fax me the "contract" I never saw, and that's what it said, plus you had 3 days to cancel, although there's NO signature from me because it was never discussed and I never signed anything. I would NOT EVER agree to $200/mo and they knew that in our initial discussions. I told them I want to cancel immediately and they told me to send a registered letter stating this, which I did. When I called the next week to check on it, they said I would have to pay half the remaining charges for the months not being used, namely another $300 according to the contract, and I would still have 6 months to use my 17 free sessions. WHAT CONTRACT??? I didn't sign anything. I had a grand total of 12 trainings and it's cost me $760 so far, and they want me to pay $300 more? NO!! This is a bait and switch FRAUD!

    11 Votes
  • No
    nogo34 Jan 26, 2010

    My complaint is about their cancellation process which is totally designed to make as much money as they can off of you. I sent my cancellation form via regular mail and they never received it, they told me that I should have sent my letter with certified mail. I called and talked to their customer service and after being on the phone for almost 45 minutes, they told me that they canceled my membership and there is nothing to worry about, that I don't owe anything. Surprisingly two months after that, I received a letter from a collection agency that I have to pay $184. I went to the BodyPlex club next to my house and they said basically they could not help me and they would ask their corporate to call me back. They called me back after a few hours, and told me how much are you willing to pay to cancel your membership and stop receiving bills. It's like when you go to a car dealership and you want to negotiate on the price of the car, or when you go to the flea market to negotiate on the price of an item. Finally, I agreed to pay for one month and they told me that they will not send me ay other bills and that they will cancel my membership. I recorded my conversation with the customer service representative, in case they wanted to screw me over again, hopefully they will not. I found so many complaints online about BodyPlex, and their cancellation process, so people be careful. I DO NOT recommend this club to anybody!!

    13 Votes
  • Ea
    eatcleanmyarse Jan 26, 2010

    On the contrary, I was a member of Golds Gym and had a personal trainer, and the owners of BodyPlex said they would not bring over any staff from Golds Gym. That's just rude! How are these people supposed to live, just so your trainers can have more business? The place is a mad house now, there are way too many members and not enough space. And even though Golds Gym sold my membership, BodyPlex Grayson will not let me get out of it. I hope BodyPlex goes out of business soon. If it wasn't for Gold's tanking first, the situation might have been reversed. Screw you BodyPlex!!!

    12 Votes
  • Ea
    Eatclean Jan 24, 2010

    Golds Gym in Snellville abruptly closed a few weeks ago. We were sent to BodyPlex Grayson. At first I was peeved, until I got inside the gym. The kid at the front desk was alittle lost but I dont think he really knew what to say. I was sure that due to the vast difference between the two gyms, Bodyplex was going to sock it to us. On the contrary, they are (for the time being) leaving our rates as they were at Golds. When I asked about the day care hours I was astonished to see the hours were from 8 to 8. The day care was closed on Sunday, but the owner came out when I asked about and said she was thinking of extending the hours because so many of us from Golds needed the child care. By the time I left from my workout a sign was up saying they added Sunday hours. They even brought over some of the staff from Golds. The day care is spotless and is staffed with 3 to 4 workers. I havent been approached by any trainers which is a little unusual, but the front desk did offer me a free session when I first go there. The machines are great, there are a ton of classes (and yoga 4 xs per week), spinning etc. I have never seen any of the 'kids' at the front desk lounging. Everyone is working. One of the trainers was sweating it out with her client. Now that was pretty inpressive. So good. Ive only been there for a week so lets see how it goes.

    -3 Votes
  • As
    Ashton33 Jan 14, 2010

    The staff at Bodyplex in Athens, GA is horrible. They will lie about your contract, so have a lawyer look at it first. The management is unwilling to cooperate if you do not like something and have the mentality of "it's not my problem". Do not join this gym, it is not worth the hassle and is impossible to cancel. They operate through another agency and good luck finding a corporate number. Apparently nobody wants to take responsibility for their mistakes. Even some staff members admitted to me that they were poorly trained but no one does anything about it. This is by far one of the least professional businesses I have come across, run by inexperienced and hostile staff.

    12 Votes
  • Ju
    Judd Dec 02, 2009

    I joined the Body Plex Gym in Oakwood Ga. and did a 3 year contract. At the time I specifically asked what would happen if I were to move or their gym went out of buisiness during that 3 years and they told me I could go to any other BobyPlex for basically 1$ per visit untill the original contract was over.

    Welp, , , the Oakwood gym went under about a month ago and I have tried to work out in two other BodyPlex gyms {Gainesville and Dawsonville} paying that 1$ per visit I was told I could do and both would have nothing to do with it. They wouldn't even attempt to help me. Basically wanted the full membership price per month. When I asked them what would happen if they went out of business they said it would be too bad for me and would not talk about the 1$ per visit thing. Funny thing, , as I left I told a member what happened and that member told me she was told the exact same thing I was told. Basically, if she moved or the gym went under she could go to any other Bodyplex and pay 1$.

    I looked at my contract and there is nothing about the 1$ visit clause so basically, , , am outta luck on that. But, , , , other BodyPlex Gyms are saying the same thing and they are refusing to honor what they say when i comes down to it. Stay away for BodyPlex. I know this is a problem for them as much as me but man, , , refusing to honor the 1$ per visit verbal contract sucks and it's cutting their nose off to spite their face. If they would have at least tried to work with me, , , that's one thing but they are saying they do not say these things and that is a lie.

    14 Votes
  • Tw
    twobrothers Nov 27, 2009

    I own a Golds Gym down the street from BodyPlex in Suwanee, we are just waiting for that place to tank.
    ATTN BODYPLEX MEMBERS: If you cancel today, we will give you 60 days free to cover the cancellation fee that you have to pay with BodyPlex. There is pretty much no way to get outta that without a fee, so we are willing to do what it takes to make you happy.

    14 Votes

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