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Please do not sign up and give them credit card information. They will continue to charge the credit card even after you give them a written notice to cancel. They will charge you long after the 30-day notice is over. The gym is really not very nice with the equipment not always in working order. And the car lot next door uses the parking lot so there is usually no place to park. They are really only interested in how many more months worth of payments they can get out of you. Please look around as I'm sure there are reputable fitness centers out there.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Oct 08, 2014 9:34 am EDT

I joined the Bodyplex in Dawsonville, GA a few years ago when they first opened. I agreed to go ahead and pay $300 for a one year contract. That was after some negotiating. The man told me I would get an orientation session and that I had 7 days in which to call them to cancel the contract. Well, within 2 days I had an upper respiratory infection and couldn't work out. I actually went up to the location to process the cancellation within the 7 days. I had put the $300 on a credit card. They told me that it would be taken care of. Yeah, right. I called numerous times trying to get in touch with the guy I had originally talked with. I finally got in touch with him (this was in May after I had originally signed up in December or January). He said he would take care of it. Well, when another 2 months went by, I contacted the credit card issuer and told them what was going on. They filed a fraud claim and gave me my $300 back. Of course, if Bodyplex had denied the claim, the bank would have taken the funds back. Apparently, they never did because the bank never took it back. I noticed a while back that the Dawsonville location has been closed for some time. I would never join another Bodyplex, even though I know one of their trainers in the Cumming location. There is a new place, Kinectix (or something like that) in the building now. I'm currently a member at JustFitness4U in Norcross/Roswell area, and I like it, other than the pressure to sign up for another personal training contract. But my husband wants me to find a gym closer to home so that we can both join, so I'm going to check out the new place after my Just Fitness contract is up, as well as Anytime Fitness (where I once had a membership). Failing all that, by God, we'll buy some equipment to put in our basement.

Aug 25, 2014 10:16 am EDT
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These people are crooks - I'm on the phone with my credit company right now - the Buford store signed my minor daughter up with an account and is charging my credit card without my approval - for 4 months they're double charging my account - I'm thinking of filing with my attorney and small claims court over this one - its illegal to enter a contract with a minor and even more illegal to charge someone elses credit card - DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE - I have been treated with disrespect and rudeness and hung up on by the manager of this location - they lied and said they resolved issues that are not resolved and they are breaking the law.

May 25, 2010 7:04 am EDT

Reviews are how customers share expierences, its what helps your business grow, IF you are running a customer based business. You should want your customers to review your business because after all, if your doing it correctly you will have nothing to worry about!

This is the worst gym/business i have ever been in in my entire life, all of the employees are on drugs, the owner talks to you with no respect and sometimes you make him mad enough he just might call the police on you which has actually happend! I have inside detail that could crush this company all i need to say is they are shady people! Im sorry you guys have fallen into there trap i really hope you can get out of their contracts before you pay a ton of money for a [censor] gym!

May 24, 2010 9:43 am EDT

This gym is the WORST in the county! Like so many big gyms, this one is a total con. Their equipment is varied, but they have WAY too much of some things, like treadmills, and not nearly enough of others, like weight machines. Most of the gym's equipment is cardio. They only have about two of the same kinds of weight machines there, and if two people are using them, well, then you're screwed. Their bathrooms and showers are so filthy, I can't imagine who'd ever use them. Even their water fountains stink of sweat. It's disgusting, but to the cleaning staff's credit, it's not their fault. The men and women there just don't care about keeping a towel handy, so expect seats and floors to have dripping sweat on them and the whole place to smell because of the low air circulation. The few classes they offer seem to be okay... if you're a veteran of them and in the "clique". They don't take kindly to new people signing up for them. It's a closely knit circle of soccer moms and high school students there and while anyone is open to join in, the instructors have a close relationship with most of the people already there. So much so that trying to gain their attention as a newbie is quite difficult.

The WORST thing about BodyPlex though, is the staff. They are the most uncaring, unhelpful gym trainers and staff imaginable. They only see their customers as suckers who have way too much money to waste. And yet, sadly, most of the people at this gym are suckers who have too much disposable income. About 90% of the members there are successful women with rich husbands (which makes sense given the location) and they're there before work in the morning and after work in the evening. They spend money on all the overpriced garbage that BodyPlex sell, and the staff considers them to be perfect suckers.

But what's worse is how they treat the ones who aren't the "pretty people" who go there for a combined four hours every day. If someone isn't your standard gym fanatic and are just going there to get in shape because they are overweight (which are the bodies of 99% of the city of Grayson) then the staff will be so evil and cruel to them. Of course, up close, they'll pretend to be nice, but you can easily overhear them in their offices cracking jokes about "Shamu" and how disgusting they are. I mean, they should be given credit for trying to better their health, and yet, instead, they're made fun of! And this is a good three-quarters of the entire staff! Only a very few select handful there actually give a damn about people's health!

So in short, this is Grayson's biggest (and possibly only) over-priced Hollywood type gym, that suckers wealthy fools into crippling contracts and makes fun of them once they get there. Plus the place is always stinky and sticky. Avoid this gym altogether! It's ONLY upside is the convient location, which anyone can get to by car. If you have the kind of dough to waste on a BodyPlex gym, then I'd suggest you buy a Bow Flex and DVD's, instead. It couldn't possibly be any more expensive.

May 22, 2010 4:36 pm EDT

I went to BodyPlex in Grayson to inquire about joining, and was told by Adam that I could join on a month to month basis without obligation. Instead, I got contracted for 24 months, billable on a month to month basis. A month to month membership was exactly what I needed, since this membership was only temporary until I went back to college. Once enrolled in college, both me an my spouse would have access to the student gym facilities, which was explained to the gym representative. And he assured me that was fine, as he was in college too and he understood. HA!

Now that college is about to resume, I called BodyPlex to cancel the membership, and was told that the contract was binding for 24 months and could not be cancelled. I was instructed to call the ABC Financial, their billing office, but got the same response there. Neither the BodyPlex general manager, nor the billing company, could provide the contact information for BodyPlex corporate headquarters. That information is also not posted on their web site.

The terms of the contract were misrepresented to me by their representative and therefore the contract should be null and void. The company should release me from the contract and any financial obligation contained therein, which would cause a financial burden for me. After this happened, I research on complaints file for BodyPlex and find out that what happened to me, has happened worst to other people all over. It is sad to see that the money of honest people have to support business like BodyPlex. I am thankful to be able to post my complaint, for it is all I can do.

I am a full time student, I do not work, and for the next two years it will be a financial burden to pay BodyPlex a fee they manage to secure unethically. I am obligated to pay a total of 1, 311.00. I also have perfect credit and if I do not pay, they will ruin my score. I imagine they count on that to make sure they secure their money.

May 22, 2010 4:28 pm EDT

I can write a book on the management skills or there lack of at BodyPlex Grayson. Not to mention how they treat the employees. The ONLY things that management "Had on me" was being late in the morings. In My Defense I HATED getting out of bed knowing that I was going to work another day FOR them. I LOVE My Customers, (still get to see some of them outside work, I go to church with some, funny how they see & appreciate my strong work ethics) and co-workers and as far as my duties..

No Biggie... I was working there and did it with pride. It was the CONSTANT harassement I had to endure from a female manager that felt the need to ride me damn near, throughout the day, EVERYDAY and make it clear that she HAD the TITLE to ride me. It was clear that she had this "Had To Make Clear She Was Superior To Make Her Feel Better". Never once did I let it affect my work performance EVEN Though I was ONLY Making Min. Wage. It was My Customers that made me through the day. UNTIL I Just couldn't anymore and decided to put in my notice. What makes it worst is that I DID bring this to the owners attention and NOTHING was Done... I ALSO brought it to the other owners and "He was not sure what we can do, but we will talk to her about it". Really, in "her" defense, what COULD she do? This place was SO Political ... Another instance, I was made fun of by BOTH this harassing manager of mine & her boss when I ASKED them a 5th time about my remibersement over an 8 dollar T-shirt I HAD to buy to wear as a uniform that was stolen from their office. NEVER did they Offer or EVEN pay me back after they made me feel like a fool for asking to be reimbursed. Now I KNOW it may sound like a miniscule 8 dollars.. but keep in mind that they ONLY paid me 7.25 an hour, that very 8 dollars, I worked HARD TO EARN.

Nov 27, 2009 8:17 am EST

I am (WAS) a member of BodyPlex and last week cancelled my membership. I dont know what is going on with these guys. The think that their poop doesn't stink! They have become extremely arrogant and obnoxious. If I wanted that type of service I woulda gone to lifetime, at least they have a reason to be arrogant. People you don't get what you pay for at the "fitness adventure".

Nov 13, 2009 8:00 pm EST

Hey Guys, something's up with the BodyPlex in Grayson. The training company left over 5 months ago, some of the trainers left, all the managers are gone, and now all the salespeople are leaving. I talked to one of the salespeople today and she said the place was about to tank. Be careful when you sign, it sounds like they are about to take the money and run. I've only got two months left on my membership but I'll be prepared.

Nov 13, 2009 7:48 pm EST

The gym smells like rat piss, can I please get a glade plug in somewhere. I'm a member cause I have to be, it's just too close to the house. If your a member in Suwanee, just wait til it rains-ur gonna love it, roofs leaks like a mutha. Paper towel holders haven't seen a paper towel in at least 2 weeks and if your in the last stall at the mens room, wait til someone opens the door, lock hasn't worked since the gym's been open. Oh yeah tanning bed just tans your face too.

Nov 11, 2009 7:30 pm EST

Agree with you guys. I have tried just about every BodyPlex simply for the fact that I travel for work. None of them operate even remotely the same. I go to Grayson they charge me a travel fee, same in Suwanee, same in Buford. If it's all the same gym why do I pay a $15 travel fee for some locations. I figured with the high cost of the membership, there would at least be some perks. I switched to Fitness 19 down the street and I can go to any of there locations AND I only pay $7 dollars a month! I love people who love fitness. God Bless.

Oct 22, 2009 6:57 am EDT

BodyPlex Grayson is the most uncomfortable place I've ever been in, meat heads dominate the place. They are rude and hog all the machines. The staff is extremely rude, I feel like they just don't want me there. Tried to switch to the one in Buford by my job, but that place is even worse. Very clean, but no atmosphere and the staff is constantly pushing religion on me.

Aug 24, 2009 6:10 pm EDT

You said it brother. I have had the worst experience trying to cancel my membership. Do some research people.

Aug 21, 2009 7:28 am EDT

HATE IT! Rude Staff. No Parking. Always Dirty. Equipment never works. Meat Heads. Double Charged every month! No cancellation policy. Unexperienced trainers. CLUELESS!


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