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This place is GARBAGE. I'm being completely sincere when I write this, I wouldn't have taken my time to send off these reviews if I wasn't. Some major complaints; the staff is extremely rude, they are a rip off, their gym is NO GOOD and DIRTY. And I promise you that you will never feel comfortable working out here. Also when you sign the contract they, without pointing it out to you, make the choice for you to have your contract AUTOMATICALLY renew itself. They don't make you aware at ALL that they are doing this. DO NOT JOIN THIS GYM, YOU WILL REGRET IT. Find another local gym or workout at home. I'm only here writing this to help you understand what you're getting yourself into. Don't make my mistake. I only gave it one star because I had no other choice. I would have given it none.
I wrote this review for the Bodyplex on the East-side of Athens but it does apply to the other one as well. I'm glad that there are some people who enjoy this place but I know of a lot of people, including myself, who hated it the moment they signed the contract. Save your money, join another gym, or buy yourself some of your own workout gear for home.


  • An
    Anjohns Apr 26, 2016

    I was looking into opening my own Body Plex franchise after working in the one from my home town an year or so ago for a number of months. I would like you tell everyone though, not all of them have these problems. I would talk to consideration the specific locations and ask around and see if the same managers are still there or not and things of that nature. I've been a member of body Plex where I live for almost four years and they have never done anything out of the ordinary and if I have any time of problem they go in and fix it almost instantly. They also have the gym professionally cleaned once a week, although I think that should get a better cleaning crew, the personal trainer and the manager are typically the two people who run the place and have part time people come in and usually work there for about a year. Body Plex in Blue Ridge GA is seriously my favorite gym within a 30 mile radius. Great service, nice people constantly, two tanning beds and are always updating the gym with the yearly $59 club enhancement fee. They have two options for pricing and both come with a free year. And as far as the automatic re start contract, it is your choice to sign any agreement. If you have problems or financial problems you might want to just let them know you want a copy to take home and read over before you sign it. They shouldn't mind whatsoever and will usually take an appointment time to call you and check up. Of course some gyms are poorly ran, but I love Body Plex and its employees and owners. Please just keep in mind the entire franchise isn't necessarily all bad because of a few bad locations and poor management.

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  • Me
    medic.girl May 04, 2012

    I signed up for a 30 day with a personal trainer at the East Athens Bodyplex and I received a call to tell
    me that I signed up for a one year. The Head of Personal Trainers: Bret told me that he never offered
    me that. He is lying to the customers and is very rude. The GM of Personal Trainers is very rude. I got a
    Doctors Orders stating that I cannot participate in any phyical activity due to a hernia (which Bret knew
    upfront). Bret said he would cancel and the GM said I would have to have surgery and get proof of that
    and then get proof from the doctor that I cannot workout anymore for the rest of my life. I would like to know what is wrong with the first Doctor's Orders? They are not accepting it. Why? What is wrong with
    this picture. They don't care about their customers just about the money!!

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  • Jo
    Jovan28 Jan 25, 2012
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    Verified customer

    Honest I am a member and they are a true rip off if a lot of us contact Clark Howard something will get done. This gym needs to be put out of business.

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  • No
    no what I paid for Aug 24, 2011

    I hate that I was on an excercise bike and a personal trainer came over and toldme to get off the bike and come into his office. They are trying to sell me a trainer program. I already have to freebie for once a month meeting with a trainer. They pull me into their office and hassle me to buy something else from them. My son and I pay 78.00 a month for our membership. Are you kidding me one more thing to buy and to point at me and tell me to get off the bike as if I was introuble and he was the principal. This is the Dawsonville Ga location. I am tired of being harrassed by their contracted trainer program employees.

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  • Fa
    falman27 May 22, 2011

    They are so shady it's not funny. They should have a lawsuit against them!

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  • Fa
    falman27 May 22, 2011

    They are so shady it's not funny. They should be in a lawsuit!

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  • Da
    damntheman Feb 28, 2011

    I decided to not BOTHER with BodyPlex, before I had even read these!
    They want 75 a MONTH just to use their facilities, and the front desk took THREE back-to-back CALLS before someone with an obviously annoyed disposition answered. She also would not tell me how much a three month membership would be if I wanted to add tanning to it. I paid 30 a month with FREE tanning & tanning oils, at my previous gym. There seem to be NO competing gyms in the commerce area, and this is terrible! I cant drive out to Gainesville or Athens every time I want to work out... *sigh*

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  • Bo
    bodyplexisajoke Jun 09, 2010

    This is a response to the post above. I have heard that BodyPlex gets employees to post positive comments to try and outweight the negative ones. Note to BodyPlex, if you are going to post a positive comment, try and not make it sound like a friggin advertisement. "I tried the four day test drive...", c'mon, please!!! BodyPlex, you guys are such f"n idiots. To the owners: Go screw somebody over. To the GM: Go blow someone...again!!

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  • Sh
    ShiraD38 Jun 07, 2010

    ok, first of all, I don't know who you guys have dealt with as far as memberships for Bodyplex Grayson, but as a potential client, I've been treated with nothing but friendliness and kindness from the staff and trainers!!! I took a 4 day test drive, and I fell in love with the gym, simply because the staff didn't try to force me to sign anything that day!

    I took my 2 boys to the kidsplex, while my 13 year old went up stairs for the cardio, and the staff at the kidsplex was awesome, and my 2 boys ages 3 and 5 loved kidsplex and the staff!!! When I asked how the dues were to be paid, they said 3 ways, credit card, check, or cash, and they told me that whatever you chose to do, is how they keep it in the system until YOU change it!

    I went to try out the Zumba class and the Body Combat class, and found the instructors just a delight!! The body combat class is taught by 2 instructors, and they are AWESOME!!! They don't single you out if you are doing an exercise wrong, they will simply look at you and get you back on track to do the exercise properly so that you don't get hurt!!!

    As a 38 year old mom of 3 boys, I found this place a delight, and the staff just awesome, and you guys really need your heads examined, just because you guys had bad experiences doesn't mean that existing clients and potential clients share your point of view!!! I would gladly join this gym simply because of the way me and the boys were treated, like family!!!

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  • Tr
    trickedandmad May 28, 2010

    Do not ever join or think of visiting BodyPlex fitness, it is a scam. You get hooked once you give your credit card information. Even after you cancel your membership they will keep charging you. If you don't make payment they will handover the bills to the collection agency. Some one has to take action before this get spread. I wonder why they still exist, wouldn't the govt authorities and consumer protection authorities and credit card companies know about this. This kind of practice will permenently damage the industry. I'm spreading this nesw about BodyPlex fitness to all my friends and all meetings I go for. One need to take action to stop this before it goes beyond control. Recently I saw program called 'Market Place' . This program bring all the bad product and unethical business to the light. I'm not sure how to reachout to them to cover a documentary on this. Please some one who read this take the message across the 'Market Place' program producer.

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  • Jo
    joanofarc May 26, 2010

    Don't know about her sexual escapades but I do know that she was handing out shots of tequila before one of her spin classes. That lady is pretty messed up.

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  • St
    STACYC May 24, 2010

    I totally agree with this site! Thank God I'm not alone. I have been a loyal member to BodyPlex and their shady owners for years. I have never had a problem because they usually never messed with me and I never left because my monthly dues were so low, due to me being a long term member. However, they moved locations and when they did, they jacked my rate up by triple. BodyPlex, I hope you get what's coming to you.

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  • Lu
    lucillejones May 24, 2010

    This is one of the worst gyms I've ever been to. The staff is consistently rude to clients and unhelpful with even the simplest tasks. Once, I asked for a class schedule. They told me they couldn't make copies because there was no ink and no paper and they didn't know when they would get either one of those things. I waited for weeks. The staff was always hostile to any questions. The hours are terrible and the staff constantly even tries to close the floor early. Some classes are good but I've had to take aerobic classes there with overweight instructors who clearly couldn't perform any of the moves. The gym and locker room are always grimy and in disrepair-the bathrooms especially. All in all, it's not a very nice or welcoming place to work out. It's convenient but look at what you get. The last straw for me was when I showed up on Sunday at 10:00 and no one had opened the gym. There was a group of women waiting outside for more than an hour before anyone came. That is not acceptable in any way. When my membership lapsed I decided not to renew the contract and go through the irritation and frustration of working out at this gym.

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  • Di
    disappointedmom May 23, 2010

    I wish to express my extreme concern and disappointment as a result of recent dealings with a BodyPlex staff member at the Grayson location.

    I made an appointment to start training at BodyPlex along with my daughter. My daughter plays soccer and was wishing to increase her fitness prior to the season starting and I was also interested in toning up and increasing my fitness.

    We visited the centre on Monday 26th October and were booked with Jason for our assessment. Jason completed my assessment and then went on to do my daughters assessment.

    After weighing and measuring my daughter, Jason commented to her “you’re carrying a bit of weight aren’t you, a bit too much junk food maybe?” My daughter is 16 years old, is 5'5 tall and weighs 125lbs!!! I could not believe the inappropriateness and insensitivity of this comment, expressed my concern to Jason and left immediately without joining up as planned.

    I have referred to the American CDC website and my daughter’s weight is quite acceptable for her height (in fact she is slightly below the lower limit for her height – certainly not carrying a bit of weight!).

    Fortunately my daughter has a healthy body image and was able to disregard this comment, but what if a similar comment is made to another young woman in the future who does not have a health body image? – these are the sorts of comments that encourages low self esteem, promotes poor body image and even lead to eating disorders. I feel that Jason has been extremely irresponsible in the comments he made and also the attitude he made them with.

    I certainly do not wish to deal with such ridiculous attitudes but felt that your organization should be aware of what your staff members are saying to potential members. As an organization which is presumably promoting good health and positive body image to a female market I would hope that these sorts of comments would not be made – particularly to young women.

    It is a shame that this encounter has been so negative – we will not be returning to BodyPlex in Grayson and instead will look at other options where the attitudes are more in keeping with our health and fitness goals. I have also advised my friends and colleagues of this particular encounter so unfortunately Jason’s comments have discouraged future possible members from joining.

    I hope that as result of this feedback, staff members at your facility can be more aware of the potential effects their comments can have on people and that they are in a role where understanding, support and sensitivity are required – not socially irresponsible remarks!

    I normally don’t encourage comments, but I am this time! I would love to hear about your experience at BodyPlex. Speak up, be heard. As a community, your experience and story can make a huge difference to someone considering joining that poor excuse of a gym and getting trapped in a one year commitment.

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  • Ju
    justplainstupid May 22, 2010

    I must agree with the complains in this post. I have my own experience with BodyPlex in Grayson and it isn't pleasant. I signed up on November trying to take advantage of a promotion even when I knew I wasn't going the first month since we were going out of town. A week after we signed up, I decided to go and took my two daughters with me to check the kids club which turned out to be a horror scenery. First thing I saw when walking in, I baby crying scared at the corner of the club and non of the 4 sitters where even bothering to look. I figured "first timer" and let it go. Then left my daughters and starting working out. 10 minutes later I am called because they are upset crying. I go down and stayed with them to check what was going on... surprise, surprise, within the 1/2 hour of being there, 1 of the sitters was yelling at a kid for being loud, the one that was supposed to be taking care of the non-walking babies is chatting with the other one and all the babies are crying at the top of their lungs and they were not even bothered by it. Of course the hole time, they are being bothered by me being there and staring at me like a weird bug. I took my 2 daughters and left, 2 days later came back with my husband and asked him to stay with the kids without saying a word to him of what had happened just told him "so the kids get use to the place". 10 minutes later in the workout he is calling me on my cell saying the same thing!! we took our kids and left. The next day I called the manager to complain and she only said to come and speak to her next time I am at the Gym... I mean, hadn't I just told her what had happened on the phone? Of course!!! the first thing on my head was "she just wants to know who I am for whatever reason" ... nothing was done, things at the same at the kids club. At the time I asked to cancel my membership and my money back since only a week had passed they refuse to do it because they have a 3 day only policy that the sales guy "forgot" to mention (my own fault for not reading through the contract though). I kept the membership but haven't been able to work out a single day because my 2 daughters are terrified of going in there. Today I wanted to freeze my account and I was told that I need it to give them 2 1/2 weeks notice to do so (no where in the contract says anything about that, nor in their web page. I called the corporate office and they said nothing could be done because the charge to my credit card was already done even when they are supposed to charge the credit card on the first. The explanation: "we sent out the billing (charge the credit cards) a few days before the first so by the first we have the clearing of the bank and your account won't go delinquent, in fact, we are making you a favor by doing this" I could not believe what I was hearing!! As of today we have spent $430 on dues and not worked out a single day... by the way, I also forgot to mentioned that they charge you with first and last month and year subscription to get you enrolled.

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  • Gr
    gregandtracy May 22, 2010

    My wife signed what she thought was a one year contract with BodyPlex in March of 2008. She only used the membership twice. We were having the dues auto debited until our bankcard was compromised and we decided to pay BodyPlex by check each month. All our payments were sent in on time each and every month (have copies of each check). We recieved numerous calls from BodyPlex about payments which werent even late. Also, we continued to get late notices from BodyPlex stating that the payment was late. We often paid 2 weeks before it was due. We have sent two certified letters to BodyPlex and enclosed copies of each check and they continue to send us late notices.

    Also, my wife informed them by phone that when her year was up that she would not be renewing. They told us today that she had initialed the auto renew block of the contract. There billing agency has turned the account over to a collection agency. These people need to investigated and shut down for duping people into signing contracts with misleading fine print and false advertisement. We are not sure what, who or where to go for remedy to prevent this from being a blot on our credit rating.

    We are trying to keep these people from tarnishing our credit with their defamatory actions and misleading contract. Further, action is needed to prevent other consumers from being duped by BodyPlex.

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  • Bl
    blujeans May 22, 2010

    NEED TO READ THIS. I am an employee of BodyPlex so let me help you understand. BodyPlex is an OK place to work while going to school but if you are looking for a career go elsewhere. BILLING seems to be a big complaint on here so let me tell you why all of you are getting know where when changing credit cards.

    Some of the employee like the front desk and management get a bonus for collecting money that is past dues. So do you really like they are in a hurry to fix your credit card? The only person in the gym making any money is the GM and the sales staff. The Assistant Manager, the front desk and the kids club employee could all be on welfare. While the GM and the Sales staff are racking in the money some making 100, 000 dollars a year the Assistant manager and the other staff is making minimum wage or just a little higher. So, of course they are trying to pick up a little extra any time they can.

    As to cancelling your memberships let me explain why you are having a hard time. When a gym has x amount of people ending their memberships the GM loses part of her bonus. So, of course they will drag it out as long as possible. Do not get upset at the Front Desk employees or the Assistant manager for trying to make a little more money after all they have kids to feed. If you want to get pissed get pissed at the GM or BodyPlex Corporate.

    After all those are the ones that not only screw over there employees but they are the ones that have caused this problems. You cannot crap on your employees and expect them to be full of smiles everyday and pass up on being able to feed there kids.

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  • Ki
    kidswatchingkids Jan 26, 2010

    I just want to said that in almost 4 years of membership with this gym our experience with the kidcare was terrible, we are thinking to cancel the membership but before we need to tell everywhere is possible the bad service they have. Their kidsclub employees are not licensed, must of them have not idea how to deal with children, and several times my wife asked for help while our son was crying and not only they didn't care of my son but they ordered with bad attitude that they need my wife step out of the kidsclub. We know others members with bad experiences like that, so if you have little kids, make your own investigation, ask other members of that gym about their experiences before take yours to that nightmare. I wish their kidscare be more expensive but with a complete quality service.

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  • Ha
    hansel01 Nov 27, 2009

    Bodyplex sucks.

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  • Cl
    claude3 Nov 13, 2009

    Came from BodyPlex today to think about joining. Got some info and figured I would check em out on the web. I thought the prices were a bit high but still visited the website. What's funny about the site is the "movie" is showing you about hard times with money and layoffs and stuff, but yet there still willing to take almost 50 bucks a month from my wallet. Sounds like some propaganda now. Saw this site and I'm so glad. Gonna visit some more gyms tomorrow. Come to think of it, the salesperson was cocky as hell, he kept answering his phone while I was with him. I had my wife and 3 kids with me, he looked to be about 19-what is so important that you can't help me out for a bit bud?

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  • Sh
    shady911 Nov 13, 2009

    You guys think you got it bad? I've been a member for over three years and the owner at the Grayson location asked me out today-AND I'M MARRIED! I quickly cancelled my membership and found out this is a usual thing in that gym. That place is like Melrose Place. What Drama!

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  • Pg
    PGAV Nov 12, 2009

    I am not from the USA but as a consumer in the world market, the level of crass, dishonest and downright sneaky unethical behaviour of so called genuine companies is overwhelming. The word TRUST is becoming obselete. I feel ashamed to call myself part of the human race. The love of money and desire for the celebrity lifestyle is sickening.

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  • Be
    Ben1232 Nov 12, 2009

    I am so glad I found this site! Its about time consumers speak up about poor performance. I joined BodyPlex last summer and have been paying almost 50 dollars a month. Recently I found out that they have been offering $99 memberships for a year! What the hell? I confronted them about this and they basically said too bad. I think this gym is trying to rake in as much cash as they can and then just close the doors, screwing all the members. It has already happened to the Oakwood BodyPlex, I'm pretty sure Buford is next with their $10 a month memberships! Don't say I didn't warn you.

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  • Jo
    johnnynew Nov 11, 2009

    This place has ridiculous turnover. They can't keep any staff members, no body wants to stay. They simply piss off too many people and I guess the staff just can't handle the complaints. Take my advice, find another gym, there are way too many to choose from.

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  • Th
    THIS GYM STINKS! Aug 06, 2009

    You are not alone. I have been a member of several gyms in the past and BodyPlex by far is the worst. They like to think they put customer service first but anytime you have a complaint they just justify their actions. Certain cardio equipment has been broken for over six months! In your contract it states there is a member usage fee each year that goes to gym maintenance. If it does why don't they ever maintain anything!!! The front desk staff is extremely rude. Take my advice-DON'T JOIN THIS GYM!

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  • Fa
    Fatz Domino May 07, 2009

    So it's not just me? I got caught in the old "well, even though it says 3 year contract we are very lenient about cancelling and we will take care of you" now I want to cancel and they say since they are under new ownership they will not honor what I was told. EVEN THOUGH THE SAME SALESPERSON STILL WORKS THERE!!! Rip off! Join elswhere!

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