Bob's Discount Furnitureentertainment center and delivery

T Aug 03, 2018

purchased sectional sofa and entertainment center. Delivery left a mess and the doors on the entertainment center would not slide and the lights would not turn off. they sent a contractor to fix he could not so they delivered a new one. guy comes out without the new one to only remove the defective one and say forget it we will come again when it can be swapped out all at same time. (another day off work without pay) Make a horrible experience short it took 5 days off work to get it right. I was called about a bad yelp review i wrote and was told after everything is fixed correctly they will credit me the delivery to my credit card which was 360 to 400 and a 100 dollar gift card. the customer care supervisor said she would PERSONALLY follow up and take care of it. that was three weeks ago. Worst customer service in the furniture industry. The delivery fee returned is all you could offer with a gift card and you did not even keep your word with the supervisor follow up. read the notes on my account. SAD Company

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