Bob Evans Restaurantsthe waitress named amanda was very rude.

Was at the marion Ohio Bob Evans between 730 and 8 o'clock me and 3 other people the waitress was rude. When I try to ask her something she walked away from me had to keep asking for drinks. Food was not prepare bright and some stuff was missing. So when I asked her if she would go get a manager she walked back into the kitchen and started cussing We could here her from our table we was just trying to get our food properly and the manager stated that she was new and that's understandable but you don't treat Guest like that and when I told her that my food was not done right I got a hamSandwich on white bread and it came out over cook and it was on rye bread when I told her I did not want it she proceeded to pick up my plate off the table so fast some of the food thou on the floor and I said wait a minute she turned around and looked at me and said will you said you didn't want it really rude. Manager seemed to not do anything did not make me pay for it but was not really not concerned about her behavior. Other than he would talk to her I believe she needs more train and if she cannot deal with the public than maybe this job is not for her I don't feel like I was welcome there and neither did the company that I was with. We have spent $60 tonight there to get treated like we was not even want it. I don't know if it's because she's new are because we came in right before closing but I would not refer her as a waitress to nobody and neither have I have ever been treated that way when I've been into that Bob Evans and we are a regular customer there. Don't have plans on going back expression if she works there sad to say we were just have to find somewhere else to go.

Oct 11, 2019

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