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BlueSnap - Reimage subscription due 16/9/21

Hi, I'm having trouble logging in to cancel my subscription because I can't remember my user name which I thought was angiemate. My email address is (any case) [protected] my address is 119 Layton Road, Blackpool, Lancashire, U.K. FY3 8HH Tel: [protected] or Mob: [protected] so can you please cancel my subscription from this info or send me a text to verify my I.D. Thank you Regards I.B.

BlueSnap - blue snap

My name is Virginia Drake - I have a charge on my credit card for Blue Snap - never have I requested this service nor would I. I have never heard of you until now. Take this charge off my account or I will take further action.
The details are as follows:
Merchant - Blue Snap
Merchant ID# 2209356
Acquiring Bank ID 012216
Phone/Mail Order
Authorization code 00854Z
Amount $205.11 Canadian

Update by Virginia Drake
Mar 15, 2018

I have a charge on my credit card of $205.11 Canadian.
The merchant is Blue Snap
- Merchant ID2209356
Acquiring Bank ID 012216,
Authorization Code 00854Z,
date 3/14/18 time 15:30:28.
I have never heard of this Blue Snap and certainly did not authorize any charges. I request that these charges be removed from my account or I will take further action.

Virginia Drake

BlueSnap - не правомерность снятия денег

23.09.17 в 15:01 с моей карты VISA3014 оплачена покупка на сумму 4408.95р . Которую я не подтверждал и знать не знаю, кроме того я не пользуюсь данным магазином. Прошу вернуть мне мои деньги. В противном случае придется обращаться к компетентным органам.

BlueSnap - Unknown product purchase?

My accountant was doing my Taxes and came across this:
XX2752 DDA Purchase BLS*Baltsoft3706133333 Bluesnap Inc GB [protected]/03 $99.00

I have no idea what this was and embarrassed by this old 72 year old adult!
When you live on a fixed income $99.00 is a large amount to just loose!
I am not sure that this is the right place to complain but my searches lead me to it.


BlueSnap - I have no Idea of the product that was ordered at this time

this was the charge that came to my statement. 22/12/2015 BLS*RMG18888443886 BLUESNAP INC £44.81 I have no idea how it came to be, so 1 could you please tell me what it is for 2. cancel it...

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BlueSnap - Payment that I did not want...

I have sent 2 emails regarding this amount being taken out of my account...I requested this payment to cease and it has not...I am waiting fir a reply from you...this is what I get tonight...Please...

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BlueSnap - False order

Dear Friends, today saturday 30/05/2015 at 4:54 pm you sent me a receipt for a payment about an order that I never set. I never asked you anything, I don't know who you are. Perhaps I'm wrong...

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