Bluegreen Resortsscam and lies


This past June, my husband and I went with our four young children to the "Fishing Store" (a.k.a. Bass Pro Shop) in Columbia, Missouri. While there, we were approached by a salesman named Brian, who enthusiastically invited us to enjoy a luxurious family vacation at the Bass Pro Shop's premier resort in Branson, MIssouri. For just $59 up-front, we could enjoy two nights' accommodations at Big Cedar resort. PLUS we would receive two $25 Bass Pro Shops gift cards! The only catch was, that we must agree to attend a 90-minute tour of Big Cedar resort during our stay so that we could "see how great it was" and "tell our friends all about it". We took the bait, coughed up the 59 bucks and scheduled our resort vacation. We picked the first weekend in October for the trip.

The time for our much-anticipated vacation finally arrived. We followed our G.P.S. to the address on our reservation confirmation letter, which took us through downtown Branson and led us straight to... the Radisson? What? This can't be right. Where's Big Cedar Lodge? This looks nothing like the website. Where's the horseback riding? Where's the lake with the canoes? Where's the mini-golf course? Where are the heated pools? No, this certainly was not a mountain resort lodge. This was a downtown Radisson hotel, with nothing but a few landscaping rocks and bushes for scenery. We were perplexed.

My husband pulled out his cell phone and dialed the phone number the salesman at Bass Pro gave us. The woman who answered the phone said that the particular salesman who sold us the vacation no longer works there. We spoke with a supervisor. The supervisor said that he was sorry about the "misunderstanding", but while the 90-minute time share presentation was indeed at the Big Cedar Resort, our accommodations were at the Radisson in downtown Branson. Woah. We certainly were not expecting that. Nothing had ever been mentioned about our accommodations being anywhere but at Big Cedar. What a disappointment! Now, don't get me wrong. The Radisson is a nice hotel. We probably would have been fine staying there if we hadn't already spent months perusing Big Cedar's website, making plans and telling our kids all about fishing at the lake, swimming in the heated pool and playing mini-golf for three days and two nights. What was there to do at the Radisson?

Since the manager at Bass Pro couldn't help us, we decided to try the Bluegreen employees at the Radisson. We explained to the nice ladies at the desk all about the dishonest salesman at Bass Pro, and how we had a very clear understanding that we were supposed to be actually staying at the Big Cedar Resort, not just touring it. The sympathetic desk-workers were determined to make things right, and managed to find us a room at the Roaring River Lodge at the Big Cedar Resort! What a relief! Now we were ready to begin our vacation!

Our 90-minute tour was scheduled to begin at 12:30 the next day. There was a supervised play area provided for our oldest three children to stay in while we attended the presentation with our 1-year-old daughter. We started out in a little room full of people where a sales rep named Keith told us all about the points program, and how we could use our points to stay at any Bluegreen resort, or exchange them to use at countless other worldwide resorts and cruise lines. Everything sounded great, and my husband and I were both getting excited about the idea of "vacation ownership". We were then handed over to our own personal tour guide named Michael Scott (no, seriously, that was his name) who showed us a couple of lodge rooms and told us what everything would cost. The 90-minutes we were planning to spend on the "tour" came and went and we were still hearing the pitch. TWO AND A HALF HOURS LATER... we were finally done, only after saying "no" to as many different "final offers" as one might expect to hear from a used car salesman. It was really rather infuriating. Even though my husband and I both kind of liked the "point" system that allowed members to stay at different resorts all over the world at any time of the year, what we didn't like, was that the "charter" that would allow us to use the "points" the way we wanted to, was only effective if we agreed to buy into the program THAT DAY. If we waited until we were actually able to go home and think things over, or until a little later down road when we had paid off some of our student loans, we would lose the ability to stay at any of the other resorts and we would only be able to vacation at Big Cedar. So, even if we might have been tempted to invest in Bluegreen's system of "vacation ownership", the mere fact that they were pressuring us to buy in now or never was enough to turn us off entirely. It didn't help either that the offer kept getting better and better each time we said "no". Points that started out costing over $3 a piece dropped in price to $2, then $1, and finally we were offered to enter into a "trial period" where we could purchase 9, 000 single-use "trial" points for $900 with the option to buy into the ownership program at any time during the next 12 months and still get the charter to use points at other resorts... oh wait... but earlier he said that if we didn't buy TODAY there was NO WAY we could ever get the Charter. The entire sales pitch was completely misleading. From the first representative at Bass Pro who told us we were going on a promotional tour and staying at Big Cedar, all the way down to the last offer that Michael Scott put on the table, we felt that we were intentionally being deceived. Michael kept saying that he didn't want to pressure us to buy, but then he would get up and talk to his "supervisor" and come back with a bigger and better offer, pretending like he was surprised at how great the offer was. How stupid does he think we are, really? It was offensive. I honestly believe that we would have been much more likely to buy into the program if we had actually gotten a 90-minute tour of the grounds and amenities, not just a cheesy sales presentation, and if we had been allowed time to consider our finances, and talk to other people who had invested with Bluegreen. The product sounds really good, and the system of "points" is appealing. Why must they go and ruin it all by trying to milk people for all that they can get and flat out lie to them about what they can or can't get in a package? It's infuriating.

My recommendation: Say what you mean and mean what you say. Put everything on the table up front. Give people their options, including the year "trial" period, if they want, and then allow them time to think about it. If it's really a good product, they will want it as much tomorrow as they do today. Then, maybe you won't have to crank 100 people a day through cheesy, insincere presentations in order to get a sale.


  • Su
    susie Oct 08, 2008

    We almost wen to a presentation last night..after reading several nasty complaints and concerns, we opted not to go. I think you just saved us countless headaches and dollars!

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  • Ro
    RobinAnn Collins Oct 30, 2008

    Susie, believe me, Tobby did just save you countless hours of deception and lies not to mention thousands of dollars in wasted money- had you actually signed! I was glad to hear that. It made my day :D

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  • Jo
    John carl Mar 19, 2010

    I went to there presentation. It was fair and nice. Price goes down so do number of points. Nothin shady about that. Why do people get offended when asked to buy??? It is a SALES PRESENTION !!! If you want information and time to think go to their website! I own a small sales company in California. I understand it's a sales persons job to sell... If u don't want to buy then don't. If you don't want to listen to their pitch! Don't go!!! Regardless of free gift!!! Don't be a moocher!!!

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  • Sh
    shu Apr 05, 2010

    John Carl is a Bluegreen Employee. Why would anyone that was "happy" with this rotten company come to THEY WOULDN'T!!! John Carl is typical of the Bluegreen trash you will have to deal with if you get sucked into thier scam.

    "fair and nice". What a load of crap. This company does nothing but lie and decieve from the minute you walk through the door.

    You WILL NOT get what they promise the "Blugreen experience" to be...NOT EVER!

    The "Bluegreen experience" is nothing short of a nightmare.

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  • Pa
    P & B Apr 10, 2010

    Wow! You did have a crummy experience! Of course you can buy points another time!
    We have been Bluegreen owners for maybe 10 years and it does work well. Most of our experiences with sales pitches have been pretty positive until our last one which while not as bad as yours did have some stuff that left us disappointed and wary. The guys we had were from the Shell Vacation group that Bluegreen recently merged with. I hope they haven't brought a lower standard of salesmanship to the company. Except for that experience, we have been pleased with the company and our vacations.

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  • Sh
    shu Apr 12, 2010

    John Carl is full of CRAP!
    If you are retired, and have all the time in the world to go to a resort at a crappy time of the year, or at the last minute then yes, absolutly you'd be happy. These ### pray on hard working middle class WORKING!!! families by selling "FLEXIBILITY, AVAILABILTY, AFFORDABILITY". They know for a fact it doesn't work that way. YET, they lie their A$$es off just to get that commission check. These ### are bottom feeding puss trolls.

    Bluegreen will tell you anything to get you to sign that contract. Anyone who gets on here and cries about "Well you should have read your contract" is one of those parasites trying to distract anyone reading this thread from the truth. Bluegreen is nothing more than a nest of thieves and liars.

    One last thing...John Carl, If you are so pleased with Bluegreen...why in the hell are you at posting???? Suspect John Carl...very suspect.

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  • Sh
    shu May 19, 2010

    Well...I discovered the deal with these Bluegreen cheerleaders.
    Ever wondered why someone would come to a consumer complaints site and cheer on the bad guys, the rip off artists, scamsters, crooks and thieves (Bluegreen). I just didn't get it...until I did some research. These guys are paid "REPUTATION DEFENDERS". Companies pay these dirt bags to scour the internet and DEFEND thier practices.
    Proof: Google the following words "reputation defense".

    [censor] working for [censor].

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  • Be
    bedr1 Sep 25, 2011

    Not so fast, Missouri and Texas sales agents do not need a real estate license to sell timeshare, but according to stay law it specifically says any sale of deeded property must be done in one presentation, otherwise it's considered a real estate transaction and is illegal. It's like that all over Missouri, not just bluegreen. If you are a previous owner, of course you can come back and buy more points, but again you are buying in one time period for that extra amount of points.

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  • Ha
    HarrySeagoon Dec 06, 2011

    Check out the Do-It-Yourself timeshare cancellation course at . You'll never have to pay thousands to a "cancellation" or "advocate" company! You can recover a refund and not owe anyone a "commission"--keep the money for yourself! Call them now at (307) 529-1445!

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  • Ha
    HarrySeagoon Dec 06, 2011

    Here's a better link:

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  • Ly
    Lynlyn Oct 15, 2012

    Hey years ago they would lure you in with free tickets to Disney world or a theme park of your choice, then they would give you a choice of resorts that you could stay for 3 nights by only paying taxes for your stay, but when you arrived and did the presentation, about buying timeshares which I think you should never buy no matter what unless you really know what your getting into, you would then be downgraded to a ok hotel but not the one you expected which I think the resort rooms are held available for the people who actually purchase a time share. And all would be great because I wasted maybe two hours of my time for 2 free tickets to a theme park valued at $200 bucks plus on top of that I get a hotel stay for 2-3 night for only taxes $15-20 bucks, but now behold they want money up front only to scam you in the end with a cheaper simpler hotel. I'm happy I did it back in the day when two hours wasted of my time was well worth it now they are lying and luring people in by charging them $200 buck up front to ruin there plan with promises. They sure have stepped up there game!

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  • Re
    Rev. David Goodwin Oct 18, 2012

    They received 100.00 from me and to this day we have not gone for our so called complimentary vacation that we paid for. We tried to schedule it and as of yet 2 years now we have been unsuccessful in attending this scam. I want my money back... I will never again be so stupid as to give a lying company my money for no reason. A fool and his money are soon part and I was a fool that day. My biggest issue is that Bass Pro who give way to much money too allowed these people to use their company to steal from the public. David Goodwin Wells, Texas

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  • Pr
    primedriverwife Aug 25, 2015

    Wow my husband and I experienced the same treatment. My husband and I live in Springfield, Missouri not to far from Branson and during our pitch we were told that we would be able to come and use the amenities any time we wanted if we stayed there or not. I told them that I wanted to bring my grand kids up just to enjoy the summer festivities (pools, lazy river, etc) since the sampler package only allowed you to come up during certain months of the year and there was no time in June, July or August that you could come. We believed them and purchased the Sampler package and tried to use it last summer and was told we could not we could only use it if we were guests there. How can you use something when we weren't allowed to come in the summer months. My husband and I was so mad we went in to the main office and they would not let us out of our contract so not we are paying for something we can't use. The cabins book out in a year advance so you get stuck with a Lodge room that we actually tried and it was awful. The rooms smelled musty and furniture was so uncomfortable they really need to do some remodeling, NOT WORTH THE 2500.00 WE PAID... When we we complained about how we were lied to they just said I'm sorry there is nothing we can do... Yes there is they could cancel my contract we will not be using any points that we have... I have no desire to go back down to Big Cedar Lodge. WE WERE LIED TO JUST TO GET US TO BUY - DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY SAY!!!

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