Blair.comcustomer service order attempt

D Jul 15, 2019

Tried to place order for my mother, Glenn Ann Spencer, 408 E Colfax Ave, Logansport, Ind, Age 90 and not able to hear at all on phone. She gave verbal permission over the phone for me to do the order. Person on other in of line insisted I do order in my name. I do not live with mother. Me and my sister are there 30 days at a time to care for her needs. I asked to speak to supervisor and was put on hold over 5 minutes. Mom had me hang up. We did order my mail this time. I think you need to realize there are elder people that can not do the ordering for themselves. She can not do forms without help. Mom has been a long time customer and enjoys ordering for herself and others. She is considering some other mail order options

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