BJ's Wholesale Club / bj’s online coupons not deducting when item is purchased

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This was my second time, that I had to go to the customer service counter to have coupons I clipped on the BJ's website did not deduct off my bill, when I actually purchased the exact item listed. I thought this happened in the past, but didn't have time to go stand in the customer service line. The last two times I shopped, I brought up the clipped coupon on my phone, took a picture of them as I purchased each item so I could track to be sure the coupons came off my bill. Last time, it was 14.50 of coupons that did not come off my bill, today it was 6.75. What about the times I didn't catch it. If you advertise to clip coupons on your website and say they will deduct automatically, why is it not working. The customer service staff have to look up each item on the receipt, be sure it matches what is in the cart, then look in a coupon book to cut out the coupon in order to give me the dollars due. Time in which I did not plan on spending at the customer service counter (girl working there was asked a question by the associate taking care of me was also very rude). My time and money is very important to me! When I asked why the coupons didn't deduct, no one knows the answer. How many customers are using the website to clip coupons, and not getting the credit and do not realize it, looks like big bucks in BJ's pocket. I did not clip the coupons same day either. If your website doesn't work for clipped coupons, do not offer it, so customers are not being ripped off.

May 05, 2019

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